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  1. And we (humanity) will survive and then thrive as the Savior takes over. Our prophets have counseled us we can have peace if we seek it. I believe them. I don't think God needs or wants us in a panic or feeling helpless.
  2. Breathe, Tacenda. There have been bad times before. Worst ones. We survived. We will again as well as when the next time disasters hit.
  3. There was a board game like that back in 2001 iirc. Huh...apparently Trek does a Moroni’s Quest version. Not always pioneers and handcarts. https://m.facebook.com/qcssmoronisquest2019/
  4. On another note, it just may be possible with winter here (not officially...but just seemed that way at 30 degrees at the self storage tonight...a hoodie is not enough suddenly, wasn’t it two weeks ago it was too much...weird, weird weather) and Covid surges eagerly popping up all over, people may get nervous about getting emergency supplies stocked up for winter storms, lockdowns (oh please let’s hope we are sane enough to avoid those...wear those masks!), private island parties (if you don’t know what I am referring to, be grateful your news feed avoids the more useless stuff), broken supply chains, etc. In an effort to be helpful and keep the panic to a low level, a brilliant innovation has appeared to ease our anxieties about the fundamental question of life, just how much toilet paper do you really need? https://howmuchtoiletpaper.com/ I expect the appropriate thanks for your first worry free sleep in months.
  5. The why so many shots... Likely because of an expectation that many are going to be misses: https://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/09/weekinreview/09baker.html They don't do warning shots because those bullets have to go somewhere and that means potential hurting an innocent. They don't want to shoot for a graze or limb or shoulder because more misses and again morerisks to innocents. Remember if bullets don't hit the target, they will hit something else. As horrible as killing a suspect is, the possibility of death or maiming of bystanders or even someone unaware of what is going on (bullets can travel far) is worse imo. Not saying a suspect always deserves it, but they often have some control over the situation and even if it is wrong to require suspects/persons of interest/the guys getting arrested for driving while black that don’t deserve to be suspects to put themselves into humiliating positions in order not to be threatened or shot, they most often have a chance to make that choice and bystanders don’t usually.
  6. A leg is just not that easy to hit. Don't believe all those movies and tv shows where people can hit the knee cap every time. It tends to be in more motion than the trunk (it moves forward and back in relation to the body while the trunk moves forward) A leg is not that big, pants may confuse where it actually is and a graze might not cripple them. It would have to tear up enough muscle or break bone to disable. Pain is not always enough. They aim for center mass so they are more likely to hit something, anything. Added: smac not only got there first, but much better detail.
  7. A football stadium that is actually a rodeo?
  8. You have put forth your claims more than enough times without engaging with Pogi's commentary. All this is repetition now. I see no benefit to this subtopic continuing. This request is to both you and Pogi, please stop. Start your own thread if you must continue the conversation, as the thread starter by board rules (probably not in guidelines but it is what the mods have been acting on for years), I have the right to limit discussion in a thread I start as anyone else does for a thread they start.
  9. He has several videos apparently. I see a likely reference to him as a Bishop in the past, but there could be another Aaron Ellis in the Church. Not a common name, but not a unique one.
  10. It needs to show change in case rate rather than absolute numbers I am guessing as how bad they had it at the time of the mandate might make a difference.
  11. Who has said anything about requiring anyone wearing a mask at home?
  12. Idaho is having a bad time too https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/coronavirus/article246696392.html
  13. A composer. When I worked at the Church bookstore back in 2001, he was quite popular. Best known then for the music version of Evans' The Christmas Box. Haven't kept up with the LDS music industry. Looks like he had some tough times: https://www.deseret.com/2009/9/11/20339646/with-a-new-heart-beating-in-his-chest-paul-cardall-beats-odds-yet-again https://www.heart.org/en/news/2019/11/06/prolific-pianist-uses-music-to-heal-inspire
  14. We need different experiences if the purpose of life is to help us figure out our wants and desires. If I have no interest in developing musical talent, my parents forcing me to learn piano is a waste of my youth and their money and ears. Maybe God operates on somewhat the same principle. And seems like going into unfamiliar territory would be needed by some who seek a wider experience to create their context of eternal life. Others are going to be homebodies where it is the very familiarity of the experience that gives happiness or people who are adaptable whose happiness is easily expressed in the things that surround them and they don't need specifics to be satisfied (think of someone who can be happy with any little sweetness for dessert, so some fruit or a chocolate cookie yields the same pleasure as something exotic while someone else is looking for a specific taste combo to be fully satisfied).
  15. Probably not as virus degrades fast. It is not like it is decomposing body parts or sharp objects. If you are picking up someone else's, I would do it by theloops, preferably with gloves on, but washing or sanitizing hands afterwards should be enough. If it was a biohazard, they would be advising more than just washing hands after handling as well as special disposal (I have an official biohazard container for our sharps, it has a detailed instruction on how to deal with it).
  16. Burnout of personnel from emotional and physical fatigue even when not maxed out needs to be a concern. And training to replace those who are sick or who have died is not an overnight effort.
  17. I am high risk. I have not had access to basic medical care, my physical therapy, because no one else there will wear a mask...it is basically a gym with small treatment rooms attached, not that great of ventilation, and while numbers were low to begin with, not so much now. Back is now in pretty bad shape with me having to stay in bed even more time than I usually do. My daughter who is even more high risk than I only leaves the house for doctor’s visits. This is acceptable to me because I can control exposure in these cases. However, my husband is a professor and is required to have f2f classes. So he gets exposed every day to groups of one of the biggest spreaders and then comes home to us. He thankfully wears a mask and requires the students to wear masks, but classes are longer than an hour so aerosols are an issue. Given our past record, high probability if he gets sick my daughter and I will. Even a mild case if it results in long term decrease of energy, etc as has been reported by many, will be devastating for my daughter who is barely on the road to recovery from thyroid surgery. So the problem is self quarantining with no exposure is a myth for most people. Even those in care facilities like my mother who we have only seen through glass since March are exposed to Covid through staff (they have had two breakouts, last one cause by a mortified BYU student who worked there). Maybe those who are retired and can still care for themselves and can afford to get groceries delivered can actually self quarantine for months on end. The rest of us have to live with those who refuse to engage in basic, reasonable measures of social distancing and mask wearing (notice I didn’t say lockdown).
  18. Scholarship is poor Iirc. Think of the book as more entertainment.
  19. Please stop making this accusation if you wish to continue posting in this thread. Pogi, please avoid making claims of downplaying comments and just focus on misrepresentation if it is there.
  20. That is not exactly what it said. You need to look at all indicators. “Dangerous numbers of new cases” ”A relatively high percentage (16.3%) of COVID tests were positive, which indicates that testing in Utah is limited and that most cases may go undetected. At these levels, it is hard to know how fast COVID is actually spreading, and there is risk of being surprised by a second wave of disease. Caution is warranted.” “Utah has about 664 ICU beds. Based on best available data, we estimate that 37% (245) are currently occupied by non-COVID patients. Of the 419 ICU beds remaining, 110 are needed by COVID cases, or 26% of available beds. This suggests there is likely enough capacity to absorb a wave of new COVID infections” ”Per our best available data, Utah has 1,200contact tracers, fulfilling 17% of this staffing requirement. With insufficient contact tracing staff, Utah is unlikely to be able to successfully identify and isolate sources of disease spread fast enough to prevent new outbreaks.”
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