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  1. 16 minutes ago, provoman said:

    The recent statement was unnecessary, one might have a good basis to say the President Oak's talk was unnecessary. We have had the Gospel of Chirst for over 2000years. we have had the articles of faiths almost two hundred years.  

    We wouldn’t have much scripture at all if we removed all the repetitions. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Robert F. Smith said:

    How do we measure relative greatness among countries?  What is great about America, or about other countries?  Is it the people, the political system, the scenery, high tech, entertainment, etc.?  Is it homogeneity, or diversity?  Is it tolerance, compassion, or the like?

    It all depends, I suspect, on what is important to the individual or group judging. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, juliann said:

    Whatever name a woman takes is totally cultural. 

    That hadn’t occurred to me before. I would like to see how things are done in countries where women don’t change their name at marriage. 

  4. https://www.aaihs.org/the-curious-history-of-anthony-johnson-from-captive-african-to-right-wing-talking-point/


    Walsh contends that the few Africans who came to the Chesapeake colonies as indentured servants have “confused the issue of the fate of the great majority,” arguing that, unlike European bonds-people, most captive Africans lacked basic information in the documents, including names, ages, and arrival dates. They were rendered anonymous in the historical record, differentiating them from European servants who at least maintained an ethnic identifier beyond their indenture. Thus, even if Africans were not “enslaved” by the later standards of the 19th century, they were certainly not viewed as equal to white servants. These early distinctions eventually shifted toward concrete identifications of chattel enslavement and its explicit links to Blackness throughout the Atlantic.


    In accessing the available literature, one knows that legislative racism eventually subverted any gains he or his descendants made in the colony. According to Henry Louis Gates, after Johnson’s death a court ruled he was “a negro, and by consequence, an alien.” Subsequently, the colony of Virginia seized his family’s land and his descendants fade from the historical record. Presumably, they either fled the colony as anti-Black racism proliferated, or, more likely, they lost their freedom. Anthony Johnson and his descendants exemplify how the US took everything from Black people, even if they followed every rule.



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  5. 39 minutes ago, mrmarklin said:

    Sorry, but have you travelled much?  You are totally wrong. 
    I’ve  been in most of the countries that you probably think are superior, but they’re not.  Statistics don’t and can’t tell all the tale. 

    The US is truly exceptional. 

    I was long enough in Canada, 13 years, to know it is a great country, better than the US in some ways and worse in others.  Many shared attributes. 

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Rajah Manchou said:

    Constitution would have to be adjusted quite a lot so that Christ can reign personally over every nation on Earth.

    And to be “unsullied”, “without a spot”...when Christ comes thankfully nations will be purified as people are.  The US needs it as much as any other IMO (massacres of its own people, slavery and oppression, mistreatment of mentally ill, inequalities based not on choice, but birth when all are to be alike before God, etc) and quite a bit of its sins were perpetuated in the original Constitution.

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  7. 1 hour ago, strappinglad said:

    True, but males die off early so in a few years the numbers are about even and a few years later on the ratio is reversed. 

    The point I believe he was making was early deaths mean exaltations...more males dying before 8 means more males exalted through that process, based on that fact.  There may be other factors that raise numbers for one sex or the other, but as far as I am aware those suggested are subjective judgments on the spiritual value of certain behaviour that may or may not be relevant.

    Given we believe opportunities not available in the lifetime will be available in the next, adult men marrying less than women in some cultures seems unlikely to me to be a factor.

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  8. 41 minutes ago, Scott Lloyd said:

    So expressing opposition against socialism is prohibited? Will it now be verboten here, under penalty of being silenced, to express one’s disapproval of communism in the course of a discussion about a Church topic? Fascism? Antisemitism? 

    I didn’t prohibit it, did I?  I am not a mod and can neither prohibit or allow topics boardwide.  I merely commented your post had already violated the rules you were asking others not to break.  So ask the person who made the rules if you can bend the rules while you tell others not to. 

    And it wasn’t opposition to socialist dogma that I think is partisan politics, but the implication of who was using socialist dogma and therefore is aligning themselves with evil. 



    That’s why I detest the socialist dogma being foisted upon us by some currently in power

    Bolded by me...

    Then there is the whole implication that a good Saint would never be a good socialist, when I know Saints and their leaders who would very much disagree. 

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  9. Anyone know if this is accurate?  From wiki...


    he exact term "American exceptionalism" was occasionally used in the 19th century. In his The Yale Book of Quotations, Fred Shapiro notes "exceptionalism" was used to refer to the United States and its self-image by The Times of London on August 20, 1861.[8] The term's common use dates from communists in the late 1920s, when the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin chastised members of the Faction led by Jay Lovestone of the Communist Party USA for claiming that the U.S. is independent of the Marxist laws of history "thanks to its natural resources, industrial capacity, and absence of rigid class distinctions." Stalin may have been told of the usage "American exceptionalism" by Broder & Zack in Daily Worker (N.Y.) on January 29, 1929, before Lovestone's visit to Moscow. American communists started using the English term "American exceptionalism" in factional fights. The term was later moved into general use by intellectuals.[9][10] 


  10. 1 hour ago, MorningStar said:

    The one who wrote crazy rants was a different pervert, but the one with supposed dementia was actually arrested for child p and admitted to other things before dementia. There should be great concern about him “forgetting” many things. 

    Yeh, dementia doesn’t make elders childlike so much as childish.  And an adult with childish self control (meaning eventually little to none lasting), probably paranoia (a symptom of dementia) which means more lying (my mom who never lied in her last few years would tell me she would do something intending not to do it; she told my sister in law when I left the room she wasn’t going to because she didn’t have to) and attempts to hide stuff, and less understanding  of consequences, AND a history of child porn...dangerous combination since sexuality is likely going to be expressed with his ‘normal’ attraction, pedophilia.

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