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  1. On 10/21/2021 at 9:26 PM, Peacefully said:

    The CDC plans to release guidance early next week with more detailed information about who might benefit from choosing one booster over another, as the panel requested. CDC advisers and agency officials are still working out whether to recommend that some people stick to their original vaccine if possible.

    I wonder if this info is available elsewhere. 

  2. I am going to get boosters for my daughter and I as soon as I can schedule them and was wondering if there have been any studies showing preferred mix and match. 

    I am guessing since moderna and Pfizer were the same type, that either of those would do better with a booster of JJ.  Is my guess wrong or just unsubstantiated?

  3. 1 minute ago, The Nehor said:

    It is not a comparison. I suspected this about him long before he did anything bad. It explains his pedantic posting style.

    It is not a intended as a general slur against anyone who is autistic. As I (and many others) say about our own mental and emotional health challenges: “It is an explanation but it is not an excuse.”

    Boardnannying here…

    I don’t think it is appropriate to publicly diagnose anyone for any emotional, physical, or mental behaviour who is not asking for such, even if one speculates in private. 

  4. 1 hour ago, california boy said:

    She got the tattoo prior to tattoos being banned by the prophet.  

    I am practically positive there was an official rule against tattoos since I was a kid, so since the 60s. I can see some not being aware of it because it was a given in my youth that only the wild ones would get tattooed. It wasn’t until they became popular that it needed to be repeated across the pulpit, I am guessing. 

    I am not condemning anyone for getting a tattoo, just going for accuracy. I will try and find a reference to back up my memory on this.  It is possible I just had teachers who taught this. 

    So far the oldest specific instruction is from 1996, one of those I Have a Question pages iirc. The oldest mentioned is from the 80’s and he is referring to his youth in the Navy and being urged to get a tattoo…implying that “Mormons” don’t get them. 

  5. 37 minutes ago, Canadiandude said:

    Yeah, I’m out for a bit. 

    Exmo Reddit wouldn’t tolerate this kinda stuff. It has its own problems granted but stuff like this gets moderated pretty quickly.

    I gave y’all (and myself) space over conference but I think I’m gonna take some more again.


    There is either one or two mods that are currently active.  Sometimes they go for extended times not being available. This appears to be one of those times. You shouldn’t assume this is tolerated simply because this alias hasn’t been banned yet. Rather Ahab has demonstrated he has no regard for the rules of the forum and he lies to sign up again, using the justification that he only posts under one name at a time to deceive himself that he isn’t lying about using additional profiles to get around bannings. 

    There is a good chance he is using other methods to disguise his IP address so the mods can’t just block his IP as well.  

    If anyone knows of a way to permanently ban someone, offering it to the mods would likely be appreciated. 

    He is the board’s equivalent to “sovereign citizen”, he interprets the rules to justify his choices and to use the board and its community as he wills rather than to see how best he can work in the community. 

  6. 33 minutes ago, bOObOO said:

    Suppose someone said No at first but then showed no resistance whatsoever, no longer saying No and by body language indicating she was not resistant at all.  People often change their mind. Consider this case portrayed in a court of law.

    In a court of law, hopefully unless it was proved she said “I changed my mind and now say ‘yes’” and she did so without pressure or fear of punishment, it will be viewed as rape if she said “no”.

  7. 1 hour ago, CA Steve said:

    My understanding of it (haven’t read it or made it to the library, book buying is delayed until I see myself able to concentrate enough) is that it is a compilation of 400 alleged correspondences between the Book of Mormon and Mesoamerica during certain time periods.   It is a book dealing with historical analysis, I assume, but does not appear to match what I would describe as a history textbook…the purpose imo of which is to teach a narrative of history, not to make the argument something belongs in a certain time period. 

    From Amazon:


    Leading scholar and author John L. Sorenson brilliantly synthesizes in this volume his work from 60 years of academic study of ancient Mesoamerica and its relationship to the Book of Mormon. 

    Here Sorenson reveals that the Book of Mormon exhibits what one would expect of a historical document produced in the context of ancient Mesoamerican civilization. He also shows that scholars’ discoveries about Mesoamerica and the contents of the Nephite record are clearly related. Indeed, Sorenson lists more than 400 points where the Book of Mormon text corresponds to characteristic Mesoamerican situations, statements, allusions, and history.


  8. The move is official.


    I believe there is a status hearing for LVD today.

    May be repeats…

    Interview of brother of Charles Vallow: 


    Interview of LVD friend:


    calls to police by  JJ’s grandparents:



  9. 2 hours ago, bOObOO said:

    A would-be rapist can easily become an accepted sex partner simply by the would-be victim becoming a willing participant in the would-be sex encounter.  A rapist isn't considered a rapist if the sex partner consents to the sex encounter.

    None of the labels can be applied correctly until whatever will happen happens and is over and done with.

    If someone catches a cold and decides to deal with it by going to bed and pampering themselves for a few days, are they consenting to the cold in your view or are they choosing to protect their body by giving it the chance to heal itself?

    Resisting rape is not done just in that moment of physical attack through physical resistance, mental and emotional resistance takes place by the victim choosing not to allow the rapist to dominate their life, to take away their choices in the days and years after the rape…and how they choose to protect themselves, to live to fight another day, to achieve this may occur in many ways.  A decision to pretend to act as if one accepts the rape as sex is not actually accepting the domination of the rapist nor does it change the physical act of rape into consensual sex; it is simply a different method of fighting the rapist, of refusing to give up. 

  10. 5 hours ago, The Nehor said:

    Not really a spelling coincidence. The word “atonement” is English and was created specifically for Bible translations. The spelling is pretty deliberate. I remember reading once that it was one of only a few unique theological words in English not borrowed from other languages. Not sure if that is still believed to be true though.

    Just an FYI….We need to be careful not assume words translated into “Atonement” always mean “at one” or to unite or we may be importing Christian beliefs into Judaism that aren’t actually there. 



  11. 26 minutes ago, CA Steve said:

    Couldn't one take the BoM and create a historical textbook from the historical events and people within it?

    I don’t think so, at least not a good one.  I think too little detail is provided for a textbook and there is a massive focus where very little is said about anything  outside that focus.

  12. 45 minutes ago, BlueDreams said:

    also noted countries that have higher vaccination rates may also have a slight correlation with higher covid cases…which makes sense really. Countries that have a higher vaccination rate, tend to loosen covid restrictions they had in place. Which means with delta in the air whoever isn’t vaccinated and a number who are will likely get covid. 

    There are higher vaccination rates in urban areas, but those are more likely to have ‘better’ spread than rural. I need to read the study, maybe my brain will be there once I sleep, but counties should be compared with density as well. 

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