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  1. You know how most folks just quickly skim over the TOS for a site ? That is a bad action here. If you look carefully you might find a rule that even this thread may infringe upon. ( potentially ) The mods sometimes give a lot of leeway, eg , we recently had a thread that violated a rule and went on for several pages.

  2. There is the " ox in the mire " reasoning for missing some religious action. That is perfectly acceptable on occasion. If the ox is regularly getting in the mire one may want to look into fixing the fence. It's a whole other problem if one digs a hole and fills it with water and herds the ox towards it. 

    Go easy on yourself bluebell, you did more in one day than I now do in a week. I did have a good chuckle at your ( perhaps inadvertent ) choice of language when you said that vacuuming stairs sucks !😉

  3. I think I am getting too old for the " Big Theatre " experience. I had to put in foam ear plugs during " Maverick " especially during the jet fighting scenes. Then the normal talking scenes were a bit muddy. 

  4. 52 minutes ago, pogi said:

    there won’t be any women left in the church to practice it

    Probably true for some/most areas .The FLDS scene says some women will go for it. In Africa there are areas where polygamy is common. We might even convert a few Muslims ( sure Fred ). 

  5. I just reviewed 2 Sam 12 : 5-11 to see what the Lord thought about multiple wives. These verses were a rebuke of David taking Uriah's wife, however, He seems to have had no problem with " giving " Saul's wives( plural) to David and , had David desired more , would have " given " more. The sin was in going outside of God's will and order. Apparently polygamy ,at least for the King, was expected/normal. Scholars here may tell us if polygamy outside of the royal court was common at that time. Solomon, of course, took polygamy to another level. For all their suffering and abuse, the wives of kings were probably much more comfortable in life that the ordinary citizen wife. 

  6. Gee, a drug cartel owes you money, and if they refuse to pay your lawyers will send them... a strongly worded letter!

    The order of serious consequences goes : 1. you owe the cartel money

                                                                           2. the cartel owes you money


  7. To me, the whole polygamy business was a case of Joseph getting a commandment without a lot of feedback about how he was to carry it out. From my reading, Joseph put the problem on a " shelf " as long as he could. He then " played it by ear " and often messed up. It got more orderly in the following decades. 

  8. I  should like to see a chart showing the age gap between early leaders and each of their wives and perhaps an average age gap.

    We should note that today , with no polygamy , over 50% of first marriages  in general  end in divorce and , of those , over 70% are initiated  by the wife

    who must be " unhappy " with the marriage. Apparently monogamy isn't free of problems. 

    My biggest concern is that each marriage be entered into by a free will choice. The family dynamic in the 1800s was more like it is now in some Asian countries where the father has  a great influence over the daughter's marriage. Not a fan. 

  9. To show the value of the skeptic , I present the following: The wind is caused by the leaves on the trees moving . 

    A skeptic will say , " what about in winter? There are no leaves on the trees but there is still wind "

    The retort would be that even in winter there are still trees with leaves moving somewhere and their effect is global.

    As more evidence of the truth about the wind, it should be noted that on the moon there is no wind. Why ? No trees ! Q.E.D. 

  10. I'm told that one of the things a plumber must learn is that water runs down hill. In my work I have found the occasional place where the previous " plumber " had tried to ignore that learning. It made for messy clogs ! 

  11. It is a 2 part couplet. Unless you are thinking that Jesus is the God of the first part, we know little if anything about God the Father's mortal existence. As for the second part, that is where there is room for interpretation. Christ commanded us to be perfect, and we are supposed to be trying to return to live with God and be exalted like Him, however, we have little info on the exact path and timeframe.

    Oh, and while you are at it, bring up the " money digging stuff " and the "head in the hat "  problem .  

    Seems like I am the world's slowest typist. 🥴

  12. It may have already been said here , but I understand that around 50% of abortions are now induced chemically by pill at home. Also, because of this , abortion clinics are having to close. If true, then all the "crossing State lines " can be done by USPS etc. Of course, gov't can make the pill illegal to send in the mail, but that really stopped the drug trade in its tracks, right?

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