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  1. Have you followed the ruling by Judge Stricklin in PA about the gov't lockdown restrictions being unconstitutional ?

    1. smac97


      Saw the headline.  Didn't read it.  More of those to come, I think.

  2. Going to the Sun road usually has a low rock wall on the "down " side to keep folks from driving off. There are several pull off areas where one can stop and get a good view of the mountains. It is not a really wide road and no speeding!!!!!

    Side note: as a HS senior I worked for the company that owned all the lodges in Glacier as well as the " Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Alberta ( google it ) . We went to East Glacier Lodge as a staff to put on the musical ' Oklahoma ' to entertain the tourists and guests. 

  3. My relative tried something new this year called the 5 minute intense practise. She would pick out 8 bars and time the student as they played it, then have them practise the 8 bars over and over right then for 5 minutes. Then she timed them again for a final run through. She found a big improvement for most of her students. Now , if the student has a difficulty with a spot she stops them and has then play the spot over for 5 minutes , then go on. She has seen a great improvement overall and hopefully the student then carries the process into their home practise .

  4. In case you  already are not aware of this website, may I recommend

    www.crev.info    as a place to spend some time .Excellent article that link to current science journals. The guy also has an agenda but he is very clear about it. There are lots of archived essays you might be interested in.

    1. waveslider


      Thank you. I'll check it out. I haven't ever seen this one before. I'm always up to looking at things with an open mind. It often means wading through a lot of B.S. but sometimes a nugget of truth gets found. I always am critical of new sources, because I have seen a lot of stuff that seems to be put there just to discount the real sources of truth. It's kind of like if you can't beat the competition, then you infiltrate it and bring it to a level where it gets discredited and that seems to make people discredit anything that sounds like the same narrative. This one looks like it will be interesting to check out. Again, thank you.

  5. Here is an article that quotes scientists who find little evidence that sexual orientation is biological. Just to give you an alternate view. 

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