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  1. My 2 cents, based on our positive experience doing home church as a family. Rethinking weekly services : a) Shorter Sacrament meetings (30 to 45 mnts.) b) Home church on fifth Sundays c) No more Sunday night Church sponsored meetings d) Avoid / no leadership meetings on Sundays e) Shorter and less frequent leadership meetings (via "zoom" / phone, during week days)
  2. Thanks for posting these suggestions, Rain. They’re so simple but yet so important, so much so that they are actually the very definition of Gospel given by James.
  3. I saw it coming... Will they now push / force the Church to start changing a few names here and there...??
  4. I think that fortunate is being able to stay safe at home and being able to do HOME CHURCH with your family. Kind of feel sorry for those that can't be fortunate enough and have to go through what you went through...
  5. I never said "they were helping and coordinating"... People in that region didn't / don't like having to do hard, tough work with their hands, the way it's done in situations like that one, while being watched over and told what to do, by businesslike men all dressed in a white shirt, tie and suit
  6. They were there to "coordinate and help". Why didn't I feel bad about 70? Because he had the authority to change the dress code of both him and the missionaries but he didn't, deciding to keep the business look totally out of place...
  7. “…cultural sensitivities of the places where they serve”, and / or, in other words, more “down to earth”... I’ll never forget the scene of hundreds of people trying to help in the aftermath of one of those huge earth quakes in Chile, their clothes soiled by the rubble, and in the middle of that chaos, bingo, missionaries and one area ‘70, all very formally dressed in their suits, white shirt and tie… “Are you here to help or to watch us help…?” shouted one of the helpers. It made me wonder, and I felt bad for the missionaries but not for the’ 70...
  8. Weird, for a second, the first time, I felt the same, but then I thought of Jesus and tried to picture him "braking bread" , and the image I got of him was him wearing "street clothing"
  9. "dress up"...? We don't ! We have taken the time to teach our children that God looks beyond the outside, that he looks into the hearts of those who serve him. It wasn't easy at first but now they've got the point and try to behave and act in a holier and more sacred way without having to "dress up"
  10. Not always that easy, unfortunately, callings and all that...
  11. "sacrifice"...? For us at home this hasn't been a sacrifice at all...! Nothing better than officiate the sacrament at home, and teach and be taught by/to the family... Now. mentioning this in 1 of our too many virtual leadership meetings, 1 of the attendees said "well, you have to understand that it ain't easy to stay home with the family 24/7..." I didn't say anything but maybe I should've, but then again I'm getting a bit tired of being the "party-pooper" .
  12. You can't imagine how blessed I have felt each pandemic Sunday, as a priesthood holder father, to officiate the sacrament to my dear family at home and have the opportunity to actually tailor teach and be taught to/by them. Yes, it will be weird to go back and let somebody else try to do the same...
  13. Mmm, not so sure about this. It took an Area 70's letter to stop the mission pres in our area from having formally allowed --letter and all... "his" missionaries to continue visiting homes, accepting dinner invitations, etc., right in the middle of the pandemics, since he--the mission pres-- thought he had been inspired to do so. It must've been a very humbling experience for this mission pres...
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