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  1. A response to the opening poster’s so-called facts: Women and the priesthood Facts - Women cannot be ordained to the priesthood Women are not currently ordained to the priesthood offices of Deacon, Teacher, Priest, Elder, Seventy, High Priest, or Apostle. They may be ordained to any one of these offices on the same conditions as men, i.e. by prophecy and revelation, and the laying on of hands. As soon as someone with the same revelatory prowess as the Prophet Joseph arises and performs such ordinations, then we can certain of the mind and will of the Lord on the matter. Women cannot preside over any man in a priesthood calling See above. Women cannot preside over a ward, stake, area or world as the final authority See above. Women cannot perform priesthood ordinances with the exception of washing and annointings See above. Women cannot perform priesthood blessings by anointing with consecrated oil See above Women cannot stand on the other side of the veil in the temple See above. There is no revelation anywhere in any canonized scripture that says women cannot hold the priesthood That is because women can hold the priesthood. See above. There is no modern prophet who has ever said women cannot hold the priesthood Because to say such a thing would be untrue. See above. There is no explanation anywhere of why women can't hold the priesthood See above There appears to be no effort by current prophets to get revelation on this matter I do not believe this. I believe the leadership of the Church diligently seeks direction from the Lord regarding all matters affecting the Lord’s Church. Numerous changes have been made in recent years to give women a greater voice Some revelations are of God, some are of men, snd some are of the devil. Numerous general authorities have explained that women have access to all the blessings of the priesthood but never attempt to explain why women can't be ordained to the priesthood Why would they try to explain something that is not factual? Many women and young women who are members of the Church really struggle with all the above and feel pain related to it And I suspect there are just as many who trust the Lord. Regards, Mark Beesley
  2. It's unavailable for streaming. 😢
  3. Do you think the Spirit prompted Teancum to kill Ammoron? I've always had a problem with that slaying as it denied Ammoron the opportunity to gain entrance into Valhalla. 😇
  4. I don't know the answer to any of these questions. I believe we have elevated sexual relations to a level it was never intended to occupy. Relegating sex to its proper role does not reduce eternal marriage, rather it gives it an opportunity to flourish freed from the pressures of satisfying the biological urges. (This was likely more readily accomplished when marriages were still arranged.) The love our Father in Heaven has for us is perfect love, and it exists without any sexual relationship between Him and us. Why then should our perfect love to our spouse be dependent on a biological construct? I would never characterize charity as "only feelings," and I'm sure that is not what you intended. Charity swallows up everything, faith, hope, despair. If one had "only feelings of charity" in its perfect endowment, well, as Mormon taught, it would be well with that person at the last day. See Moroni 7:47.
  5. And this illustrates perfectly how far we are from being a Zion people. We will remain distant from that lofty appellation until we quit voting our wallet and start voting our poor, homeless, hungry brother or sister’s wallet!
  6. My wife went to law school and became a lawyer. Guess what she does. Answers phones! 😇 (She manages the intake for Legal Aid in San Diego.)
  7. Is the primary objection people have to the doctrine of polygamy the sexual aspect of the marital relationship? If so, then a proper understanding of the role sex is intended to play in the relationship is crucial. Once we divorce biological love (lust) from spiritual love (charity), the prospect of “sharing” a spouse may become less distasteful. When we consider the words of the Lord, that His thoughts and ways are not the same as ours, we cannot even be certain that the procreation of spirit children occurs the same way as mortal children. I kind if doubt it. A problem with polygamy in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is ultimately a problem of faith, trust and testimony.
  8. I should have read your offering before I repeated it I my own abbreviated way. 😀
  9. By all means, read in the Book of Mormon. Read Alma chapter 32 and Moroni chapter 7. Then, Go and find a charity where you can do volunteer work. Read to old folks in a facility. Cook a meal for a shut-in. Visit sick children. Do everything you can think of and find to serve others. Deliver meals. Share a coat with a homeless person. Walk someone's dog. Teach an English lesson. Give someone else hope. "For whosoever will save his life will lose it. But whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it." Trust Jesus Christ.
  10. He doesn't. And my witness of the Prophetic calling of President Nelson did not come a result of an answer to a prayer. The Lord volunteered that witness to me without my asking, just as He has assured me that this false ProphetShiloh is the type warned against by the Savior.
  11. Watched Once I was a Beehive with my wife. It is hilarious.
  12. Don't count on the cop not showing up. They get time and half to go to court. They usually show up.
  13. I was going to say the same thing Mike Drop said, based on my experiences as a young prosecutor in traffic court. Little infraction traffic cases that the judge puts over after hearing evidence usually get dismissed, out of deference to the cop. The judge doesn't want to call the cop a liar in open court.
  14. I didn't mean to be snarky. Let me clarify. You asked about sex in an ideal marriage, and subsequently edited your question to include God in the ideal marriage. The edit was unnecessary. In my opinion . . . Sex in the ideal marriage is whatever the couple want it to be. In an LDS marriage, it is whatever the couple does in harmony with the Will of the Lord. So, it is specific to the couple. My beliefs are irrelevant.
  15. Absolutely, sexual intimacy is ordained of God. Adam and Eve were commanded to multiply, which was a command to engage in sexual intimacy. Christ admonished that a man should leave his mother and cleave unto his wife and together they become one flesh, an obvious endorsement of sexual intimacy to create a new life. But just because it ordained of and approved by God does not make it something it is not. Sexual intimacy is driven by hormones, not by the Spirit. Charity is drive by the Spirit, not by hormones. It is that simple.
  16. It is divisive and selfish, and thus displeasing to the Lord. If it displeases the Lord, it displeases me. Why is it divisive? How is it selfish? How do I know it is displeasing to the Lord? These are all of the follow-up questions. And that answer to each, so no one has to waste time responding, is . . . it is my opinion based on my relationship with my God.
  17. Just goes to show how far away we are from being a people the Lord can call Zion. 😇 As for the reference from For the Strength of Youth, well, when I was I child, I spoke as a child . . . etc., etc. One can be an entirely selfless "lover" in the sex arena, but in the end it is driven by hormones. So, while sexual intimacy can be an expression of love, it is not love, it is not charity, and as an expression of true love/charity, it is a poor example. Sacrifice and service are much better expressions of love.
  18. The only reason Charity should be referenced in any discussion about same sex attraction is to describe how we must approach those who struggle with weakness. Charity has nothing to do with sex or sexual attraction. Charity is outgoing, giving, and selfless. Sex is desire, longing, selfish. Charity is a gift God gives to true disciples of Christ. Sex is a biological drive to propagate the human race. Too often Charity/Love gets confused with hormones.
  19. Not at all. But with regard to this particular topic, there is nothing more to be said.
  20. Christ taught the Nephites what the Gospel was, that He came into the world to do the will of the Father because His Father sent Him. Thus, the Gospel of each of us is to learn and do the will of the Father because He also sent us. Christ goes on to explain to the Nephite the will of the Father concerning His mission. I does not good for me to relate to you the will of the Lord. You need to find that out for yourself. If you do not know how to do that, I can share with you the process I followed, but I imagine your starting point will be somewhat different from my own. But rather than relate a bunch of steps that you may or may not need, I will share the last and most important step. If you can learn to take this step in the beginning, it could be a first step and save a lot missteps along the way. In any event, after all is said and done, when you have suffered through the blood, sweat and tears of mortality and spent countless hours in study, meditation and prayer, if you still find yourself unable to take this step, you will be endlessly frustrated. It is the step the Lord sets up in the very beginning when He sent us here to see if we would do whatsoever the Lord would command. The first, last and most important step is surrender. We have to divorce ourselves of our ego, surrender to God the agency He gave us, and resolve to do His Will. Thus, I know what the Lord's Will is by virtue of total and absolute surrender to Him. When my ego gets in the way, His Will is not so apparent. Hope this helps.
  21. It was a calculated risk, but I'm still making room for the Lord to give me more patience and charity . . . but the whole alphabet designation I find rather offensive. In any case, in response to the question that you end with, if you will take the time to read the rest of the post after the LGBTQIA parody, you will find the answer. But in the event you do not want to read it, the short answer is, No. Sorry. If I had some kind of a stewardship for you, I might, but since I don't have any such stewardship, I have no need of knowing what you have to say. Sounds harsh and arrogant, I know, but I've been to Babylon and back, more than once. I know the arguments. I know the attractions. I know the futility of trying to overcome our natural urges. I know the power of Christ. And I know that salvation comes only through trusting Him. Lose yourself in His service and your sexuality will resolve itself.
  22. I won't argue anything. I can only postulate based on my own experience. Perhaps the most important word in my previous post was one which I did not highlight, and that word is sincere. Too often we are seeking Lord's approval for our desires, and we spend an inordinate amount of time focused on our challenges. Sexual attractions should not be a focus of our attention. If we want to follow Christ, we will follow his admonition: "For whosoever will find his life will lose it; but whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it." Trying to find oneself is the lock. Losing oneself in the service of others is the key.
  23. While I can empathize with the dilemma posed, for myself it has become rather simple. Quit listening to everyone. Turn off the noise. I do not have a Facebook page. I don't use Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or any other social media outlet for information. It does not matter what anyone else thinks, and that includes the President of the Church. When it comes to issues like LGBTQIABCDEFG . . . . I trust in the Lord. That isn't always easy at first, but in the end, it answers a host of questions that begin with WHY. Of course, it helps tremendously if you have an open channel to the Lord. I don't concern myself with judging who is sincere and who is bending once I have received the Lord's truth, which is why some people think I am a cafeteria Latter-day Saint. As a Latter-day Saint with a witness from the Lord that President Nelson is a true prophet of God, it becomes a great source of comfort, not that the prophet tells me what to think, but confirms to me that I am on the same page as the Lord. When the Prophet speaks on a topic that I have been pondering and seeking to understand the mind of the Lord on, and his (the Prophet's) words confirm what the whisperings of the Spirit have taught me, well, the world calls it confirmation bias, but only because the world is ignorant of the workings of the Spirit. Confirmation bias does not invoke light and joy like the Spirit does, but I imagine one would have to experience both to be able to distinguish and even then it can be a challenge because of our memories, as I will explain below. An example of the comfort one can derive from believing in a prophetic voice can be found in the crusade to reclaim the name of the Church. For most of my life after my mission, which I served from '74 to '76, I resisted being called a Mormon. Discounting the years I spent in Babylon, when people would ask me what Church I belonged to I would reply, as prompted by the Spirit, with the full name of the Church and then help them out with, "But you probably know us as Mormons." When President Nelson spoke on this topic after he was called to act as the President of the Church, I enjoyed a spiritual confirmation that he was speaking the mind of the Lord. There are two lessons here, for me. First, trust the promptings of the Spirit and act accordingly. If the Church, has not yet caught up, be patient. And Second, let the President of the Church speak for the Lord to the Church. It was not my place to call the Church to repentance. My place is to trust the Lord and His timetable, and rejoice in the grace He showed me when He inspired me before the Church acted. Be patient and the Church will catch up. The name of the Church is just one such example. And for me, that is rather exciting . . .. As alluded to above, In many cases the greatest hinderance to accepting without reservation the Will of the Lord is what I call The Persistence of Memory, apologies to Salvador Dali. Throughout our lives we are creating memories. Much of our conversion to Jesus Christ consists of trying to overcome behaviors, and the pleasant memories associated therewith, which draw us away from the Savior. As we go through the conversion process, our memories attempt to remain relevant, like melting clocks in a timeless world. The memories become a blight on our desires to follow Christ. My own experiences in the LGBTQ community, and the memories I have, persist in trying and to bend the Lord's Will to my own, and it has been only very recently that I have been able to divorce myself from those memories and focus solely on the Will of the Lord. So, don't concern yourself with who is sincere and who is bending. Concern yourself with whether you are being sincere, or whether you are unintentionally trying to bend the Lord's Will to your own. And the only way to do that is on your knees and in quiet meditation. The Lord speaks softly to us as individual. He does not yell, and He does not compete for Likes.
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