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  1. It’s a frigging song dude. It ain’t scripture.
  2. When Peter asked Christ if 7 was the number of times he had to forgive his brother’s trespass against him, Christ relied, not 7 times but 70 times 7. The number is illustrative, not an absolute. That is most certainly the case in Isaiah. Indeed, if one wants to reject the interpretation I described above, and adopt a literal reading of the verse, it makes no sense, unless of course one believes that there will be one man who will have seven women proposing marriage. If one such singular event were worthy of prophetic mention, surely the succeeding verses would be in some way expansive of the t
  3. What is the difference between being exalted and achieving godhood. Christ had attained godhood prior to His mortal journey. But He was not exalted until after His resurrection per Joseph Smith in The King Follett discourse. Is “God” a title or office bestowed on those who attain a defined level of faith/power? The question came to mind as I read a post in another thread. Other questions I had: Is a Kingdom of Glory a place or state of being? If Father in Heaven moves to a “higher exaltation,” what does that mean? Does His Work and Glory change, or . . . and this could be intriguing
  4. It has been some time since I have had any type of presence on any type of social media platform. But I had a question a couple of days ago and I popped in here to see if the topic had been discussed. The question had to do with COVID, vaccines, and brazen serpents. I never got around to spending any time on that question because I got sidetracked by the title of a thread that questioned the placement of a comma. (Since I had another comma question myself, I took the opportunity to start a short thread.) I looked at a couple of other threads this morning and I noticed something. Folks ar
  5. Thanks for your reply Dan. After reading it, it makes even more sense to me for a comma to separate verses 5 and 6. The Lord declares how His House will be filled with glory in verse 5, and then includes that the sons of Moses will also be filled with glory in verse 6. When you then move to verse 31 as you pointed out, and the following verse 32, the Lord repeats how the sons of Moses, along with the sons of Aaron will be filled with glory. It is almost a classic chiasm (is that the word?) Thanks for your insight.
  6. Not having read all the posts in the thread, this has probably already been said. We can safely consider the word damned as the Lord’s way of describing anyone who inherits anything less than everything His Father offers. So even a person who is raised to a celestial glory but never entered into the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage, and is therefore excluded from the highest glory God bestows—that of creating life—is damned, in a sense. Seek charity.
  7. Is there a punctuation error joining the verses? Perhaps verse 5 should end with a comma rather than a period? Has there been any discussion or analysis on this, or what am I missing?
  8. Who presides in a home-based sacrament meeting where there is a father who is a high priest and a son who is a member of the stake presidency? Does it matter whose home you are meeting in? Stay safe and healthy everyone!
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