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  1. But does it? What shadow does it cast on the book of mormon? I see no shadow. Now how people were classified by church leaders may show a fault. But this would have nothing to do with the book of mormon and its truth claims.
  2. However, your premise does not prove the book of mormon false. The church's foundation is the book of mormon. Is it true or false? This is the heart of the matter. How one interprets who were the lamanites or nephites is a secondary issue. If the book was to be proven false, it would have come when it first appeared. It was under investigation at the time. And certain theories were presented. But the witnesses remained firm in their conviction, even on their death beds or even when they left the church. Not to mention Emma who remained firm about the book of mormon and her husband. Emma had the power to destroy the church when BY moved west with the saints and began polygamy in earnest. But she did not deny the book of mormon. This is what matters. The people directly involved held firm.
  3. That was my question too. But the response that I got was that they are taking their time to make an informed decision. It will come soon i hope. But the big problem is with African-Americans. They have a very low percentage of vaccinations. And this probably has nothing to do with anti-vaccers.
  4. I know. But can you imagine what would happen if they don't approve it? Major turmoil and trauma.
  5. We do need to remember that the FDA is American. The European Union Medicines Agency approved the use of the vaccines. But anti-vaccers always point to the FDA as their excuse for not being vaccinated. And of course, what is in the vaccines.
  6. One of problems that is serious is that the FDA has not approved the vaccines yet. This is a major obstacle. Can one imagine what would happen if they don't approve the vaccine? Chaos. And the antivaccers would be smiling from ear to ear. I have no idea why they are taking so long to approve the vaccines. They may just save lives when they do since the hot air in the antivaccer balloon would be let out. But if they don't approve them....there will be trouble.
  7. Also, those who have been vaccinated with two doses have mild symptoms. And this is important. No vaccine is 100 percent effective. Anthony Rizzo, the new Yankee just tested positive for Covid. At the moment he is feeling some symptoms but he is doing alright. Asked why he wasn't vaccinated, he said, he was waiting for more data. I would hope that he gets the vaccine when he can and encourages others to do the same.
  8. Only 24 percent of the population have had two doses. And 46 percent have had one dose. This is the problem and why Delta is such a threat. The Australians have been very slow rolling out the vaccines. This needed not be the case. Since the country is a member of the commonwealth, they could have had millions of doses of the Astra vaccine.
  9. This was my point. And this family is not alone with regrets for family members not getting the vaccine. We must search for the roots why people are not getting vaccinated in the USA because future mutations can occur. Just think what the US would be like if there was no Delta variant. Or the world. I am sure that vaccine companies are upgrading their vaccines for delta. But other mutations can happen because of people not getting the vaccine. I do believe that a vaccine will eventually come along that will tackle most variants of the virus or make the virus very mild if caught. This would make masks perhaps un-necessary. The vulnerable will be constantly getting boosters when the original doses no longer produce the antibodies. How to get people to keep getting the boosters until it is unnecessary?
  10. The board has a rich history, especially when it was a Fairboard. When the Internet hit the church, the board was there to help members deal with it. There were some rough and tumble discussion back in the beginnings of the century. It was a wonderful learning experience defending the church. The board changed with the times. It is a good place to come to read posts about the church and get some opinions. But I do miss the rough and tumble days. But..time moves on and time changes people. And this board is a reflection of that.
  11. It is actually a hate crime. Imagine doing this to people going to Temple or to a Mosque? It would be a hate crime and the people doing the harassing would be charged with a hate crime. And if this would happen, it would stop.
  12. In his time, the USA was a growing nation. And many church members from Europe were being encouraged to come to Zion. But...the USA is a different country today. We have no idea what he would think today. Of course, no church can be anti immigration and succeed. What would Jesus do would be the refrain. I would think that a well ordered immigration policy would be what he would support. And that is what happened in his time. Remember Ellis Island? It was very well ordered.
  13. This is a complicated issue. There are millions of people waiting in line to come to the USA legally. Now there are thousands coming across the border illegally, helped by drug cartels. We see now a rising cause of death from Fentanyl, a drug mainly from China smuggled to Mexico and across the border to the US. And of course we have DACA and the dreamers. What to do? Of course, no country can survive with an open border. The heath system, the school system could not cope. Not to mention the housing problem. I believe that Reagan had an amnesty in 1986. It was suppose to be the end all for the problem. And of course 30 something years later, the US is in the same boat again. I can understand that for the church, Spanish speaking wards are great for tithing and regeneration. Likewise for the catholic church. And democrats see them as democrat voters, except the people who come from Cuba, Haiti and Venezuela. But...no country can survive with open borders. There can be another amnesty and then, there can be another one in thirty years since the problem will continue. Such is the cycle.
  14. I think that if it ever becomes mainstream liking sipping a beer on a hot day, it just may be in places of businesses. However, most likely smoking of pot will be on the outside not inside. And I am sure that where it is legal, people are smoking pot outside church owned businesses. The direction of society is progressing in the opposite direction of what the church teaches. What to do? Such is free will.
  15. I think that this is different. They cannot deny a person to drink a beer in a hotel. They will just bring it from outside and into the hotel. Also, the church cannot prohibit people from watching porn by taking away their free will right. Likewise, they cannot allow SSM in their church or temple. It is a stance. However, members can get married somewhere else. No problem. I see no suppression of free will at all. No prohibition. There is the proclamation of the family that seems to guide the leaders of the church. They can come out against the expansion of cable. But they cannot prohibit it if comes into the TV stream. It seems that the lds church has lost many battles.
  16. We can also point out coffee and tea. Should the church serve coffee and tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Why just pick out alcohol? A business is a business. It employs people, gives them a living. And it does not impose its will on others.
  17. Free will is a major principle of the church. I don't think that the church should be denying free will.
  18. Is Heavenly Father authoritarian? If we go back in time, religion played a major role in many people's lives in the christian world and many lived their lives accordingly. There was god's law. Less so now. Are people reacting against an authoritarian god? Discovering their freedom with god? And is this a good sign? When I was young either catholic or lds I was told this is how god wants me to live. If not, I would go to hell or outer darkness or end up in the telestial kingdom. And now? Just live and let live. Much has changed.
  19. Once the church wrote the Proclamation of the Family, it is more or less tied to that Proclamation. But we now see that that Proclamation is under threat by the direction society is taking. I cannot see the church reversing the Proclamation because of the rise in gender orientation or sexual preference. Back in the day, and I am referring to decades ago, the church was very strict about moral issues. Less so now. It has more understanding of the forces out there to undermine its Proclamation and the sexual norms the church exposes. If the church does shift to accommodate new norms it will be interesting just how members would react. In a different post, the writer spoke about some in the younger generations leaving the church because of new norms in society and the church's stance with regards to the family unit and sexuality. Swim upstream or downstream?
  20. I have to wonder just what Heavenly Father has to say about all this. We seem to forget him when we need him the most. But will we listen to his voices. Maybe not, if it doesn't fit our world vision.
  21. And who taught these young women to think this way? And what about head boy at a boy's school? However, I think that it had more to do with the school and its students who call themselves binary. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/st-pauls-girls-school-binary-head-girl-b941501.html In the school's name is the word girl. So, I don't think that the students claimed that the word is to do with immaturity. And how old are the students? I think that there age would show them to be girls. When does a girl become a young woman and when does a boy become a young man?
  22. I have given many examples where mother, father girl or boy are being replaced. I just linked to a girls school in Britain that just banned head girl because of binary pressure. I do think that the congress would love to ban gendered terms. But they are not ready to go all the way. Plant a seed and see how it sprouts. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-9704921/SARAH-VINE-reacts-St-Pauls-Girls-School-no-longer-using-term-head-girl.html
  23. They planted the seed. And then they will see how it sprouts. So far it got some backlash. But it is a trend and that was my point. This just happened today: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-9704921/SARAH-VINE-reacts-St-Pauls-Girls-School-no-longer-using-term-head-girl.html So at an all girls school one can no longer say head girl. Amazing. Little by little the change will occur unless there is a push back. Binary is the new word. My other point was that if lds students take the wrong side, the woke people will come down on them hard, both from the students and from the staff. Much better to go with the flow will be the decision of many.
  24. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/01/16/fact-check-house-rules-only-changed-gendered-language-one-document/4175388001/ It begins with small changes. Here is the fact check. And it could expand. That was my point. They ban the words in this rule and it expands depending on the acceptance or backlash. The current trend is in this direction. No need for mother and father as a word. We all need to go through life with eyes wide open.
  25. No. It is a trend. Congress began to plant the seed. It will expand unless there is a backlash. Once a seed is planted it can spread and prosper. That was my point. We also see from my links just how it is spreading. And this is what some people are concerned about. It is happening as my link to Manchester University shows. And also in Australia. https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/anu-researchers-suggest-changing-terms-mother-father-to-be-more-gender-inclusive-c-2174442 So, as a church member you support banning the word mother and father etc? And remember I began this conversation that if any lds student would come out and oppose such bans, they would face possible hostility. Much better to be woke to survive.
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