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  1. Absolutely true. All my children are adopted. When they excel, it's nurture. When they screw up, it's obviously nature. As a parent, I can't lose! πŸ˜‰
  2. I can't help wondering what the reaction would be if someone with Wayment's position, platform, and audience were to describe, say, Sharon Eubank as a "hottie."
  3. Glad you're here. As you have probably already seen, we try to stay away from disgusting topics like politics and surstromming. 😁
  4. Perhaps. But that's to my point about mind reading. And you obviously are more confident in your ability to do so than I am. And I am dubious that the Church is capable of tracking the reason for those who once held recommends have left.
  5. This conclusion involves too much mind reading, of which neither you nor the Church are capable. There is another aspect of this same logic that I believe is true, but I cannot verify because it also involves thought discernment at which I am particularly bad. It goes like this: Some or all of the various reasons for leaving the Church that Smac and Robert have enumerated are often masked by individuals behind the "Church-lied-to-me" or other similar facade. This can be the complaint that is voiced when in reality the individual left the Church because Sister Fishbreath pissed him off or the demands of Church membership just became too much of a burden/hindrance to a desired life style. To be sure, this is a good technique, because if I push back against the argument, I am accused of being judgemental because I in no way can read the mind or know the heart of the offended party and I'm therefore branded as "hating the victim" and am effectively silenced. My sense is that this happens fairly often. But of course I can't say for sure. And neither can the Church.
  6. Man, I hate to see this generation disappearing.
  7. I am reminded of the prescient press and their similar musings when Harold B. Lee died. Spencer Kimball was given scant notice of being any factor at all in Church governance. His health was lousy and his meek personality didn't bode well for his serving as an agent of change. Most of the ink spilled was used in prognosticating what that radical ideologue, Ezra Taft Benson, would do when he took command. How'd that turn out?
  8. Peterson's discussions of male/female categories are primarily meant to be archetypal/symbolic, not specifically gender-defined as we would think of those categories in the 21st century as they relate to individuals. I think this video analyzes Peterson's position correctly.
  9. Find some really old guy to bequeath you his hideous Elvis-in-Vegas white jumpsuit. They don't have a tie. Thankfully, I don't see many of those any more, and the ones I do are tending to be a little on the yellow side.
  10. So ... I thought the joke was goofy, but I gotta say that your work on the visual impresses me a lot!
  11. Takes longer to get to the punch line than your standard Norm MacDonald joke (and not nearly as funny).
  12. The moon is solid. All conversant Church members know that it's the earth that is hollow. It's in that space where the Lost Ten Tribes are to be found. Aren't you reading ahead in the Old Testament Come Follow Me materials??
  13. His wonderful scholarship so bolstered my understanding and belief in the Book of Mormon. His learned discipleship has blessed my life immensely.
  14. Yup, I compare this mess with what Andrew Knaupp and Sal Velluto created for a their telling of Joseph's first vision, and I'm left wondering how many, if any, "alternative artists" are employed by Marvel and DC.
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