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  1. Nope, not confused. Listen to Pres Oaks opening remarks. He calls this a "unique women's session of General Conference." He then says the church is embarking on a new direction with the Saturday evening sessions, which may have varying focuses. This one just happens to focus on women. While sisters may have conducted past sessions, those were sessions for women, conducted by women. Today's session was for everyone, it was a "general session" of conference (though in person attendance was limited to the women), with a focus on the sisters. Women have never before conducted a General Session of Conference...until today.
  2. Did a subtle, but historic change just happen? Pres Oaks explained the Women's Session was a General Session of GenConf, just like the other sessions, just targeted to specific audience. I think this is the first time a woman has ever conducted a General Session of Conference. What's next, RelSoc Presidents conducting SacMtg, cats and dogs living together? Personally, I'm all for Sisters conducting more general church meetings and more (you know what I mean)😉
  3. I am contemplating the possibility of an 8:30am to 10:30am meeting time for next year. (reasons are another subject). Anyone out there have any experience meeting that early, and if so, did you like or dislike? Are 8:30am meeting times common in the church (I have no idea). Thanks...
  4. 1. They stop reading the scriptures 2. They stop praying. 3. They stop paying tithing. After those three, they pick a convenient reason to leave.
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