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  1. Thanks...I should have mentioned that I need to make a decision. Before I do, I thought it might help to understand how other wards are handling this year's Christmas.
  2. I'd appreciate understanding what your wards are planning for in-person Christmas events, if any, during this Covid pandemic. Thanks!
  3. just thought of another one, He was seven years old, before the age of accountability, making him, in a way, a person without sin.
  4. Since we are focusing on the restoration and in particular the experiences of Joseph Smith, has anyone considered young Joseph's leg operation as a type of Christ? He was seven years old. Seven can signify the fulfillment of a prophecy, in this case a type of the fulfillment of Christ's Atonement. His body had an infection that needed to be removed. Analogous to sin that needed to be cleansed. He declared that he would do whatever was required to remove the infection...Christ was willing to do whatever was required to remove our sins. The infection was removed by the shedd
  5. I don't think this statement is correct. While it is true that a person will suffer the consequences of their sins until they repent, no one can fully suffer or pay the price for their own sins. We make messes we can't possibly clean up on our own. The scriptures say that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ..and their Savior. Every knee will bow, because every saved person, from the Telestial to Celestial Glory,will eventually realize they need Christ to absolve their sins. Eventually Christ will pay for all the sins of Telestial inhabitants as they finall
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