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  1. Found the show interesting, there's evidence for and against him being the actual Messiah (though totally not scripturally speaking, but if someone wasn't knowledgable of the scriptures, or a surface understanding, it might be compelling).
    He might be more of an "anti-christ" figure if they start going the Evanglical understanding of a latter-day false messiah.

    I'm curious where they go with it.  Good entertainment either way.


  2. Anyone should be allowed to say what they do with their labor if it's against their values.  That's America, that's how it's always been.

    You can't force a Construction Company to build a Porn Shop, so why do people think they can force people to create a "particular type" of cake?
    (because leftists are tyrants and are trying to destroy America as we can clearly see from all their various anti-American actions)

    They aren't denying the "persons" service, they are refusing to create a particular type of product with their labor, so the claim of "discrimination" especially under the law simply cannot be made (at least it being intelligent).

  3. Quote

    LDS Scientist/Biographer Presents Findings on the Science of Sexual Orientation


    He's wrong...

    Many sins and perversions people can say they were "born that way".  LGBT+ is under no special exemption compared to other sins and weaknesses.  Sin is sin Period.
    Many sins and perversions people "develop" a love for such when they never had an inclination toward such before.

    Is there a biological component that makes one more "susceptible" to the development of one sin or another.  Absolutely.

    But he couldn't be more wrong otherwise...  All of life is Thought, Actions, and Nurture.  As a man thinketh so shall he be PERIOD.
    It's a falsehood to teach otherwise.


  4. Quote

    What if People with Red Hair Were Denied the Priesthood?


    Poor analogy...

    It should be instead, what if a particular lineage of "red hairs" were denied the Priesthood.
    Clan MacLeod was denied the Priesthood, but all other red hair clans were allowed the Priesthood.
    Note also how not all MacLeod's are red hairs, but they are still denied the Priesthood.

    This is how the Priesthood ban was.  "Racism" was irrelevant to the issue, for plenty of other red hairs could still have the Priesthood.

    Leftist women and men use the same type of argument about the Priesthood, but it's not about "Gender Inequality", it's something entirely different.
    I wish Scott Gordon and others would stop misrepresenting the Church and its people as being racist in the past.  Most weren't.
    We don't have the accept the popular narrative about the past which paints the church falsely when it's simply not the whole truth.

  5. The LDS Church has been loud in its opposition to legalized same sex marriage - perhaps most famously (infamously?) in its support for "Proposition 8" in California a few years back.  They've had company, of course.  Plenty of Evangelicals, Catholics, and other Christians have endeavored to hold the line for "traditional marriage." 


    But while LDS have been loud & clear on the same sex marriage issue--they're relatively-speaking quiet on the question of legalized abortion where the mother's health is not in question (what I'm calling for purposes of this thread, "convenience abortion").  This is not to say LDS are in favor of abortion (they aren't)--but they clearly haven't shown the same political interest/energy in the matter of legalized convenience abortion.  And certainly not in comparison to Evangelicals and Catholics. 


    Why is that? 





    Back when society and the courts were trying to legalize Abortion, the Church most definately "spoke up".

    Thus your premise is false.


    BTW, more Black babies are aborted in New York today than are born.

  6. The idea that humility can only be found in acknowledging that all churches and faiths are equal in terms of authority and doctrine, is truly misguided.  Christ's original apostles showed that is indeed possible to be on the one true path, hold authority from God, proclaim a higher and better doctrine, and be humble at the same time. 


    By making such a conclusion, one is bound to accuse Christ of instigating "institutional superiority" thereby destroying "personal humility" by establishing his church and evangelizing his doctrines above other faiths.  


    Correct.  The correct understanding is understanding Christ's words in Mark 9 & Luke 9 in which he makes clear that while other believers who follow him may not be with the Church and have the Apostles authority, they are also His in the spiritual sense because they seek to follow Christ or his light.  This doesn't mean they have authority of the true church, only that their desires and faith justify them as being of God, even if not of the Church.  Christ made clear that "his spirit" is not only subject to those in the Church, but all men have access to it.  It's not the same as the "Gift" of the spirit, because that is a form of Priesthood as the Saints at Corinth learned when some Apostles had to come and give them the Gift after they were already baptized, those baptizing having not the authority to give the Gift.


    The Samaritan was not "the church" like the Pharisee was, yet Christ made clear who the actual "saint" was by ones heart and actions.

  7. Ya calm that would be good. And nehor careful with saying you don't understand why people believe everything just cuz it's in print. We do have the Book of Mormon Doctrine and covenants and Pearl of Great Price and ensign articles that are in print and we all believe those.


    Ya, but we also have Prophets and Apostles, the Spirit, Common Consent, history, experience, evidences, etc.

    We are not just "believing" what people say that sounds good.  We compare and contrast, see other things, we try to get the best information from the best sources, not just believe.

  8. Hebrew Idiom My Skin Is Black



    Yep...  From the moment I first heard the claims that "The Book of Mormon was Racist" I haven't been able to stop laughing.

    These are clearly people who have zero clue of scriptural symbolism, that is all over the Bible also, many different ways of saying the same exact thing.

    Garmet, covering, skin, whatever symbol is used, all refers to the same thing, ones spirit and countenance.

  9. Here you've made some interesting selections.  A la carte.  The scripture clearly says "buy a sword".  It's meanwhile illogical to force the WoW on people 2,000 years dead. 


    Other things which we obviously need to change according to the New Testament:


    • Paul forbids women speaking in church, which we ignore
    • Paul says its shameful for a man to wear long hair -- go talk to Porter Rockwell about that, I dare ya!

    Just to name two more.  OK, wise guy, what eisegesis do you have to wiggle out of these two?  :D


    Remember, personal opinions of Apostles and Prophets do not always equal the law and truths of God, or meant for His Church and people.

    When we read the Bible, we see all kinds of imperfection with the Prophets and Apostles (well, LDS do, because we read for what things say, not some fantasy of infalibility, false prophet evangelical/protestant mumbo jumbo that would in fact disqualify near every Prophet or Apostle of the Bible they way they believe it).

  10. As someone who was faithfully married, loving, dedicated, etc. truly believe in and strive to follow the Gospel, and then divorced for no just cause, I understand entirely why divorce is considered adultery.


    It goes further than spiritual also, but physical.  The act of intimacy shares bodily fluids, but when children come involved, the blood the baby and mother shared which contains the fathers DNA etc. flows through the mother, but not only that, some remains in the mother forever after the child is born.


    Thus, when God said "one flesh", he was meaning it literally, not just spiritually.

    Those who are more sensitive to the spiritual and physical of family and the eternity's can be greatly effected by the betrayal of a spouse, at least an unjust one, because they know, feel and see the consequences, the spiritual and physical death of God's Glory in man.

  11. Notice the liberal quackery the article writer comes from.


    Utah residents and experts are aware of the paradox, often attributing gun use, low population density and the area's heavy Mormon influence as potential factors. But Renshaw thinks he's identified a more likely cause for the Utah blues: altitude.


    What in the world does "gun use" have to do anything with mental/emotional health?  Nothing.  Other than some can simply end their life easier with a gun.

    That in fact is the ONLY stat that goes down when gun bans are put into place.  People kill themselves a little less when not having a gun.  Otherwise, "death" doesn't go down, because people who still want to kill people do so.

  12. I admit I will not date girls who are seriously overweight. I am in good physical condition for my age and like hiking, running, working out, paddleboarding, riding waves, etc. I also eat reasonably healthy. It is just hard for me to imagine sharing my life with someone who does not care for such things.

    I do find the massively overweight guys in my area who have similar standards hopelessly deluded.


    Date an LDS girl in the Philippines and they don't care if you're overweight.  They are absolutely desperate for a good LDS man.

    Male activity rates there are really bad, so a good husband is hard to find.  Not only that, but there are lot's of younger ones too to choose from, they also often like older men as well.

  13. The thing that troubles me is why would a group of young married people, who are so thoroughly trained from their youth to understand that sexual relations outside of marriage is such a serious transgression, appear to be so enthusiastic about indulging their carnal lusts within marriage covenant? You'd think all that religious training would cause these young people to look upon "human intimacy" with a healthy dose of good old fashioned Victorian revulsion. But rather than exhibit a proper spirit of virtuous reluctance, they seem to revel in the forbidden pleasures of the flesh with a reckless abandon. They ought to be ashamed of themselves! I blame Sigmond Freud for this sorry state of affairs.


    So, pretty much you're saying that anti-mormon conspiracy claims that the Church "oppresses" natural and healthy sexual outlooks and behaviors is false?

    Nothing new there.


    I've never felt "oppressed" by Church standards.  We simply believe in doing it when it's best and right to do it.  We love doing it like anyone else.

  14. It took only two replies for somebody to appeal to the product of the times excuse.


    Should not the true church be ahead of the times and not a product of them?


    Paul thought women should not speak in Church, and it was better to not be married.

    Those views clearly were not Church doctrine at least one then, but especially now.


    Was Paul not a product of his times?  And yet Christ appeared to him when he was Anti-Christ and made him an Apostle.


    Reality and fact are not "excuses"..... It's simply what is.

    The Church is ahead of it's time, but the people in it sometimes aren't.


    However, there are exceptions to this.  God often only reveals truth when man is ready for it.

    So, this implies that the Church also sometimes isn't "ahead of it's time", but waiting for man to catch up, before God has a more perfect way.

    The Gospel itself is a "more perfect way" compared to the "Law".  Clearly, it took man some time to finally be ready to be taught the Gospel Itself.

    But remember also, Mark E. Petersen was not the Church.  It was HIS interpretation of a policy and doctrines.

    Sometimes Apostles can be wrong, such as Paul.

    Thus, you trying to make Mark E. Petersen "The Church" is just misrepresenting things.  No man, including the Prophet is "The Church".


    The Church's policy was clear.  Those of African descent could not have the Priesthood yet, according to a ban in the scriptures the Church believed applied.

    Pre-mortality had nothing to do with it.  Yes, that was a doctrine, but some applying it to the Priesthood was seriously mistaken.

    They were looking for "reasons why", and that was a wrong one.


    Remember however when the ban was removed?  Racism also ended at the same time in any major degree.

    Personally, I don't find that a coincidence.  Man was ready, thus the ban was removed.

  15. Freedom in Pluralistic society is about tolerance of other's differences, it's not about "banning" them.


    There is no "freedom from religion" clause in America's Laws, there is only the Freedom of Religion.

    There is also no such thing as a "speparation of church and state" in American Law or the Constitution.

    In fact, the 1st Amendment specifically allows religion to not be prohibited.  In other words, if a School Band want's to play a religious song, it can.


    So let’s look at the First Amendment. It says:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
    Of course, states and lower can essentially do what they want, but such should still be in the spirit of the law of the land as above.
    One fun fact is that when the above was penned, 1/3 of the states actually had "Official" State Religions.
    Bottom line, the Constitution is just as Pro-Religion as it is Anti-Religion.
    There is no such thing as a separation of Church and State, only the disallowing of the establishing of religion by the state, that others must be compliant to, which pretty much also eliminated the Official state religions.  The People engaging in activities religious or otherwise, no matter if part of a school or otherwise cannot be banned, period.  Community's themselves are to work on what their values and interests are.
  16. Confirmation Bias


    A form of the following question has been raised many times on this board.


    "Why do members of other religions receive spiritual confirmations that their church is the true church?


    Is it because that church already matches what they believe about what the true church should be?


    Are LDS immune from confirmation bias?


    Are critics guilty of confirmation bias?


    Because everyone bases judgments on things according to what they know and the evidences related to it.

    To everything there is a degree of truth and facts, and various degrees of problems, issues, or falsehood.

    There are also various degrees of accuracy in things.  For example, Grace saves, that is true, but is it the whole and best truth, no.


    Confirmation bias really only exists with certain peoples, groups, etc. generally within whatever group.

    It is not the great mystery that answers it all.

    I have found, that the more "closed" people are to other things and ideas, how they are judgmental of them before they really even know them, but may also only know them from a particular perspective, are people that have a strong confirmation bias.

    Anti-mormons are especially strong in confirmation bias because they already know the church is false, and they engage in efforts or otherwise trying to further show how that is, so they only see whatever is seemingly negative or thing they can misrepresent that supports that bias.


    While a Mormon "could" engage in confirmation bias, and I'm sure some exist, the Mormon is generally more concerned with absolute truth and right, not on confirming the church true, contrary to anti-mormon beliefs in this.  Mormons are generally mormon because they are highly open to ideas and seeking and knowing what's actually true, not what people say is true.

    While many mormons might believe strongly or know the church is true, they love the truth and learning, having no hate for things outside of them (save bad things), nor are they afraid of accepting and understanding those things.  The Glory of God is Intelligence, or in other words Light and Truth.  Seek truth out of the best books.  Seek and know truth from whereever it comes.  These are ideas of a people that simply do not and cannot engage in confirmation bias, but a people who are open to truth period, not settling on one way in looking at things, but finding the only true and ultimate way at looking at things.  Those who have hate toward a subject, such as anti-mormons have a very strong capability of confirmation bias, because their cup is already full.  The mormon accepts truth from where-ever it comes.

  17. In the cases of Josh Duggar, Jared Fogle, and Bill Cosby, I felt some degree of shock and then sadness.

    It reminded me of Alma 39:11, where Alma was speaking to his son Corianton.

    The results are the same - not only does it do damage to the people direclty involved, but those that surround them, and even for the cause they represent by association.


    The verdict is still out for me when it concerns Cosby.

    There's no question in his younger days he liked to party, and me knowing people who party, they use drugs, alcohol, and sex all together.

    Thus, all these women claiming he drugged and then rapped them is highly suspicious to me.  It seemed like a liberal witch hunt at first, and then others jumped on the band wagon for their guilt in being who they were and hoping for some payday in either money or career hopes.  Liberal women clearly have no problem claiming false rape, be it Duke, that liberal author that claimed a conservative raped her, whatever.


    I've always questioned for example the claims of "intimacy" by some of Joseph's "wives" in the court case.  Yet, we for some reason don't have really anything else, even from those same women.  Where are the in depth interviews?  Where are the story's, the testimonies, the witnesses?

  18. It proves that some Mormons choose to do "bad" things.


    Or it could also show other things.

    For example, 60% of the State isn't LDS in any meaningful way, and since porn and vice is harder to get, the best way to get it is online.

    Further, Utah has more computers in homes 94%.

    Medical professionals are well known to subscribe anti-depressants for ANYTHING being reported as problems, I know because they've tried to do it twice to me, once in college, once in real life.

    And since Mormons tend to actually try to deal with their problems rather than self-medicate, it only makes sense that the rates would be higher for anti-depressants.  Further, again, 60% of the state isn't mormon, and they most certainly have problems also.  In fact, I've seen not being mormon, people tend to want to do all the bad and self destructive things they desire to do.  So, certainly that can increase the rates for various "bad" things.

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