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  1. Your argument here is that the Pope has "a deep affinity for socialism and various radical causes" because the left likes him. That's VERY weak. Richard Nixon visited China and met with Chairman Mao. Certainly Nixon isn't a communist because of it. No worries, you're not offending me. I do think however that it is a gross mischaracterization to say that Francis has a "deep affinity for socialism and various radical causes." The evidence you've offered doesn't even come close to supporting that. Certainly, Francis is more liberal than previous pontiffs, but that's different from being a socialist or being radical. God bless you, too!
  2. I love that he discovered Dylan and Aquinas at the same time, ha. I also dig that he's got the Bard on the wall behind him.
  3. ETA: I was mistaken, so ignore what I wrote below: It should be stated clearly that Pope Francis is not behind this website or the Laudato Si movement. He issued an encyclical in 2015 (so not really new) called "Laudato Si" that dealt with environmental issues. You can read it here: "Laudato Si" This movement/organization is based on that encyclical, but is not under the auspices of the Pope. Instead, it is run by the Francis of Assisi Academy for the Protection of the Earth. I just want to make sure there is no misunderstanding about the website and movement.
  4. CFR, especially on "deep affinity" and "radical." The reference needs to be from Pope Francis, not a right-wing biased news source "analysis."
  5. As you can see, I'm in full Deadhead mode. I'm just so excited to finally go see shows again. I'll now stop the derail and we can return to Covid
  6. Allow a fellow deadhead to help you relive that Eugene show. So after poking around Deadbase, I see that "Rain" was first performed in '92. The only Eugene show with it is 6/17/94. It's the second set opener (with an unusual Rain > Eyes). You can listen to it (and the whole show) here: https://archive.org/details/gd1994-06-17.neumann.unknown.larson.28898.shnf/gd94-06-17d2t01.shn The song starts at the 3 minute mark. It seems like the band was trying to figure out what to play. At the 2:10 minute mark Phil says something like, "we're working on it, we're a democratic band" ha. ETA: if you want to read people's memories of the show, you can go here: https://www.dead.net/show/june-17-1994 Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here's a photo from the show: And from the other side: We're an interesting crew for sure! Maybe we're the Deadheads who confused LSD and LDS...
  7. I got a hair cut today. I walked into the barber shop with my mask on but when I saw the two barbers and two clients not wearing masks, I asked if it was ok to go maskless because we were vaccinated. My barber said yes. It was my first experience being in public indoor maskless. It felt... great. I'm so glad our state (NM) follows the science through all of this. When the science said wear masks, we had a mask mandate. When it said get vaccinated, we had a huge vaccine push (we're currently at something like 52% fully vaccinated and are expected to cross 60% at the end of June). And now that the science says masks aren't needed for the vaccinated, we don't have to wear them. Combine my barber shop experience with buying tickets for live music yesterday (3 nights of Grateful Dead at the Hollywood Bowl in October) and I definitely feel hope and joy that we've turned the corner on this thing in the US.
  8. The definition doesn't say all people are united as Christians. It says that all Christian Churches are united. All members of Christian Churches are already Christians, so becoming Christian isn't the goal of ecumenism. Its goal is to unite by erasing distinctions between the Christian Churches. As 3DOP pointed out, how do you unite LDS with protestants? It's impossible, unless one group (or both) relinquishes one or more of its distinct claims. How would Catholics and LDS unite when we both lay claim to an exclusive priesthood? Either Catholics have it or LDS have it -- we both don't. A claim that we both have it or that an exclusive priesthood is not necessary would require both of us to relinquish our distinct claims.
  9. You keep asking this over and over. You are a former LDS, right? You know why LDS believe what they believe. It seems odd to me that you don't "get" the answers people are giving you. I'm not LDS and I get them. Here's my attempt to answer you. LDS believe that homosexual sex is a sin because they believe that God says it's a sin. They believe this because their prophets have said that God says it's a sin. They believe their prophets because they have had spiritual and intellectual experiences that have led to and sustain that belief. You dismiss all of that by saying they just believe it is a sin because "some people said it is." That is very condescending, which is probably one reason why Calm has called you arrogant. It's not just "some people," it's God, and by definition God knows better than we do and knows what is sin and is not. Now, obviously, you don't believe in that God, but LDS do, and that's what it comes down to -- their faith, buoyed by their experiences, that their prophets speak God's truth. Again, it feels very strange for me to have to explain this to you, since you were LDS, but hey, maybe a non-LDS needed to chime in. And of course, LDS friends, if I got this wrong, please fix it.
  10. For what it's worth, I'm not trying to get you banned. I don't report you. You're just not very good at hiding yourself, ha.
  11. Welcome back, Ahab! We'd missed you since your last account went silent
  12. I tend to not follow too much of this. The Catholic Church is huge and there is always something heretical or schismatic going on somewhere. Having said that, though, the German Church has tended to push the envelope on things since Vatican II, so this doesn't surprise me. I don't know if it portends a schism. That would be huge. But then again, many Germans broke away 500 years ago, too...
  13. Hey! You're right, I should have left out the mention of his politics. However, his politics appear all over his website, so he definitely blends them with his religious comments. The comment sections of his articles can be quite like cess-pools, too. God bless you, too! Warlike fist pump right back at you.
  14. From the first story about the cantor: Those are kind words and I am glad that he is finding greater faith at Mass. I like how he pointed out that all of the senses are used to center your experience on Christ. To use some Platonic thinking (go away, Mark ), the good, the true, and the beautiful all lead us to God. It's one reason I attend traditional Latin Mass -- the beautiful is focused on, not forgotten (or even worse, despised) as too often happens with the new Mass. I imagine LDS have similar experiences with beauty inside the temple. Is there music as part of the temple ceremonies? If so, is it like sacrament meeting music? I imagine you probably don't use incense...
  15. The white shirts, ties, and bicycle helmets will never defeat us! Especially since 34 new recruits just swore their oaths a few days ago:
  16. It is a Catholic organization with ties to traditionalism and with far right leaning political views that tends to eschew politeness. I wouldn't associate myself with them. The name is actually taken from Catholic ecclesiology. The Church Militant are Christians living, the Church Triumphant are Christians in heaven, and the Church Penitent are Christians in purgatory. I don't have time to respond more to the OP, but I'll be back
  17. I first got on the internet in 1989 as a 13 year old playing an LPMUD in my town's university computer labs. Ah, the good ol' days of text-based multi-user fantasy role playing games. It definitely was not defense-specific, ha. Anyone play muds back in the day? As a junior in high school I started my own (called Styx) that had a nearly 20 year run before it shut down.
  18. Sorry, I was trying to make a joke that a Catholic priest quoting Luther needs to be examined by a Papal inquisitor like Gui.
  19. Now if we can somehow get them to also produce the vaccine in their stingers, we've got a win-win situation.
  20. The Catholic parish I attend is in El Paso, TX. It's just across the border from where I live, but it's the nearest parish to offer the traditional Latin mass. We are at 50% capacity, which is about 150 people. Three masses are offered each Sunday, so the entire parish is easily served. Confession was moved from the confessional into a more open setting (poor Father sitting in the confessional while scores of people breathe into it wasn't very safe). I'd say about half wear masks. The schola chants and the choir sings and God is worshipped.
  21. @Bernard Gui, it appears a certain priest is in need of your particular type of assistance...
  22. Tolkien explicitly said that The Lord of the Rings was a Catholic book. Check this out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christianity_in_Middle-earth
  23. Since I've pontificated (hey, I'm Catholic, I have official permission to pontificate ) on LDS vs. Catholic revelation before, I'll add my thoughts. I think the issue is that the word "revelation" has some pretty heavy connotations: visions, speaking to Jesus face-to-face, etc. Perhaps the word "inspiration" should be used more often? When I pray and am answered, I call it inspiration. God has inspired me to do or not do something that I have asked about. I wouldn't call this a revelation because of the big connotations of that word. Would both sides of this debate be comfortable using the word inspiration to describe decisions that appear administrative rather than doctrinal? Is there a difference between inspiration and revelation?
  24. I like to point this out whenever I can. Catholics have "modern-day revelation" too, we just use different terms.
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