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  1. Maybe they could get Dr. Stella Immanuel to testify as an expert witness..?
  2. Thank you. My Tolkien hackles went up because of the misrepresentation, so I'm glad you cleared things up. Part of the problem is that most people know the movies instead of the books, or people read the books after they saw the movies and therefore brought their ideas from the movies to their understanding of the books. ETA: instead of "books" I should say novel, with 3 parts/volumes and 6 books. As long as we're being pedantic...
  3. We Catholics have weathered iconoclasms before. The Barque of Peter shall sail on, even with some paint splattered on it. I do really worry about the Jews, though. Vandalism of Jewish buildings has a long and dirty history of preceding violence on Jewish persons. If my church were vandalized, I would be upset but not feel personally threatened. It is very different for Jews. I am glad the ADL tracks these things.
  4. When LDS use the term "anti-Mormon" among themselves, is it ever not pejorative? It appears to be pejorative. While I obviously disagree with some LDS doctrines and practices, I wouldn't consider myself to be anti-Mormon. I'm one of your "woke" allies However, I have no problems expressing my disagreements if the situation were appropriate, such as someone asking questions. I also might try to dissuade someone from becoming LDS. I don't think that's an unreasonable position for a religious person to have. If a Catholic friend said they were thinking about talking to the LDS missionaries, I don't think it would be "anti" of me to point out things I disagree with. Likewise, I wouldn't consider it anti-Catholic if an LDS person aired his/her disagreements about Catholicism to an LDS person wanting to explore becoming Catholic. Maybe civility and respect is the key here. I would express my disagreements with civility and respect to your beliefs, so perhaps that's why I don't consider myself anti. If an LDS person said, "don't join the Catholics because that is the church of the devil led by Satan himself, the harlot of Babylon!" (I'm looking at you RevTestament, ha) I might consider that to be anti-Catholic. But if this person said, "let's talk about apostasy and priesthood authority as reasons why you shouldn't join the Catholic Church" I think that's perfectly reasonable and civil. I do remember when I first started visiting this board that there were a lot more non-LDS people who would attack LDS beliefs. It's been awhile since that's happened. It was interesting at first, but ultimately turned out to be banal. It was funny when some new critic would show up guns blazing and everyone would just kinda roll their eyes. Now the criticisms mainly come from current or former members. If you all want, I could take up the role of traditional anti-Mormon for a couple of weeks if it would make things a little more exciting for all you brainwashed cult members
  5. One of the doctors in that video, Stella Immanuel, believes this: I don't think I'd take a doctor seriously about much of anything medically who believes that ovarian cysts are caused by sperm ("evil deposits") from demons who you have sex with in your dreams...
  6. Here's the local article about the protest and the presence of the Boogaloos. https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/2020/06/02/hundreds-gather-peaceful-vigil-las-cruces-honor-george-floyd/5314449002/ Scroll down a bit and you'll find the section on them. Here's a picture from the article: From wikipedia:
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