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  1. Novices in receiving revelation need teachers and those who can guide them. Everyone struggles and sometimes need to rely to a degree on the light of others and having someone you can rely on in those moments is a huge boon. Organizationally we need someone to receive revelation for the organization.
  2. I think you overestimate the faithfulness of the early saints, speaking generally and not specifically.
  3. Sections 15 and 16 are almost identical. Why do we need both?
  4. I would have no problem with them publishing them if they chose but I would not want them canonizing them. I think the early church may have gone too far in canonizing a few (not all or even most) of the revelations in the D&C now.
  5. Read those added sections before you think it is a good idea.
  6. I don’t think I would ever take a professional contract to work for the church even in my own field. Too many horror stories from people who have.
  7. Yeah, I read the letter yesterday. I thought we would make the pilot but it was all nearby stakes.
  8. I am not morally opposed to capital punishment or killing in war or in self defense or even in vengeance in some cases. I just hope I never have to make that call but there are things I believe I could kill for.
  9. While I agree mostly ethics are also pretty fixed. It is just interpretations of them and how to deal with clashing ethics that causes problems. Most cultures and times had their pet virtues they elevated to excess and others they moved to the back burner. There is no new ethical imperative we will suddenly decide is better unless that imperative is a reworking of how our general ethics should be applied. Everyone agrees killing is wrong but cultures have other ethics that supersede it in certain cases like justice or survival or some future good or loyalty to the tribe or state or family.
  10. I do not doubt it. I have watched my nieces and nephews and am glad that my siblings and their spouses limit screen time. One family are outdoor adventurers and ironically get tons of free stuff due to sister in law’s Instagram account and her tons of followers because her family is very photogenic (the best looking of my brothers by far and the kids take after both of them in being very good looking). Another brother’s family is more into reading and museums and things like that though they also love to swim. I felt a little bad when I was babysitting my 9 month old niece. Normally I am good with kids and I was trying to get her to go to bed. I could distract her with taking her outside to the ocean but the second we went back into the bedroom she got angry. I tried music from her favorite playlist my brother made but no luck. Finally I started showing videos of herself on my phone and she was enthralled and laughed endlessly. Then nodded off. Ironically I am probably more screen addicted then the younger members of my extended family. I watched way too much TV and played way too many video games as a kid and even into my twenties I had a hard time focusing on anything if there was a TV on in the room (problem on my mission). Not sure if that caused my ADHD or if it was a structural coping mechanism for it. Now I have a TV but I refuse to use it for anything except streaming to avoid channel surfing waste and only play games in small doses. It is both amusing and horrifying to watch kids that can not even talk navigate YouTube or Netflix on a phone. Parents who just leave the child with a screen for hours on hours are probably doing a huge disservice. I do find that kids, even the ones who spend too much time in front of a screen, still prefer real experiences over fake ones. The taste of reality is better. When I had two of my nieces over I had a hard time enticing them away from Netflix until I offered to let them play with my sugar gliders and then they were throwing the tablets to the side. I mean no offense to your teaching profession but I can see why the kids would prefer screen time to school. I read novels through most of my school career to alleviate the boredom of the classroom. While I appreciate time on a phone is not as healthy as classtime I sometimes wonder if the fun disruptive kids or the ones who daydream or look out the window watching birds are not the saner children then the ones who can sit still and pay rapt attention. I do hope developments in VR will alter the way we use technology to make it more integrated into reality so they complement each other but it could easily make things worse.
  11. They are doing genetic research but most of it is aimed at fetuses that are already genetically viable. That Chinese Doctor was an unethical quack. He lied to set up the study, submitted false test results to hide what he was doing, lied about his research, and is basically a gloryhound. There is also a strong suspicion that the concocted HIV immunity was not the real reason. A similar gene alteration in mice improved cognition. Genetic research is important and should be studied and we might one day have the ability to improve human disease resistance and maybe even create stronger, faster, smarter, happier humans. Genetic manipulation still suffers from the tarnished image of the Nazi’s idiotic attempt at a eugenics program and others like it but enhancement is dangerous. I suspect the danger is less from things like Khan from Star Trek, the creations in Blade Runner, or the enhanced humans of Gattaca. It is more likely to create humans that are meant to be superhuman but are instead flawed. Not in an arch villain way but in a “these superhumans suffer” kind of way. Humans have almost the same genetic structure already and genotype differences are limited. Phenotype (environment) influences our differences as well and I suspect way beyond genotype. I also suspect that a Spirit is more powerful then both but I do not suspect most to take that idea seriously.
  12. Makes the Snuffer revelations look good by comparison even though his are riddled with errors and pablum. God gives a psychological assessment of Jesus: As between one another, you choose to not dispute. When the definition was given, it was accompanied by the realization the Lord could have disputed every day of His life with someone. He deliberately chose to not contend. He was not an argumentative personality. Seminary folklore as proverbs from Snuffer: Life is an open book test. We only need to realize the test is underway to be able to pass it. Things which seem perfectly normal here in mortality are completely mad when viewed from eternity. Had the rich man a broader view of things, he would have treated his beggar Lazarus more kindly. By the time his omission became clear to him, it was too late to repair. Snuffer imagines he is Paul and Nephi: I knew a man in Christ about four years ago who, being overshadowed by the spirit on the 26th of February, 2005, had the Lord appear to him again. And the Lord spoke to him face to face in plain humility, as one man speaks to another, calling him by name. As they spoke the Lord put forth His hand and touched the eyes of the man and said, Look! The man had opened before him a view of the Lord kneeling in prayer. It was in a dark place. The air was heavy and overcast with sorrow. The man beheld the Lord praying in Gethsemene on the night of His betrayal and before His crucifixion. (It continues teaching the LDS church’s conception of Gethsemane that could have been pulled from a General Conference talk with a silly addition about how Jesus kept thinking it was over and it was not. He also explains that the Resurrected Lord was embraced by Mary and it was not “touch me not” but “hold me not”. Looks like someone went to a New Testament Institute class.) Some ostentatious humility and a bad attempt to be Abram or Saul: On the 10th day of September, 2011 the word of the Lord said to me, You shall no longer be called Denver, but your name shall be called David. I was startled to hear this, and it troubled me. I regarded David as an adulterer and a murderer, who killed Uriah to hide his adultery. In response to Nathan’s parable of the rich man who took the poor man’s lamb in 2 Samuel 4:12, David condemned himself to die for his sin. If David considered himself worthy to die, then should I not also condemn David? The more I reflected on this, the more troubled I became. I asked God to give to me another name, not the unwanted David. For a day and a half my distress grew, and I prayed repeatedly to have the name changed. I feared it memorialized and perhaps also foreshadowed failure and rebellion. I did not want to have the Lord view me as either rebellious or a failure. I thought the name was detestable, the name of a bloody man who was unfit to build the Lord’s house, whose family was torn apart by infighting. After a day and a half of prayer asking to change the name, the Lord answered in a perfectly mild voice saying, I thought it no great insult to be called the Son of David. His gentle response cut my heart and made me ashamed. I learned David means: Beloved of God. This made me all the more embarrassed at how meanly I had reacted and spoken to the Lord about His gift to me. Instead of thinking it an unworthy name, I concluded I was unworthy of His gift. I asked Him to forgive me and he frankly did so. I am an ignorant and prideful man. I expected to keep this private, and after doing so for six years, I have been commanded to make this known. (What a missed opportunity. I would have claimed that I was the replacement David from the Doctrine and Covenants. I find it hard to believe he is crafty enough to use subtlety to hint at that so I think he just forgot.) The Romans were right. God has a three headed dog guarding the paths the dead walk. The charitable secret to getting into heaven is that you should, like the Priest and the Levite, wait for someone else to be beaten and devoured by the monster first and then go in: I saw a great mountain, and upon the top thereof was the glory of the fathers. To reach the top, all were required to enter through a narrow pass. In the pass was a great beast, cruel and pitiless. The Lord brought people whom he had chosen to the mouth of the pass, and there he told them to wait for him, and he went away. The people did not wait for Him, but began to move forward into the narrow pass. The beast killed some and injured others, and none were able to pass through. After great losses, many deaths, and terrible suffering, the people chosen by the Lord withdrew and departed from the mountain. After four and five generations, the Lord again brought some few back to the pass and again told them to stay at the mouth of the pass and wait on Him. But again there were those who tired of waiting, for they could see in the distance the glory of the Fathers and they desired to be there. These, being overtaken by their zeal, did not wait, but moved into the pass where again the beast killed or hurt them. Among those who waited, however, was a man who knelt and prayed, and waited patiently for his Lord. After a great time, the Lord came to this man and took him by the hand and led him into the pass where the great beast guarded the way. As the Lord led, however, the beast was ever occupied with attacking others, and therefore its back was turned to the Lord and the man. And so they passed by unnoticed, safely to the top. The Lord sent the man to the Fathers who, when they saw the man, inquired of him, How came you to be here and yet mortal; the last who came here were brothers who had been slain, and you are yet alive? And the man answered, I waited on the Lord and he brought me here safely. It is amazing how Snuffer has to be awakened by revelation to get stuff you can find commonly in books but is presented as if it is an amazing discovery to Snuffer: Last night I was awakened by this: Did not Ishmael and Isaac mourn together and bury their father Abraham? Was not their father’s blood precious unto them both? Does not the blood of Abraham run in both Isaac and Ishmael? Does not the blood of Abraham run in both Esau and Jacob? Let Ishmael today find the blood of his father, Abraham, precious still. Let Isaac likewise today find the blood of his father, Abraham, precious again. For Abraham’s sake, let all the brothers who descend from Abraham now mourn when Abraham’s blood is spilled by any of his descendants. If Abraham’s sons do not find his blood to be precious still, there remains nothing between them but the shedding of Abraham’s blood. For all his sons who fail to find Abraham’s blood to be precious will be held to account by God, who will judge between the sons of Isaac and the sons of Ishmael, the sons of Esau and the sons of Jacob, for father Abraham’s sake, with whom God covenanted. The sons of Abraham will not be permitted to continue this disregard of their common father’s blood without provoking God, who will soon judge between Abraham’s sons. Snuffer reacts to his excommunication by channeling Joseph Smith channeling God and suggesting that he authored the idea that God would use small things to confound the wise and that those who reject his plagiarism find him foolish. I also like how the “Lord” decided to deny the Church the claim to be led by the Priesthood yet they continue to claim it. One would think they would melt or get struck down or something. Seriously, Snuffer, you are a lawyer. Be more specific: On the evening of May 1, 2014, the Lord gave me further light and knowledge about His work in His vineyard. The Lord is in control over the church, men, and all things. When he undertakes to accomplish something, there is nothing that the Lord God shall take in His heart to do, but what he will do it. (Abr. 5:4) Often the means used by the Lord to accomplish His strange act, and to perform His strange work (T&C 102:20), are very small indeed. Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold, I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise. And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls. (Alma 17:8) The LDS Church has Doctrine and Covenants 121, verses 36 to 40 (T&C 139:5) to warn it about abusing His authority. There is an “amen” or end to authority when control, compulsion, and dominion are exercised in any degree of unrighteousness. Therefore, when using authority, great care must be taken. In any case, the Church was careless. Therefore, those involved are now left to kick against the pricks, to persecute the Saints, and to fight against God. D&C Section 121 (T&C 139) is a warning to church leaders. It is addressing the powerful, not the powerless. It is addressing those who occupy the seats of authority over others. Only those who claim the right to control, compel, and exercise dominion, are warned against persecuting the saints who believe the religion and practice it as I did from the time of my conversion. My excommunication was an abuse of authority. Therefore, as soon as the decision was made, the Lord terminated the priesthood authority of the Stake Presidency and every member of the High Council who sustained this decision, which was unanimous. Thereafter, I appealed to the First Presidency, outlining the involvement of the Twelve and the Seventy. The appeal gave notice to them all. The appeal was summarily denied. Last general conference [April 5, 2014] the entire First Presidency, the Twelve, the Seventy, and all other general authorities and auxiliaries voted to sustain those who abused their authority in casting me out of the Church. At that moment, the Lord ended all claims of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to claim it is led by the priesthood. They have not practiced what he requires. The Lord has brought about His purposes. This has been in His heart all along. He has chosen to use small means to accomplish it, but he always uses the smallest of means to fulfill His purposes. None of this was my doing. The Lord’s strange act was not, could not, be planned by me; was not, could not, have been controlled by me. It was not anticipated by me, or even understood by me, until after the Lord had accomplished His will, and made it apparent to me on the evening of May 1, 2014. He alone has done this. He is the author of all of this. His organization rejected D&C 138 so he had to channel Joseph F. Smith a bit: It has puzzled me how the Lord could go to visit the dead, the dead could greet the Son of God in the spirit world where He declared their redemption from the bands of death. Their sleeping dust was to be restored unto its perfect frame, bone to his bone, and the sinews and the flesh upon them, the spirit and the body to be united never again to be divided, that they might receive a fullness of joy on the one hand, but Christ did not go to preach to the wicked. Instead, from among the righteous he organized his forces and appointed messengers clothed with power and authority and commissioned them to go forth. Therefore, the very same spirits who rejoice at the deliverance from the grave were left in the grave and it was by them was the Gospel preached to those who had died. I had wondered how they could be raised from the dead and yet remain to preach to the dead. After inquiring about this matter diligently, I have learned that when the Lord declared the resurrection, He did not resurrect them. He assured them it would come, but comparatively few were resurrected with the Lord at the time he came forth from the grave. This then puzzled me to know who then was taken from the grave, as recorded in Matthew 12:30: Many of the bodies of the saints which slept, arose, and prophesied by Samuel and confirmed by Christ (3 Nephi 10:5), who arose that were called “many Saints” by both the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. I was shown that the spirits that rose were limited to a direct line back to Adam, requiring the hearts of the Fathers and the hearts of the children to be bound together by sealing, confirmed by covenant and the Holy Spirit of Promise. This is the reason that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have entered into their exaltation according to the promises, and sit upon thrones, and are not angels, but are gods. (A direct line from whom to Adam? Christ? Makes some sense but who did those in the New World see? Their lineage does not go there since at least Noah.) And after undoing the revelation on plural marriage but stealing a lot from it God declares monogamy as the eternal law and lays out who now dwells in exaltation: And again I say to you, Abraham and Sarah sit upon a Throne, for he could not be there if not for Sarah’s covenant with him; Isaac and Rebecca sit upon a Throne, and Isaac likewise could not be there if not for Rebecca’s covenant with him; and Jacob and Rachel sit upon a Throne, and Jacob could not be there if not for Rachel’s covenant with him; and all these have ascended above Dominions and Principalities and Powers, to abide in my Kingdom. (Sounds very equal and a nice copy of what General Authorities say now that you cannot enter exaltation without your spouse so respect him/her. Of course he trims it down to one spouse each. Meanwhile Hagar, Keturah, Leah, Bilhah, and Zilpah are presumably all roasting in hell for eternity for having the temerity of not being the favorite wife.) Give Priesthood to women? Nah, but how to appear open minded? Got it: I asked the Lord that priesthood get extended beyond the confines of the men who have continually abused and neglected it. I was told that priesthood is confined to men because of the Fall and the conditions ordained by God at that time. Until we reverse things in the Millennium, that is the way it is going to remain, as to the ordinances thus far given in public. I asked the Lord to change that order. It is not going to change. I then asked the Lord that if only men were to hold priesthood for our public ordinances, then could only women vote to sustain them. The saying pleased the Lord, for it was already in His heart. But He said to me, There shall be a minimum of seven women to sustain the man in any vote, and if the man is married, his wife shall be one of them. (God says sorry, but I decreed it and can’t change it. Would if I could but what can you do? It is not like I am omnipotent or anything. Here, have the right to vote and we will call it even.) Sorry, I had way too much fun with this......
  13. Agreed that there is a difference but it is one of degree. Killing someone is more vile then not caring if another lives or dies. Compare the amount of research thrown towards cancer, HIV, diabetes, and other things that kill to how much is put on preventing miscarriages. If all life is equal then miscarriages are a greater killer then all of them. The disproportionate funding shows we do not treat these miscarriages as people or we would be intently seeking solutions.
  14. Which is neither corporal nor financial punishment. In fact from a secular point of view he is forbidden from paying tithing so it could be seen as a financial boon. As to your “what more abusive form of compulsion could there be” please use some imagination. The threat of death, rape, beatings, imprisonment, slavery, and torture are all much more abusive means of attempting to compel obedience. Denver Snuffer was not excommunicated to force obedience; he was excommunicated for his hypocrisy. He wanted to claim membership while flagrantly violating what that designation means. He excommunicated himself with his actions. The church just ratified his choice. As to it being compulsion the Church did no such thing. They gave him a choice. He has every right to claim revelation and lead people to hell. The Church is just not under any obligation to pretend he is a member in good standing while he does so. Ultimatums are also not always abusive.
  15. Some of my stuff is based more on hunches and trickles of what I think is inspiration. I just try to make sure they never become “the gospel” to me.
  16. I like the extensive access to information though many have developed a taste for the more voluminous false information we have made it easier to communicate. I suspect it is the communities that are used to replace real human connections that hurt the most, especially with how toxic anonymity encourages people to be. I know of two teens right now that would probably be well adjusted if their idiot mother did not let them spend all their non-school hours basking in toxic internet communities.
  17. I am not talking exclusively or even mostly about later miscarriages. I am talking about those the mother does not even notice. The reality is in those cases we do not care. We do not notice. You state as well that there is nothing we can do. That is true of most diseases and physical and mental afflictions until we hunker down and spend time and money to figure it out. Little to nothing is being done to find ways to prevent miscarriages, especially the ones no one notices. If we are consistent that those are life we are very blasé. And yes, mothers who have miscarriages can be traumatized by it. Sometimes fathers and others as well but even then very few treat it the way they would if a born child had died. And again, if the mother does not even notice the miscarriage we care nothing at all. If those are lives why are we not screening for them? Studying why they are unviable and devoting massive resources to finding ways to prevent this holocaust? Because we do not care that much. This uncaring attitude is true in a lot of arenas in life. Everyone says they support special education for children, resources for the orphans and the mentally disabled and the like but their words are hollow. When you see the struggle to find a bed for a suicidal teen to sleep in for a night or to pay for basic medical care to diagnose a disturbed child in great pain you realize how little anyone cares where the rubber meets the road. When is the last time a politician campaigned on spending money in these arenas? I find abortion detestable but we are not consistent if we insist life and personhood begins at conception and then act like that fact only matters when a mother intervenes to end a pregnancy. I support legalizing abortion because I do not trust government to regulate it and developing a society where life is venerated to the point that abortion is only a last-case decisions for the traumatized or physically threatened. Then I want that principle carried through and life mattering after it is born as well. As it stands the political abortion debate appears to me to be a bunch of virtue signaling douchebaggery on both sides.
  18. The idea that consequences and compulsion are the same thing is a satanic lie.
  19. 1) Probably not on this one. I don’t know enough to elucidate it well. It is just a suspicion that is based on other heresies I also suspect are true. My “take” on the Plan of Salvation does not match the church’s generally acceptable cultural narrative. I do not believe my version contradicts scripture or most of what has been said by Church authorities but it would be odd to most LDS ears. It does explain some oddities in the temple endowment presentation and begins to explain what Brigham Young may have trying to teach with what has become know as the Adam God theory. I do agree with Elder McConkie and others that the interpretation many gave to Brigham’s words is dead wrong but my understanding puts Michael in a much more prominent light and Eve even more so. 2) It was given before missionaries and I cannot go into much detail without relying on fallible memory. There is a reason we are asked not to share too much from such talks which is why I hesitate to even give the name of the apostle. He was teaching many things (he took almost four hours) focusing on the nature of callings and mantles and how to invite the Holy Ghost and also obliquely taught us about Calling and Election, Sanctification, and the Second Comforter and testified of the latter to those who could understand what he was saying.
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