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  1. And don't forget it was a precautionary landing. This simply wasn't an emergency
  2. The most rational logical answer is the one that requires the least conjecture and allowances. If the flight happened as Rusty insinuates, there would be reports available to the public for multiple reasons. Also the chance there is a flight the day earlier matching the essential flight path details that had issues and chose to land would be extremely odd. These two facts along with the other data make it the most rational answer is that Rusty deeply embellished his story. Sadly along with the other stories which also are seemingly embellished significantly, it appears Rusty has a propensity for deceiving his audience. I'm curious exactly what his role was on the medical machine. Rumor is that he was a grad student assistant in charge of sanitizing the machine to prevent infection and he created nothing new. Remember Prophets don't lie according to Nelson himself. Hence by his own standard, he isn't a prophet.
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