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  1. Thanks pogi, I probably didn't do a good job articulating my thought- which is that under stress people do what they have rehearsed and trained. (If it's the 21 foot rule or what ever else). I think we'd all be in favor of what ever is most effective.
  2. Re: knife wielding and police use of proportional force. Some food for thought: From a martial arts instructor I used to train with (hopefully this video is visible to the public??): facebook.com/belton.lubas/videos/10224257060803714 The 21 foot rule that police are trained to be aware of: Also: Look up Officer Tatum's breakdown of the Philadelphia police shooting on youtube. (it does include footage of the shooting so I'm not linking to it directly). Officer Tatum is was a police officer and does a great explanation of why they are trained to shoot for cen
  3. Seems like Discord would be a good format for this message board, if you wanted to incorporate video chats.
  4. Seems a bit sad that not hearing from your leadership has "been great". Seems like Church involvement should be an energizing, voluntarily, positive experience. If not then maybe we need to change the way we're approaching it? This point in history might be presenting us with such an opportunity. It could be an excuse to get lazy and coast. Maybe it exposes our disinterest?. For those who wish to maximize their engagement with their Church family, maybe it's a chance to explore how to be most effective and efficient and rethink past assumptions? It sounds like the remote leadership/pla
  5. Hi all, I mostly lurk and read what more learned people have to say. I'd love to know what you all think about this: For close to 6 months now the entire Church population (at least in the USA) has effectively been 'inactive'. I know I know, home-centered worship and all that. It's great! Which actually is part of what I'm wondering. The few people with kids, that I've talked to about 'home church' have mostly had positive experiences. My brother, who's a bishop, has enjoyed the extra time at home and the convenience of meeting remotely, for example. I've found it similarly pleasant. My f
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