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  1. I'm sure that no non-LDS archaeologist claims that the BoM is based on historical Nephites/Lamanites, and I'm sure that they don't think there is overwhelming evidence that the BoM is historical, but I don't believe it's accurate to say that all non-LDS archaeologists would claim there is no evidence (your "any evidence") for it.


    Good to see you. I'm not sure if you are aware but the D-News has removed almost all of the comments from your articles in the archive. It's too bad, I thought your articles were a breath of fresh air and most of the comments to them were pretty thought provoking and compelling. Nice to see you here.

  2. http://en.fairmormon...assacre/Summary

    It's been awhile since I read the Turley book(or rather the parts of their book I could handle) so i am unclear on the details of what triggered the fear and anger present in the community. If you want the best and most accurate examination into the motivations of the murderers you should read that book. I am afraid my memory is quite porous and overly flexible these days so I can't remember which claims of atrocities were actually present in the community at that time and which were retroactively imposed upon them to explain or justify their actions.

    The ensign had a good summary article when the book was published, if you can't find that on your own, let me know and after I've digested my food, I'll find it for you.

    Thank you very much, Sister.

  3. http://www.encyclope...spx?entryID=129

    Let me know if you need more.

    If you have more sources I would greatly appreciate it. Your cited source only talks about some possible hostility the Saints may have had towards Arkansas, because of PPP' murder, not that there were any of PPP's murderes in the wagon train.

    From your CFR:

    Another reason the Mormons may have resented the Fancher party was that it had its roots in Arkansas. Shortly after the wagon train left Beller’s Stand, Parley P. Pratt, a beloved Mormon leader and one of their twelve apostles, was murdered in another part of the state. Several years before, Pratt had converted a woman named Eleanor McLean to the Church. When she left her husband to join the Mormons in Utah, her husband, Hector McLean, began to harass Pratt as he went about his missionary work. Pratt was in New York preaching and Eleanor in New Orleans visiting family. The two decided to meet in May at Fort Smith (Sebastian County) and travel back to Utah together. Hector McLean heard of their intended rendezvous and beat them to Arkansas, where he filed charges against them and got warrants for their arrests. When Pratt and Eleanor McLean arrived, they were arrested and put on trial, but on May 13, 1857, the judge quickly dismissed the cases. Realizing that Hector McLean had stirred up a large crowd against the couple, the judge allowed Pratt to escape out the back door of the courthouse. The mob chased Pratt, and when McLean caught him, he stabbed Pratt twice and shot him in the heart. News of the slaying was filtering into Utah as the wagon train from Arkansas arrived.

    Anything else that you are willing to share, would be much appreciated.

  4. For PPP?

    This is significantly different from the claim of vengeance against the members of the wagon train where it was said that among them were the murderers of Parley P Pratt. The murderers themselves had been victims of persecution' date=' etc.[/quote']


    Yes. I was asking if by chance you could provide a CFR for your above statement. Any help would be appreciated.

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