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  1. A search for a general recipe thread turned up only funeral potatoes (I'll have to try them, thanks). I think it'd be worthwhile to have a social thread dedicated to the best family recipes ever. Adding in a little personal/family history, as it relates to a submitted recipe, would add perspective. I'll start. When my mother passed away in January of 1989, I somehow inherited my mother's bread-making mixer. For decades previous to the machine's purchase, she would make who-knows-how-many-loaves a week, by hand, to feed our 9-child family. For us bread WAS was in very fact a serious "staff of life"—a very primary staple.Thanks Mom. Milk-toast seriously kicks it for breakfast (at least twice a week for me). I have since been making bread on a weekly basis—initially trying her regular recipe, then tweaking with time. The basic loaf recipe has evolved, but I think of my Mother with each loaf. I baked two loaves this morning— just now, sharing the first one, in thirds, with three chatting neighbors our front. Mom rocks ... just like Dad. =) So, what recipe(s) are YOU willing to share? 5 cups of whole wheat flour (I like King Arthur's) 3 cups of oats (Quaker's Old Fashioned works fine) 1½ tbsp salt blend together in a mixing bowl In a one cup Pyrex unit, combine 1/3 cup molasses with 1/3 cup vegetable oil. Add a heated 20 oz portion of hot water (115°F) Add a tablespoon of quick acting yeast. In mixer (or by hand) blend wet and dry ingredients (knead as required). Combine all in the mixer for about 6 minutes. (More time only results in tougher bread,) Separate the resultant batch in two and place in a pair of greased loaf-pans. Let rise for about 30 minutes (or twice the size) while your oven preheats to 350°F ... after which you insert your two loaves in the for 33.33 mins (easy for microwave timer input).Heaven awaits, folks (and many memories about Mom.)
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