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  1. So what are you going to do and how are you going to react if medical arguments are used to force you to take vaccinations, stay in your house except given approval to leave under strict rules, force your aging loved ones into nursing homes because of a virus, etc., etc., especially when the actual facts don’t support such draconian measures? This doesn’t mean “the medical establishment is seeking to overthrow our liberties”, but it MAY mean that other forces are using the medical situation for their own ‘control’ purposes. The question that comes to my mind when reading your pos
  2. Straw man? How so? I’m just asking a straight forward question. Do the things I mentioned alarm you, or not? And I should throw in the potential destruction of our economy due to COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. You are not alarmed by all these possibilities and realities? If not, I guess I could say I admire your sangfroid. But then maybe its simply ostrich-like behavior, not to be admired. The “alarming events” I mentioned are events, not straw-man speculations (speaking of ‘straw man’; coupled with mentioning “deep state” again, in conjunction with George Floyd ). And the
  3. I'm surprised you aren't alarmed by out-of-proportion 'demonstrations' that devolve into rioting and destruction of property and involve taking over and burning police precincts, defunding-the-police, setting up 'new countries' in places such as Seattle, claims of universal racism, pulling down historical statues, etc., etc. What does it actually take for you to be alarmed, I'm wondering? But perhaps you are alarmed by these things. For me, it is fascinating that they were ramped up when thousands of young people were foot loose and fancy free. Interesting timing, imo. My projected
  4. Huh? You lost me bud. But your welcome to assert that I'm making an assertion.
  5. You seem to be confused by the term ‘assertion’. I’m just speculating for the sake of discussion. Do you see the difference?
  6. And who is making that assertion?? You would certainly not engage in an inquiry of it unless you thought it a possibility. That's the way science/investigation works. You, of course, have removed yourself from considering such a proposition (not really an assertion).
  7. It's a toughie and a very broad subject. First step is to actually admit the possibility of such things. Most people, including LDS, can't take this first step, despite their scriptures and talks such as Pres. Benson's, I Testify talk, given in Fall Conference, 1988. I think they can be discerned by their more public agendas, which may sound very good, but exact a very high price to achieve, usually at the expense of principles of liberty, good will and good governance.
  8. Secret combinations, i.e., conspiratorial groups/secret societies, are generally regarded as engaging in or planning some type of nefarious activity. In making an assertion such as: "The pandemic is not a plandemic", you're up against the logical problem of not being able to prove a negative proposition.
  9. Moroni has God actually commanding us to "wake up to our awful situation" when we see these things come among us. That's "commanded".
  10. If I were a humble member of a high-level secret society/secret combination, I would be overjoyed to see how perfectly tyranny, statist-control and destroying the existing order could be brought about by a simple pandemic combined with the exploitation of events that could be ramped up into such a charge as universal racism in the targeted society. If such people aren't already involved, they should rethink their plans and put pandemics/etc. into their most effective category for achieving these kinds of goals. Medical tyranny coupled with charges such as universal racism would be almost
  11. FYI. Saw an interview of a researcher in the past couple of days who says he has published a study indicating a common anti-malarial drug is an effective anti-biotic for COVID-19. Drug is Planquenil, generic Hydroxychloroquine. It's also unpatented.
  12. I get a tooth pulled tomorrow. Hope the apocalypse isn't in high gear until after that.
  13. I was actually part of the scientific crew that collected the vibracores in the Bering Sea that exhibited the peat layers that were indicative of the glacially caused low-stands of the sea. The cores were split on board ship and you could see the clear demarcation between normal shallow-sea sediments and the peat. Was also involved in sending samples of the peat out for RC dating. Three peats gave dates of ~ 11,500 , ~~22,000 and about 32,000 yrs BP (1950), as I recall. Maybe a fourth dating to the 13,500 bp range. It''s been a while. Glaciation on Beringia (taken in this case to mea
  14. When it comes to information processing too many of us are willing to be satisfied with what i would call our 'validation sources'; those sources we have accepted in the past, for whatever reason, to supply us with valid information, news and opinion. Doesn't matter that they may have drifted away from being as reliable as they once were, or that they are getting new conditions/situations dead wrong. Going to original or multiple sources mitigates the bad effects that may arise from using limited validation sources but how many people have the time/motivation to do so? Another real dan
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