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  1. Perhaps this guy was part of the group that I saw picketing the MTC on the west side of the new classroom building last fall. They were waving signs at the classrooms on that side of the building. Perhaps he was mad that the missionaries closed the blinds. Since the protesters were on a BYU parking lot, I told them to move to a public right of way or I would call the cops. 🙂 Not that I did.
  2. Have to love the "The Church needs to embrace homosexuality so we don't lose the youth" argument. Really? Do you think that the Church embracing and blessing homosexual behavior will lead to growth in the Church? Look at the Episcopal Church's growth once they embraced gay marriage and the like. They lost many of their conservative members due to their changes but didn't seem to attract many liberal members to replace them. Facts: in 2009 US Episcopal congregations officially approved blessing of gay unions. Membership 2009: 683,000 (rounded), 2018 membership: 532,000. Dro
  3. Hate to burst the bubble of you progressive types but I have it on good inside information from BYU Admin that nothing has really changed with the honor code. Relying on second hand info from activists and activist prog-Mo professors is not a wise choice. Only thing that has happened is the message has been bungled (not unusual). Gay dating, PDA etc is still not allowable on campus and will result in problems for any student involved. Want to get some good gay dating and PDA in while in college? Go to ANY other school in the state ... they will make you a hero. jb
  4. Thought this group might be interested in something I saw last night... I was going to the BYU basketball game (big game, playing the #2 ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs) and parked in a lot on the west side of the MTC. While walking in the lot to the Marriott Center, I noted a group of 4 to 8 people carrying large sign boards. Initially I thought these were enthusiastic fans going to the game or someone doing an unauthorized birthday message to someone in the MTC. Then we noted that the group had anti-LDS messages on the sign boards and they were waving them at the windows in the MTC
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