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  1. I would guess some of you are also advocates of the removal of "Onward Christian Soldiers " and "Army of Helaman" from LDS music curriculum too. Might incite the Danites to rise up and attack folks. Jb
  2. It would be nice if California Boy, his apparent alter ego Canadiandude and HappyJackWagon and the like would quit quibbling around the edges with these attacks on semantics of a speech by a GA and state what they really want, which is... Unequivocal moral endorsement of gay sexual relations sanctioned by the Church. Just say that is what you want and that you will not be satisfied until it happens. Anything else you say is just obfuscation of your real intent. Be up front and honest about your strategy and goals. Everything else is just noise. I can respect your opinion if you are at least honest about your real objectives. Sheesh. Jb
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