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  1. We the First Presidency and counsel of the twelve apostles have been aware of the concerns of our brethren of the African race. Specifically, we are aware that there have been teachings from past Church leadership that have been offensive. Many questions have been raised concerning the so called "curse of Cain" doctrine and Priesthood ban. We declare in words of soberness that these teachings were not of God but of Man. We officially separate ourselves from any teachings associated with racism and most vehemently disassociate ourselves from the "curse of Cain doctrine". We realize that some of our very finest leaders took part in these false teachings. Only God can judge their actions. As for us, let us flee from speculation and falsehoods. Let us seek to embrace our differences in the unity of the faith. Let us look to the standard works for guidance and direction. If there are any who have wavered in their faith in the Lord's church, we invite you to come back.

    Your faithful brethren in Christ, The First Presidency

    WHY NOT?

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