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  1. As someone observed, a mother can go to jail for spanking their child but she can now......  It appears a mother can now legally throw  her newly born infant into a dumpster.

    I find it interesting that it is NOW, at this critical moment, that major changes are being  made in the church to prepare us for the Coming of the Lord.


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  2. 4 hours ago, Bernard Gui said:

    What’s the point of giving recommends if special dispensations can be granted willy-nilly? I don‘t think a recommend should be used as a bargaining chip.

    You are confused.

    The bishop is the judge in Israel and that is his authority and prerogative to make  that decision. For example  someone has not paid tithing for years, he can simply ask if he will pay in the future.

  3. 7 hours ago, Duncan said:

    wait, are you saying there was a 2nd Quorum of the Twelve in the late 1960's? 

    There was a second  Q12 in the Book of Mormon and he hinted that this was under consideration back then.  I have been watching for this, and it would certainly qualify as a stunning announcement.

    Remember, you heard it here first.

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  4. <<a lot of religion is pretty ridiculous especially when we all criticize each other and defend our own hard to logically defend faiths>>

    Let's take another example of something that is "pretty ridiculous"...and "hard to logically defend" when it involves such basic concepts of reality, cause and effect ==>>
    I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics. -- Richard Feynman (wiki)
    When we try to match the calculations (of quantum mechanics) with observation, "the answer we get is is off by 1x120 zeros. In fact it is the biggest mismatch between theory and observation in the history of science. That is the state of our science today.... I think that means that we are driving blind
    -- Neil deGrasse Tyson "The Inexplicable Universe" episode 5, minute 21
    Should we believe in the world of quantum mechanics, or is this just a figment of our imagination, such as  the Easter Bunny. -- cdowis
  5. 2 hours ago, SeekingUnderstanding said:

    I’d be curious if this is only a phenomenon among the terminally ill (those that know they are close to death) or also experienced among those that did suddenly. 

    My daughter told me that my mother was talking about visiting her brother and sister who were long deceased.

    "She doesn't have much time left"  This was months before her d death.

  6. 6 hours ago, cinepro said:

    I think you are illustrating one of the fatal flaws of modern ecumenism in the LDS Church.  Joseph McConkie saw this:

    And if God is inspiring people to join other churches, then I want my money back for my mission.  It is extremely insulting to make the truth claims that the Church does, and focus on missionary work like the Church does, and then suggest that people are praying to God to find churches and God is saying anything other than "Find your nearest LDS Church and get baptized!" 

    The Church is constantly putting pressure on members to provide referrals to the missionaries, but hey, instead of coming up with a new program for member referrals, why doesn't God just stop telling people to join other religions?

    It is unfortunate that you are mischaracterizing my comment, and putting words in my mouth.  I suggest that you re-read and found out what I ACTUALLY said.... or not.

  7. 14 hours ago, DBMormon said:

    Which Specific Claims are a CFR being asked?  Will someone make a list of what Perspectives we need time stamps for that Tacenda didn't provide?  And feel free to close the thread if need be.   Like has been stated I won't have time to tackle this for a while.  But happy to do as time permits and I know what is being CFR'd specifically that Tacenda hasn't already answered.  That's my third time asking.  CFR for the CFR still not having their boxes checked.  

    A CFR can be fulfilled, IMO, by simply changing a statement of fact to one  of personal opinion and then , "I believe that...... but I could be wrong".  The CFR then is satisfied by referring to your statement itself.  

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  8. What is your point?  Are you trying to say that we believe someone can only find Christ, live a godly life, feel the Spirit  as a member of our church.  That God has influenced and inspired  Joseph Smith alone  and none else.

    I resent the premise of your question, the implication.  We recognize Truths of the Gospel as found in all religions, and fealty  and respect to inspired  religious leaders.

  9. 1. As an outside observer the top 15 men of the Church give no impression of being anything more than 15 older men behind the times and making serious mistake.

    Why God calls prophets in our day
    2. They are completely wrong on the LGBT issue
    See above


    3. He wouldn’t let his daughter work in the Smith Home knowing what he does
    OK.  I have four daughters, and would have no problem, knowing what I know.

    4. The Book of Abraham in a vacuum is deeply in favor of the critics conclusion
    Just curious, how many of the critics have a {hD in Egyptology from UCLA.  Please share with us their credentials by name.

    Anyway ==>>

    Kerry Muhlestein,. PhD in Egyptology at UCLA talks about recent research on the Book of Abraham.  
    He has a playlist of 15 videos on this subject.

    Dr. Muhlestein's credentials == 
    PhD in Egyptology at UCLA
    Chairman of a national committee for the American Research Center in Egypt and serves on their Research Supporting Member Council.
    He has also served on a committee for the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities, and currently serves on their Board of Trustees and as a Vice President of the organization.

    Senior Fellow of the William F. Albright Institute for Archaeological Research.

    Participating with the International Association of Egyptologists, and has worked with Educational Testing Services on their AP World History test. He gave a presentation at the international Egyptological conference in Moscow held in the fall of 2009.

    Published articles in professional journals including the UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology. 
    A sampling of Dr. Muhlestein’s other Egyptological work includes: “Binding with Heraldic Plants,” in Proceedings of the Ninth International Congress of Egyptologists, 2 vols., ed. Jean-Claude Goyon and Christine Cardin (Leuven: Uitgeverij Peeters en Department Oosterse Studies, 2007), 1335–41; “Empty Threats? How Egyptians’ Self-Ontology Affect the Way We Read Many Texts,” JSSEA 34 (2007): 115–30; “Execration Ritual,” in UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology, ed. Jacco Dieleman and Willeke Wendrich (Los Angeles, Cali.: UCLA, 2008), online athttp://digital2.library.ucla.edu/viewItem.do?ark=21198/zz000s3mqr (Accessed February 27, 2013); “Royal Executions: Evidence Bearing on the Subject of Sanctioned Killing in the Middle Kingdom,” in The Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, 51/2 (2008): 181–208; “Teaching Egyptian History: Some Discipline-Specific Pedagogical Notes,” in The Journal of Egyptian History, 2/1–2 (2009): 173–231.

    5. Priesthood blessings to an outside observer have no more power to heal than the healing rituals of any other system
    I am waiting to hear your point.

    6. Joseph lacked integrity and fidelity with Emma
    I would agree that she had an issue with polygamy and he felt it best to avoid detailed discussions of this subject for the sake of marital harmony.  She was knowledgeable of the practice.  I disagree with your description of his character we each will be held accountable before the bar of God on our relationship with the Prophets called by God.

    7. The Church teaches us to harm others at times (prop 8, miracle of forgiveness, LGBT policies)
    May I suggest that you become closely acquainted with the scriptures.  They can indeed be painful those who are deeply involved in sin.


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