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  1. Haven’t we changed some ordinances too?
  2. I can explain it for you. Let’s say you are speeding down the highway and an ice cream truck pulls you over…
  3. Can’t Catholic clergy also trace their authority all the way back to Christ?
  4. Two questions: How do we know that the Catholics no longer have the proper priesthood authority originally bestowed on the apostles? How do we know we still have it?
  5. The priesthood ban is best explained, in my opinion, as a mistake of men that God allowed to exist. It is not based in scripture. Plural marriage is.
  6. A recent convert in my ward told me that the Church’s ability to foster a good community is what drew him to the Church.
  7. How do you reconcile this with Jacob 2?
  8. Now we have a present that that is going senile. Yes. Things are really silly now.
  9. Both statements are correct. Nobody is talking about abolishing interracial marriage. And nobody is going to try passing any law doing so. There are maybe two or three people in the entire country that are against interracial marriage. It’s ridiculous that we are even talking about this.
  10. No state will abolish interracial marriage. That’s just plain silly.
  11. I understand that. That’s why many supported the civil union compromise. It gave gay couples the benefits associated with marriage without calling it marriage. Is marriage itself a right? Or is marriage a specific thing with a specific definition? That was the argument.
  12. The whole argument over marriage was definitional. It was a question of how we define marriage.
  13. The church is admitting defeat on the battle over marriage. Your side won. Congratulations.
  14. Literally nobody is talking about abolishing interracial marriage.
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