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  1. Had Judas not killed himself, should he have been allowed remain in the Twelve?
  2. Is it true that Natasha was criticizing the church using vulgar language?
  3. That’s from a letter to one of his wive’s on the subject of plural marriage if I’m not mistaken.
  4. That’s a great way to put it. Whenever I discuss this topic with pro-choice people, they always bring up the hard cases. Someone recently asked me, “What if a 13-year old girl is raped?” I responded, “Kill the rapist. Not the baby.” But I had to concede that this was a really hard case and acknowledged that the church to which I belong would allow an exception in such a situation. But I still say the rapist needs to be executed.
  5. I thought I’d start another thread on a a talk which may stir up controversy. I for one absolutely loved Andersen’s talk on the sanctity of life. However, I sometimes question why the church allows for rare exceptions on this issue. Edit: I could have sworn I capitalized Andersen in the title.
  6. Except for that “autonomous zone” in Seattle. What was it called again? CHAZ or something like that. Something similar happened recently in Minneapolis.
  7. You subvert the constitution by infringing on others’ rights with mob activity. The constitution was created to protect rights and freedoms. Mob rule and government leaders condoning it is unconstitutional. President Oaks talked about this in his October address.
  8. Both sides were subverting the constitution. Both sides were rioting based on a lie.
  9. The Right is the pro-riot crowd? Are you kidding me? He clearly had both sides in mind. It is interesting how both sides are using this talk to bash the other side. We should be taking the “Is it I?” approach.
  10. I see people on both sides of the spectrum praising the talk. President Oaks did something right.
  11. Th part of the talk that stood out to me was the comparison of life’s challenges to mountains. And how we can move those mountains. This is something President Nelson keeps emphasizing: The need for us all all to acquire our own spiritual strength. It’s an empowering message has been running through all his talks since he became President of the Church. I also really liked the line about having faith to plead for a loved one’s life and the faith to accept an undesirable answer. With so much talk of miracles, I think it is important too see the miracle of being able to reach tha
  12. This is the one I was thinking of: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/2014/04/love-the-essence-of-the-gospel
  13. His last talk on charity was great.
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