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  1. I am reminded of the scene in Night at the Museum where Ben Stiller’s character says something like, “Stop fighting. The war is over. Slavery is bad.” I just want to say, “Killing babies is bad.”
  2. It’s well rounded. It addresses many of the complexities of the issue while still affirming the sacredness of unborn human lives.
  3. At first I thought the title read, “Trevor Noah’s Ark.”
  4. For what it’s worth, here’s a great Facebook post from Hannah Seariac who is host of the FAIR Voices podcast. “I am a faithful Latter-day Saint woman and I oppose abortion politically, morally, and religiously except in cases of rape, incest, or health of the mother or child. As I have articulated elsewhere, I consider myself pro-life in a more full sense than anti-abortion in the sense that I support comprehensive sex education, many forms of elective birth control, ending police brutality, access to better education and health care, etc.. I do not advocate *just* to ma
  5. Blacks in America aren’t being systematically placed in concentration camps and murdered. Such a comparison is insulting to the Jews who actually went through the holocaust.
  6. Call me an ignorant white guy from Utah, but I’ve always been skeptical that systemic racism in America is still an actual thing. But if it’s still really there, I’m happy to help make it go away. The problem is that we can’t agree on the extent and nature of racism today. Nor can we agree on how to fix it. Can we all just treat each other as individuals and love one another. Does it have to be so complicated?
  7. I read through the thread on General Conference rumors. Apparently there isn't anything too exiting being rumored. But what about speculation? What kinds of topics do we anticipate the GA's will address? I expect to hear some talks addressing some of the big stories going on in the news. Probably more COVID-19 stuff. I imagine we'll have a talk or two addressing racism. Maybe all the rioting will be addressed. As far as big announcements, I really don't see them making any.
  8. The fact that there is a consistent and coherent geography found within the Book of Mormon is something I find impressive. That is when one takes into account the witness accounts of Joseph Smith dictating the whole thing with his face in a hat. Joseph Smith must of had a photographic memory.
  9. Kerry Muhlestein did a BOA presentation at the FAIR conference a few days ago. Did anyone here have a chance to see it?
  10. Are the Mayans in the Book of Mormon? Did the Mayans assimilate to BOM peoples’ civilization or the other way around? Or did the Maya live in their own separate cities from BOM people? Were the Maya actually called Maya or is that name given to them later on?
  11. Joseph Smith, W. W. Phelps, and others had a fascination with ancient languages. So they attempted to decipher the Egyptian language. They clearly were engaging in pseudo-19th century scholarship. Can Joseph be both a prophet and a bad scholar?
  12. If the BOM is historical, Reformed Egyptian was real written language. There’s no way it would have been translated without revelation.
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