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  1. What do you make of this?



    Tausha Larsen
    May 20, 2015 at 10:31 am

    I have been filled with the Holy Ghost since the retreat. My body is burning from head to foot. It leaves at times, but as soon as I turn my focus back to Christ, I am filled again. I know this is the physical effects of the Holy Ghost. The last time I experienced this was after Denver’s eight and ninth lectures. It lasted for about 2 weeks. Then life and the world took over again, and I lost some of my connection with heaven.

    Praise be to God for speaking to Bret and to organize this retreat. I had an entire weekend filled with association with the most loving and Christ like people I have ever known. You all give me greater desire to rise up and become more like Christ, so I can be with you all in Zion.

    Thank you Tim for your comments and for providing a forum for us to leave our thoughts and feelings about the retreat. I appreciate your blog so much.

    I was commenting to my husband Adrian yesterday that I am so glad that we brought our children to the retreat. It was so good for them to realize that there are other children in this movement besides our good friends in Boise. They experienced the talks, the love, the unity, the testimonies, the sacrament, and a group of believers getting together to come to Christ and praise the Lord. There is something about meeting together that is powerful. I am so pleased they were part of it.

    There were many beautiful souls in attendance. I’m so glad to have met and associated with you. May God be with us til we meet again!


  2. Welcome Michael! I don't even know what ontological means, but I'm sure there'll be plenty here to help you. :P

    Thank you Brenda.

    Ontological means metaphysical. "Relating to or based upon being or existence."

    To anyone: If some form of matter has always existed, is there any room in Mormon thought for a metaphysical cause, basis, or reason for it's existence?

    Could it be relted to "God's" existence in some way (or are God, and this pre-existing, unorganized, matter totally unrelated)?

  3. Hello everyone,

    My name is Michael Burke, I'm new here, I'm reading the Book of Mormon, and I'm interested in a better understanding of LDS doctrine.

    One thing I'd like to know is if there's room in LDS thought for an ontological cause for everything?

    If matter (or some kind of matter) is uncreated and eternal, is it's eternal existence independent of God's, or are they both part of the same thing?

    I believe God is intelligence, intelligence is eternal, and I guess spirit could be a form of matter (or energy), but it seems to me that there'd have to be some kind of onological reason for it all (whether it's personal, or impersonal--whether you call it "God," or something else.)

    Could anyone help me?

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