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  1. It's the internet. Without it, I'd have no clue about most of this stuff anyways. If you want to get away from the controversy stay away from the internet news sources (and probably this board outside of the social hall). It'll help a bit. And yeah, sometimes I just want to let go of all those piling controversial things. It just gets exhausting =p. I have a love hate relationship with disagreeing with others, I hate to say it, but it's true.

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  2. How much do you think Job was rewarded at the end of his life? How much will be rewarded after this life? Quite a bit, I would think.

    Is God just? Yes, I'd say definately. However, it is sometimes not in the immediate timeframe of our point of view. Sometimes it takes years for us to see how, but he is definately just.

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  3. Sory for the confusion about the soul mate thing folks. I added this to the OP.

    EDIT: I should note here that my problem is not about the idea of a "Soul Mate", which pertains to pre-destined marriages. The problem is the notion that there is not "one" that fits the bill or that the partner is replaceable and could have well have been anyone. This seems to grind against the way Eternal Marriage is portrayed.

    Mmm... well I still disagree with that concept too. Eternal Mairrage is so because of two dedicated people. It isn't that you can only exclusively dedicate yourself to one person... it's that you choose to dedicate yourself to one person. So in a sense, it's not your 'only' possiblity, it's the one you chose =).

  4. Well... to be honest, I don't worry about it. The church works fine as it is, and I don't see any need to fix something that isn't broken, if you know what I mean =p. If the Lord decides to change it, that'll be in his own time and way, and I have no clue when or if that will happen. It doesn't particularly matter considering all the other more important things in life to worry about =).

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  5. A testimony, a witness from the Holy Spirit, is not just a "feeling".

    Actually, if you don't mind cdowis, I'm gonna disagree here. It is just a "feeling"... but so is EVERYTHING ELSE we experience. And it's our job to decide which feelings are signficant to us, sorta =p.

    Not a popular opinion, but mine I guess XD.

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  6. Pointing to the feelings is not productive, because as already noted, feelings are subjective and always will be. Spok and his people are spot-on with getting to truth/facts devoid of emotion. Emotion is for fun and games and feeling "high", it has nothing to contribute to learning truth/facts. That is why "pray about it" in order to get a "burning conviction" is so circular: anyone can get an emotional rush and believe it was God telling them the truth. Thousands of contemporary Muslim fundamentalists go to their own deaths feeling certain that God is pleased with their martyrdom for the true faith, and taking out unbelievers at the same time makes it all more justified and meaningful to them....

    No, I wouldn't say it's circular, rather, it could be argued to be non-consistent.

    On the other hand, what IS circular is trusting your senses.

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