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  1. Mine is the dictionary definition.

    A dictionary has no authority unless we give it authority.

    That's how it goes with everything. EVERYTHING is a popularity contest.

    I think that the basic assumption is that the universe is observable, and measurable. Without that basic assumption nothing makes sense. IE; That bus speedily coming towards us isn't really a bus. It is but a figment of our imagination. So it can't be coming towards us.

    And why does that not make sense? It's simply another perspective, that you dislike, right?

    Science is just a good way to test whether what we make sense of is real or not.

    That's begging the question. You don't know if what you observe is real for sure, so science can't determine it with absolute certainty.

    While we all see the world a little bit differently. IE; When I say the color green, chances are, we both will visualize slightly differently hues of green.

    And how do you know this? You know this because you assume the universe is interpretable and obvious.

    True they don't have to. But reality has a funny way of coming back and hitting them like that bus if they don't.

    Possibly, possibly not. But it's their choice still, isn't it?

  2. Science:

    A branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws: the mathematical sciences.

    Who is popular or prominent has no bearing on the science that they do.

    This is not quite correct. Science is a logically constructed reality based on the assumptions that 1) What you see is mostly what is and 2) You are capable of interpreting what you see. Those are most definitely opinions related to popularity.

    I made no mention of a personal God. Which by the way has no bearing on the science that scientists do.

    Yeah, it doesn't have bearing. But people are not obligated to accept science to any degree if they don't want to.

  3. It is ironic, but such are the rules scientists have to work within.

    This is important to recognize actually. Science de facto ignores all hypothesis with God in it. This heavily limits what science nowdays can say is and isn't possible about God.

  4. Stargazer, I'd say not necessarily expanding into nothing, but that we have no reason to suspect it will slow down ;-).

    We can't really observe what it's out there to run into, if anything, from a scientific perspective =p.

    In any case, it doesn't particularly matter, imho. Science will blow where it blows, but God will be stable still.

  5. So I will oppose their broader (secret conspiracy) agenda while supporting what I believe to be a legitimate claim to marriage now.

    I can do both...

    What happens when it goes to court, and they use gay marriage to support their legal stances on other issues though.

    That is, the thing which you supported will be used to support things that you don't support. And it won't be a voting issue, so you won't have any control over how it's used. It'll be through the courts or the legislature.

  6. I have no problem believing that something culturally driven is of God, what I see is a contradiction when people justify our modesty standards (knee length shorts/skirts, covered shoulders, one piece bathing suits) by saying things like, "God's ways are not man's ways", or "God is an unchanging God" and then in the next sentence justify the no facial hair policy on changing cultural standards.

    Mmm... Just because God is an unchanging God doesn't mean his policies are unchanging. I'm sure his feelings on the subject are unchanging, but I'm also sure he's flexible enough to get things to work in certain times.

  7. Well, I have heard that the numbers for 'serpent' and 'Christ' relate to each other. It was sort of said that this implies that there is some missing information in the traditional account of Genesis which is in the other books... is that what you are talking about?

  8. Well, there is some truth to that, but anyone watching American politics closely for the last thirty or forty years might well question as to whether the real issue is that religious arguments aren’t always granted priority and automatically given the front seat of the bus anymore. Measured in relative volume, they certainly seem to be ever present.

    Eh... this is kinda begging the question, in a sense. I'd say 'back of the bus' and 'front of the bus' are degrees of perspective, persay; what is 'back of the bus' to one, is 'front of the bus' to another.

    A decent article though.

  9. The first paragraph makes it clear I trust our leaders. I am still on the fence as what to believe, leaning towards marriage equality. Why? I have heard no good arguments against gay marriage or why the church can not go neutral in its opinion towards gays.

    Well, what do you look for as signs of a good argument?

    I was expecting to read 30 chapters about sodom and Gomorrah there is only 30 unclear verses.

    Unclear in whose perspective?

    There is nothing in the scriptures against gay marriage, except for maybe those verses I shared above.

    But there are things about what happens when people are led by unjust judges/kings and the likes. And also stuff about what happens when people choose wickedness over happiness.

    It was not even spoken about by church leaders until the 1950's, not Joseph not Brigham.

    Pornography wasn't either.

    I am trying to find a scriptural basis against gay marriage, much to my shock, even dismay, I can find very little.

    Why do you need a scriptural basis when you have prophets and the Holy Spirit? Verses are subject to interpretation; even the most clear of verses can be interpreted very unorthodoxly to mean something different. Prophets and the Holy Spirit are a bit harder to interpret your way around.

    On the contrary, I can find countless verses about love.

    And I can find verses about where people loved things they shouldn't have. As said, scriptural interpretation is a giant mess. If you want to avoid the mess, listen to the prophets and the Spirit. You'll avoid much of the contreversial wars which go on about what certain verses mean.

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