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  1. For Emma's part, I believe she didn't like that Brigham's view of stewardship. He felt that he was responsible for taking care of all of Joseph's business, including protecting, by marriage, his wives. Emma was never converted to the Principle of Plural Marriage, and did not want to be one of Brigham's wives.

    Emma, we should note, chose instead to marry Charles Bidamon whose dalliance with Emma's servant produced a child that she, Emma,took care of for many years.

    In addition, Emma was dedicated to caring for Lucy Mack Smith, her mother-in-law, who was too frail to make the trek to Deseret. (She'd lost all but two of her sons to mobs, and her husband, as well. She was alone but for Emma, and simply could not make the trip.) Emma's reluctance to go, and Lucy's inability mutually fed on each other. Brigham did offer to transport Lucy Mack, but since Emma wasn't prepared to accompany her, she declined.

    As to Joseph's having to go to hell to get Emma, there are several ways this could be interpreted, not the last of which might involve a rigorous understanding of what "hell" meant when each prophet made his statement.

    I don't have the luxury of my library here, so I can't look them up, but "hell" does not always mean Satan's empire. In fact, it most often means nothing more than "the grave". So, If Brigham was trying to make the point that men will resurrect their wives, Joseph's going to hell to get Emma would be nothing more than what any Priesthood holder will do for his wife or children. But, as i said, this is pure speculation, and based on very little.

    On the other hand, Emma was in apostasy, having rejected the authority of the Twelve, and all apostates will have to spend some time repenting (in this life or the next) before their Celestial blessings can be effectuated, if at all. So, Emma would be going to Peter's Spirit Prison and Joseph would go there and exercise the power of her sealing to him so she could (as more couples will do than recognize it) enjoy their shared status in the Kingdom.


    Pretty deep stuff! :bad:

  2. Happy New Year Friends & Friends that are Family! This morning I had some time before church and wanted to share something … some kind of message about the New Year. First of all, it’s not the car you drive, the house you live in or the things you have. It’s not about the trendy job you have, the fancy neighborhood you live in, or having the latest and greatest, and nothing but the best, of everything! It’s about what you do with your talents, skills and education. 1) Do you provide for yourself and your family? 2) Do you have compassion for those that are down on their luck? 3) Do you help someone with something in someway? My promise to you is that if you do more of the three listed items above, this year will be better than last year! Also, one more thing I have found that made my 2010 a great year – I’ve learned to forgive better, and more deeply, than I have ever done before. May life grant you true happiness, no matter where you go or how you live.

    Happy New year!

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