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  1. Rajah, are you making reference to John Zephaniah Holwel? You've mentioned him before. I dived into what little I could find of his work, very interesting stuff. Pure speculation on my part but his thesis sprouts more legs once one considers the Sundaland Hypothesis and considers a branching of Shaivism and El-ism along geographic lines. Bringing those two lines together someplace might result in the kind of seeming muddle of things Egyptian, Hebrew, and Israelite that was found a number of years ago in southwestern Arabia (Yemen basically) and along the greater part of the Red Sea co
  2. I noticed in one of V.I. Braginsky's papers a number of variants that Arabs used for the land round about Kedah. I find the variants interesting enough since they seem to imply that perhaps even Laman could be added to the variant list. Braginsky's lists variants "Rahma", "Arman", and "Larman".
  3. Thought I'd bump this thread long enough to add to my question. I find the variants on Rahma to be of some curiosity. For example, Vladimir Braginsky in his "The Eastern Christian Sources on Medieval Nusantara" shows the variants "Rahma", "Arman" and "Larman". Just for fun, I'm playing around with the idea that Qara in the southern Arabian peninsula is a variant of Kala on the Malay Peninsula. Kala is thought to be Kedah if I've read things right.
  4. I clicked through a few frames and noticed the "Maramon Convention". Probably nothing, but it did turn my head!
  5. Rajah, I remember you posted someone's musings on Rahma, Rahman and Mormon being related words. Now we can add Laman to the list?
  6. I've watched all of Season One's episodes. So far President Young has been portrayed in a positive light. He seems to be prepared to exercise a particle of faith while studying out the issue presented to him in mind. The last episode is one that you can take one way or another with reference to whether "Al-Masih" is the Messiah spoken of in Abrahamic scripture. Can't wait to see Season 2!
  7. Don, I'm having trouble pasting URLs at the moment, so I apologize for how sloppy this is going to be. donaldyates.com, pantherlodge.com, dnaconsultants.com. That should give you a rocking start. In summary of a branch of his work that could possibly inform an expansion of what is known of American Proto-Zionism (as you call it), he has claimed that the British colonies in America were organized and by Jewish, Moorish and Crypto-Jewish benefactors seeking to shield descendants of (mostly) Sephardic Jews that had left Spain for the Netherlands, Scotland and the port cities on the Baltic
  8. Your thesis is fascinating, Don. Especially to me, because I get to read it with the work of Donald "Panther" Yates and strange stories from previous generations of my family in mind.
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