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  1. You've got some big names in the field so it has potential. It also seems like one of those books you'll see in introductory survey courses. It has some red flags though that would make me avoid buying it. The way the book is described makes it sound more like some behind the scenes fluff instead of a meaningful discussion of the gritty process involved in writing a good history book. The introduction promises "unprecendented" access of this "must read" volume it sounds like one of those vanity interviews hosted by James Lipton. Of course I haven't read it yet, but you asked for my impression
  2. I'm kind of broke but would love a copy. My local libraries, even the research ones, have lousy Mormon study collections even when they were open. I was 32 out of 33 on books I needed for my research on classical Chinese military theory and picked up another that had translated documents from the Kamakura Bakafu. But can't find more than one or two I need for Mormon topics. If anybody has a copy they wouldn't mind loaning to me I'd love to read it.
  3. Even worse than having some religious bigotry and animus acceptable to elites is the fact that the paragraph Robert quoted, and likely the book, is full of politicized jargon and buzz words that doesn't say all that much even as it's considered fashionable, scholarly, and academic. Privilege, white (x4), embodied, otherism, racialism, colonial, its all there. The absence of such jargon is one of the major things I liked about the pre purge Maxwell Institute and one of the most annoying from the the new direction. If I want my eyes to roll out of my head I might read the entire book over the h
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