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  1. I haven’t added to any of the board conversations for years, but I pop in from time to time. I saw the original meme video at 5 am EST yesterday. The character depicted spoke in John Dehlin’s voice, saying: “Hi, I’m John Dehlin!”, then a few seconds in, his head was being bashed in with a baseball bat by those labeled TITS. I don’t understand how some people don’t see that as threatening. It would be unpleasant enough (and I guess would still make a point) if the label were “apostates” or “ex-Mormons” or “excommunicated podcasters.” However, an actual person whose public information is available is pinpointed, called out by name, his voice used, and his likeness brutalized. Is this not disturbing and distressing? Differences aside, can there not be an agreement that this is distasteful at best and frightening at worst? Who would like to see their head repeatedly whacked with a baseball bat as a form of entertainment or to make some ridiculous point?
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