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  1. Can't find it. It was a few years ago. Maybe 5. He talks about not forgiving yourself, being too hard on yourself, etc. Hopefully, some liked it as much as I did and the brains to save the titles somewhere... (the irony of being too hard of myself about forgetting where to find this video...LOL)
  2. Thank you, but let's keep this thread to specifically about the Prophet's words on this please. I don't want this turning political or debate.
  3. I know he has issued words about fasting and faith. I am wondering if anything has been said regarding temporal wisdom though. Specifically, should we stay at home or not?
  4. They aren't more important. They do get reported on the news more because we (assuming American) relate to it more. It strikes closer to home. Which I why I heard and remembered those.
  5. I'm rather pragmatic with my religion by default, but even all these in parallel with the virus make me go hmmmmmmm...... 17 tornadoes. Earthquake in Idaho Earthquake in Utah Planets Align
  6. Hey all! I have had this boardgame I have been working on called "Battles of Helaman". Of course, it is a game depicting the battles between the Nephites and the Lamanites when Helaman (and later, his son) was Captain of the Nephite forces. Things as they are, I decided now would be the time to release the game for free to all. As a bonus, I got LDS artist James H. Fullmer to get in on the project! His artwork really makes the game shine. The game has scriptural ponderings about each battle. This would be a great thing for family home evening, which is every night nowadays i
  7. For some, it's something to do. For others, it is their religion. We let people worship how they may.
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