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  1. I do not let animals near my face and certainly dont let them lick me. Or lick anything I touch. I do not like them to touch me but I can touch them if I want but when I am done I am DONE.

    Not sure its a phobia since it started when a dog bit my upper lip in half when I was three. It doesnt scare me but it gives me the creeps.

  2. I have doubt this would ever happen but I say that I would not oppose if it were to take place. I would sustain my church leaders. It is not the inactive guy you are opposing it is the inspired church leadership who made the decision that you are putting in question.

    It happened in my stake when I was very small. An inactive word of wisdom breaker was called to be stake president by Pres. Mackay. It was a bit of a surprise to everyone but he tackled the job with a good deal of humility and hard work. He was the right man for the job at the time.

  3. Some of the more exotic woods like ebony are difficult to work with. Walnut would be nice because it has that dark almost greyish sheen to it. You are going to want a wood that will have similar characteristics because of the expanding and contracting problems. You dont want a wood that is very susceptible to that kind of change or the board will just break apart. Check out this chart. It might be useful to you. http://www.ibiblio.org/twa/info/lumberSelection.pdf

  4. I disagee with anyone who says it was well written. It was rambling and nearly incoherent. Big words do not well written make. The so called facts were hardly facts at all. The only thing to be gotten from the article is that it was apparently an attack on Mormons in politics and a casual slap at Baptists based on flights of fancy and improvisation.

  5. I can see where you would see it that way. As a former prosecutor AND criminal defense attorney, I look at evidence and proof different than most. I laid it out in an earlier post where I compared it with the OJ trial.

    Maybe this is the problem. ^^ You are applying a judicial test to a spiritual problem? Just a thought...

  6. My grandfather, who was antimormon, read everything he could get his hands on to prove the MMM was ordered by Brigham Young and that the church was guilty. He did this for years. There were some descendants of Brother Lee in our village. He said many bad things about everyone he thought was involved.

    We have found out now that before he died he went to the Lee family and apologized for his hardheadedness and attacks. He spent the last few years before he died quietly doing what he could to make good on his mistakes.

    Now why I am bringing this up is that he is such a good example of how we can get an idea into our hearts and spend a LOT of time defending that view. Knowing him as I did it was clear to me that he suffered from an excess of pride and stubborness so I was shocked to learn he had changed his mind and went about to try to fix the damage he had done. It was a testimony to me that he had truly changed and that he had finally come to understand he was wrong.

    I know no one can know what he discovered but it might pay to rethink the reason for such intense focus on this event. Is it true questioning or maybe a bit of stubborn pride?

  7. Are you referring to the Fantou or the Cantor, Julia set? Any way it could have been a mathematics game to them. Math people do tend to be a little odd and compulsive don't they? I should know. My mom, one of my brothers and one of my kids are the kind that think math is fun and like to play games with it. I always thought the imaginary math in my calculus class summed it up pretty good but that is neither here nor there.

    I think that there are pranksters in all groups of people. But that is just me. ^^

  8. Some of the maze owners have made money on them. Would be an incentive if farm profits were off. Yes I know that most of the farmers are mad about it being done to their own farms. I dont know who does the crop circles but I am willing to say that its just someone human doing them.

    The tv shows saying its electron or weird weather effects dont make sense because most of the circles are too complicated and neat. .

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