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  1. Which is a point that is not lost on many of the rising generation. In my small circle of people that I know that are expressing cynicism and distancing themselves from the church (and religion in general); this is at the heart of their angst.
  2. What is there about that statement that spawns a gut reaction in me to want to run away as fast as I can from any group that professes such a thing.
  3. That's unfortunate that you took it that way. I'm glad at least one other caught the intended and light hearted, "little teasing here and there" nature of my post.
  4. Holy crap! When do you have time to hold down a job?
  5. Never been to one, but I've heard from first-hand sources that they are quite entertaining.
  6. Well said. These bullet points are pretty accurate to the descriptions my kids and extended family members have expressed.
  7. So not required and up to the member according if he/she feels a need to meet.
  8. Is there a requirement to meet with the bishop?
  9. I'm speaking strictly anecdotally. i have no data to back it up. But seeing what is happening in my own and extended family as well as friends, I can't help but see a sizable shift has taken place. Is it temporary? I don't know.
  10. I think there is a wave of discontent, disinterest, disaffection sweeping the church right now; especially among the youth. "There are so many people leaving the church", are the words of my currently attending BYU daughter.
  11. Perhaps. I have no way of knowing if her circle of friends and acquaintances are atypical. She did specifically mention the student wards she’s attended in making that determination.
  12. If that were the case BYU's student body count would be a fraction of what it is, according to my sophomore daughter currenty attending. I brought up what is being discussed in this very thread. She exclaimed, "Dad, everyone, evvverrryyyone is either drinking, smoking pot, having sEx or any combination the three." I of course said that that obviously isn't true, right??? She agreed, and then in all seriousness said that if she had to assign a number, she would put it at 80%. I still question the accuracy of the number. Nevertheless, her firsthand observations is pretty sobering.
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