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  1. This. This is why you aren't capable of engaging in this discussion. You keep acting like you are the smartest guy in the room, and you just aren't and you have no business telling women how to think and feel about THEIR EXPERIENCE AS WOMEN. That should be self-evident, but it seems to be beyond your comprehension.
  2. You think I am unaware of what is going on out there? Please. I used "end of story" about the debate over Scott Lloyd's post on this board, not the Internet hordes.
  3. No, that's not fair in the least. I may not agree with her environmental position, but I know better than to MOCK A CHILD for my own entertainment. Moreover, nothing in Scott's post was criticizing her position on an issue; it was pure grade school playground bullying and one would think a grown man who is somewhere North of 60 years old would know better. Just because she is in the public eye, that does not justify ridiculing her personally. It's classless. End of story.
  4. Nifty. Run out and lead your revolution. In the meantime, real laws were broken and real people were harmed. Time to hold Petersen accountable.
  5. Where is your evidence that the legalization and practice of polygamy would have any of the alleged positive outcomes you have listed here?
  6. Now, now, silly woman. Not only does mfb know better than you what is taught in the Temple and why it condemns your complaints about the patriarchy, but he knows better than you what you have been talking about this entire thread. Now, just shush and let that brilliant man do all the talking. He'll straighten you out. [/sarcasm]
  7. I hope your sarcasm applies to the polygamy quip.
  8. The fraud in this case is inextricably linked to the adoption scheme perpetrated by the accused. Moreover, despite your philosophical musings, the fact of the matter is a treaty between the U.S. and the Marshall Islands specifically prohibits these adoptions. Finally, there is considerable evidence many of these Marshallese women are being coerced and then held hostage. All the libertarian hand-waving in the world doesn't justify any of those actions by Petersen.
  9. Oh, c'mon! It is ILLEGAL by treaty between the USA and the Marshall Islands for these actions to have taken place. There is CLEAR fraud being imposed upon the people of Arizona through use of the Medicaid system.
  10. Do you really think it's appropriate for you, as a grown man, to be publicly mocking a 16-year-old girl like this?
  11. Yep. You are 100% correct. I missed that word in my initial reading of your post. My apologies.
  12. I'm not defending anyone. I'm pointing out how obnoxious your behavior is. Do you have even the slightest ability to engage in self-reflection? If so, it's not obvious here.
  13. Being simultaneously condescending and tone-deaf is an utterly toxic combination.
  14. Purely anecdotal, but I heard it said many times amongst missionaries in my mission (Elders, not Sisters) that "The harder you work, the hotter your wife will be."
  15. Good grief. The quote from Elder Oaks has been posted multiple times. This one took less than a minute to find (https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/2014/03/the-lords-standard-of-morality?lang=eng) (ETA: The part that says "I'm assuming you can use Google..." are my words. Note sure how they ended up as part of the quote)
  16. Here's what you just did - Women: We have been taught about modesty in ways that we feel are harmful to us and our daughters all of our lives. Those teachings have mostly come from men in the Church and have come from leaders at all levels. You: You must be wrong, and let me tell you why, because I'm a man and I know.
  17. Watch out if you're in Utah! The "big one" is coming again...according to Julie Rowe. My take - This will end just like all the rest of her "prophecies"; a group of people will spend a bunch of time and money prepping for this event, and nothing will happen. If she's active in her local Ward and Stake, I'm quite surprised we haven't heard about her leaders stepping in to put the brakes on this nonsense.
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