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  1. That’s exactly what I would have said to my father if he’d asked me when I was that age. It also would not have been true. My son stopped going to bishops’ interviews after I attended one particular “special fireside”, for the Priest Quorum, held by our bishop (I was in the YM). I can only image what was said when it was one-on-one.
  2. Many of the posters there are so nutty! I drop by the site just to get a laugh, although occasionally I get angry and have to take a break. There are, seriously, posters there who claim they – are Jesus Christ (and quote made up, biblical-like scripture), are the Davidic Servant, are John the Baptist, post almost daily some obscure “revelation” from past prophets or apostles, believe they know exactly how many days until “the end”, are followers of Denver Snuffer or Julie Rowe, believe the 12 are possessed with evil spirits because they “spend tithing money on billion-dollar malls", etc. It can get crazy there, for sure. I do appreciate Blarson doing his best to keep them in line, though.
  3. Well, according to some of the posters on LDSFF (at least some out in left field), gay people are gay because they have a demon of the opposite sex inside them. That being said…the one and only (thank goodness) experience I had with evil spirits occurred while I was a missionary in the MTC. As a district leader my companion and I had to cast an evil spirit out of an elder in our district. Twice. It came back both times and he was finally taken to the Branch President who, along with another unknown person, finished the job. Yes. I believe in demonic possession. I’ve seen it. I also believe the priesthood has the power to cast them out. I’ve seen that as well.
  4. Or worse! There was a whole thread on FMH a few years ago where many women claimed they would rather their husbands had an affair than to look at porn.
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