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  1. Rather than "other", it would be good to add the hemispheric model, adhered to by the early brethren and most through the 1970's, and by many still. The other models are new to the game.
  2. I worked on this project with my students and I can tell you this has been something that has been in the works for some time, this isn’t a PR stunt by any means. In fact the university higharchy or the church didn’t even know of our project until the last few weeks. We’ve been planning this for about a year and started traveling and shooting back in early May. The Black 14 were invited to campus at our request, in the school of communications, to coincide with this long planned game against Wyoming, not the university’s invite. I would say the Lord has remarkable timing! The documentary that we did on their story can be seen here. https://universe.byu.edu/2022/09/23/byu-student-produced-documentary-the-black-14-healing-hearts-and-feeding-souls/?fbclid=IwAR3Qv1iY6Z39cYp1sNje0UtXm5oPNQRX_8amXh3HoyDgqnJv1FUrH3DsuIs
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