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  1. seems cowardly to leave heavy decisions such leaving the discipline of anything related to LGBT in the hands of local leadership. Kind of strange that HQ wants to let local bishops set precedent. Almost, seems like HQ wants to be able to distance from any sort of blame and leave the local leadership to take that load.
  2. ordinance work will change to become less 'weird' and shorter. That's the prediction from many, who knows, the Lord is mysterious.
  3. the spacious other message board. I wonder if this is another lesson and sticking to the core principles of Mormonism of loving God and one another and not worrying so much about the various rules that can easily change?
  4. Boy, did many of us call this one. We said gay couples would be able to openly date in the next few years without discipline. One can infer why this is now incorporated. Garments are next on the chopping block. Temple ordinances will follow within the next 5 years.
  5. Sorry you had to go through that experience. It's really tough because when we leave, many of us don't want others to hurt. I've heard of quitmormon. The site also states that when we resign there's a high chance relatives receive contact about the resignation. I am getting the same feedback on the local level here and then in facebook groups and reddit.
  6. Your intentions are good. In my belief, if there's a god, then I believe God will know in God's heart if my intentions are good and I did the best with the information available to me and my ability to process this information. I don't believe in a God that will separate families into kingdoms because one family member resigned for various reasons. I 100% don't believe in Mormonism. After 17 years of Mormon studies, and even apologetics, I can say that maybe six months of that time I loosely believed in the truth claims of the Church. I stopped going to Church almost a decade ago. I
  7. I would like to quietly resign from Mormonism without putting loved ones through the process of dealing with this resignation. Apparently, parents, ex-spouses, etc. are informed of a their loved one's resignation (currently reported by many on exmo reddit, facebook groups, and those within my region. Is there a way to quietly resign without leadership inflicting pain by announcing my resignation?
  8. It sucks that some TBMs feel stuck or even okay with defending this financial mess. To me (which doesn’t matter), it’s a freeing experience to no longer feel the need to defend the Church.
  9. All that's debatable. I encourage members to really consider if their funds could go to other organizations that are transparent, efficient, and able to help those currently suffering instead of focusing on investments and nest eggs.
  10. haha, I totally get it...just...there's been so much pain in those that have struggled to remain LDS and for those that left the Church. One of the common issues expressed is lack of trust/transparency. I feel sad for everyone because many invest every fiber of their being into this Church and this is going to break some shelves.
  11. Pogi, how would you feel if evidence is discovered that backs the claims of the whistleblowers? I feel sad for those that sacrificed so much financially to contribute to the Church nest egg.
  12. If President Hinckley made that statement then he lied. He knows better.
  13. ...or just the actions of the Church will cause faithful members to leave, such as myself.
  14. Compare the board now to the archived posts from a decade ago. Compare the approach of apologetics now to then... Compare the stats of those quitting now to then... I see no moxy anymore.
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