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  1. My friend actually cashed in one of her retirement funds to go to her daughter's Hawaii wedding. Neither bride or groom were from Hawaii. They just thought it would be "super fun and romantic" to get married there. "Super selfish and insensitive" if you ask me. ;)

    The daughter of a friend is getting married in the San Diego Temple this summer. That's great, but her family lives in north Los Angeles, so they'll be driving past two temples (Los Angeles and Newport Beach) to get there. :P

    But it will be worth it to be married "in the Temple that looks like a fairy-tale castle".

  2. Haa I get it! "Hell" is a rude word in the US, isn't it? I still can't figure out what's intrinsically bad about saying the word "hell", except if it's part of a curse like "Go to hell!". Is it just a cultural taboo? Just for the record, this taboo doesn't exist in England or in Australia, people say "hell" fairly often without it being considered rude.

    It's definitely considered a "light" swear word. But every young LDS kid I know chuckles when they're reading the scriptures and they get to say it.

    Also "***".

    Edit to add: Oops. I guess that one's worse than "hell". At least according to the message board software.

  3. Even weirder is that there is no way to filter or sort by rep points in the members list. Who knows how the rankings are?

    And then there are the mysterious "Stars". Somehow, members can have 1-4 "Stars". And there are only two members with 4 "Stars":

    Doctor Stuess


    That's it.

    And there is only one member with 3 "Stars":


    An no one else has 2 or 1 "Stars".

    Someone explain what that's all about!

  4. I too wish there was some way to see which posts got "repped". It bugs the heck out of me to notice my point total increase and having to wonder "What did I say...?" :P

    It's also weird to post something and think I'm hitting a home run and...nothing. And other times I'll just say something offhand and people really like it. Tough crowd sometimes. ;)

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  5. Surely you're allowed to take charge of those things and bring them to the table on your own, right? I mean, if you do you're good at what you do and if you don't you're not. Correct?

    Not really. We were required to put in a certain number of hours "tracting" (going door-to-door) and "street contacting" (approaching people in public spaces). While we had some latitude in what, exactly, we would say to try and generate interest, we were required to use those two methods.

  6. If he has time to post and read on this board, he has time to read up on how to do his work efficiently and intelligently. If I post information here for him to read, what's the difference to him reading it elsewhere?

    Based on the "finding" methods I used on my pre-internet mission, I'm not so sure efficiency and intelligence are used in formulating missionary work strategies. Looking back, I only heard about the importance of obedience and hard work, with no mention of "efficiency" or "intelligence".

  7. Is there room for the skeptic in the Church? Is it okay not to believe most of the faith-promoting rumors that are circulated around by members, or not to accept every sensationalist story, or to doubt that Noah actually took two of every terrestrial animal onto a boat, or to realize that not every word a general authority utters is the infallible word of God?

    Good blog post. I think skepticism is good when they're questioning something that isn't true, and that it is bad when they're questioning something that is true.

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