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  1. On the subject of missionaries coming home, the Church appears to have solved the problem with crowds at the airport. We had one missionary from our stake coming home from South America and his family just got a call from him when he was already at the airport ready to be picked up. Another family in our stake has a missionary in the same country and hasn't heard when they'll be home, so they're expecting to get a phone call out of the blue any day now!
  2. Well, I'm really putting this on Elder Cook for not being more clear. He should have said "gather in groups outside the normal Sunday worship services to enjoy gospel sociality and be strengthened by studying UNLESS THERE IS A GLOBAL PANDEMIC AND THE CDC HAS WARNED THERE IS A RISK OF CONTRACTING A DEADLY VIRUS FROM SUCH MEETINGS!" Since he didn't say that, it's logical to assume he meant for his suggestion to be followed even in such situations.
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