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  1. On the subject of missionaries coming home, the Church appears to have solved the problem with crowds at the airport. We had one missionary from our stake coming home from South America and his family just got a call from him when he was already at the airport ready to be picked up. Another family in our stake has a missionary in the same country and hasn't heard when they'll be home, so they're expecting to get a phone call out of the blue any day now!
  2. Well, I'm really putting this on Elder Cook for not being more clear. He should have said "gather in groups outside the normal Sunday worship services to enjoy gospel sociality and be strengthened by studying UNLESS THERE IS A GLOBAL PANDEMIC AND THE CDC HAS WARNED THERE IS A RISK OF CONTRACTING A DEADLY VIRUS FROM SUCH MEETINGS!" Since he didn't say that, it's logical to assume he meant for his suggestion to be followed even in such situations.
  3. This is an interesting overview of the fringe religious groups in the area: https://www.eastidahonews.com/2020/02/a-look-at-the-religious-circle-surrounding-chad-and-lori-daybell/
  4. I like this overview of how society usually reacts to these things (from 2016):
  5. I'm guessing it isn't your job to make sure the virus doesn't spread, and you won't be blamed if it turns out to be much worse than we think it is and 20/20 hindsight judges the response to have been inadequate.
  6. Another odd quote from the article: So, he used 2008 as an example of why they might need the fund, but they didn't actually use the fund in 2008? Instead, they "cut the budget"? Would it be too much to ask for them to explain to us under what conditions they will "break the glass" and actually use the money? Because as far as I can tell, the cost of serving missions has been going up, not down, and the Church has been laying off workers (the facilities coordinators) and outsourcing that work. So if 2008 wasn't it, what will it take for the Church to actually dip in to the
  7. But don't we already know what the Lord would do with a bunch of money? We often see this picture in Church, and we assume that Jesus is "the Church", and the rich man is us or someone else. But if "the Church" is waiting for Jesus to tell them what to do, then the Church can't be Jesus in that picture. So they must be the rich man. So we know what Jesus would tell them to do, and I suspect there hasn't been any additional revelation because he has already told us what to do once we amass huge amounts of wealth.
  8. "...now, everyone please don't take off your suit coats unless I do, remain standing until I sit down, and don't stand up until I do."
  9. It would mean more to me if I thought Trump cared at all about abortion.
  10. The Church is in a pickle on this, and the only way to resolve the situation going forward is to acknowledge that The Book of Mormon teaches a dark-skin curse, and then argue that The Book of Mormon itself is wrong. Meaning, the authors of the Book were wrongly attributing dark skin to the curse, and while the book teaches this, it is incorrect and we should disregard it. Unless the Church does that, they will be trying to argue something about the Book of Mormon that is plainly contradicted by the book itself, and it won't stick.
  11. I can't speak for Fair Dunkim, but I suspect it's based on the assumption that a large percentage of church membership believe (or claim to believe) in The Book of Mormon.
  12. Not a feather in the Church's cap, to be sure. This article graced the editorial section of Sunday's LA Times: Op-Ed: California’s forgotten slave history
  13. I agree. It's especially disappointing when the Church goes to such great lengths to accurately present "the world" in its films.
  14. Back in the 1980s, BYUtv actually had a ward that it broadcast. It was a camera set up in a regular looking chapel, and you could see the Bishop get up and conduct the program, with random ward members speaking each week. I suspect it was for people who were unable to get to Church but still wanted the "Sacrament meeting" experience each week (with the Sacrament being provided by the local ward, of course). Sadly, none of these have been preserved on YouTube, but apparently one ward recently did something similar... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV8UtUAw04A
  15. While there have been some excellent comments and analysis from our resident experts and lawyers, I think the legal and financial issues are dwarfed by the psychological issues (from both believer and non-believer alike). I can't even fathom how much $100 billion is. A billion is a thousand-million. So the Church could have a portfolio worth a hundred-thousand-million dollars. What would a Church of 15million members ever want with that much? The question seems to have occurred to those at Ensign, with the answer reportedly theorizing something about the second coming. While
  16. And this part is really problematic if it's true...
  17. You should at least post the first paragraph or two, for those who can't access it, and for posterity: This number is pretty incredible... As mtomm points out, the greatest fallout from this is going to be loss of trust. It will be interesting to see if this changes how people feel about tithing. Or, since the tithing numbers are secret, not see.
  18. Uh, that's true of everything. Any theory that can include supernatural elements can always explain more than one that is limited to only natural elements. A theory of bigfoot that includes bigfoots with supernatural abilities including translocation and telepathic abilities explains the evidence far better than one that is limited to purely "natural" phenomenon. But that doesn't make it a better or stronger theory. Just impossible to disprove.
  19. Just because no person (or no other person) has done something doesn't mean no person could do something. And I'm not sure why you think the contents of the book "belie any attempt to explain it by natural means." There have been tons of different theories presented over the years; I'm shocked you haven't heard of them. Not only have there been numerous attempts to explain it by natural means, even if there were no attempts to explain it otherwise, that does not lend credence to any supernatural theories. And of course, this ignores the fact that the contents of the book also "beli
  20. That raises the question of what knowledge Joseph actually revealed? Obviously, there's tons of religious stuff that might be true, but it might not be. But for all the comprehension given him by the Holy Ghost, did he ever teach a single thing about the world that was new and would now be considered reliable enough to be taught in, say, a regular university biology, physics or history class? I mean, imagine if I told you that I had a developed a computer program that had access to an source of information that was omniscient and had all the wisdom and knowledge of the univer
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