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  1. This kind of racial/social stereotyping would be unacceptable if it were used to attack other folks. Maybe you could choose not to do this any more?
  2. Serious suggestions first, please, then we can derail. Our elders quorum meetings are far from boring.
  3. Are you willing to put up a prime rib dinner at Outback?
  4. Considering all that’s been said so far, I’m not interested in arguing this pointless comment, 🙃but I’ll be happy to punch you a new hole if you need one.👊 How’s that for a sense of humor?🙃
  5. Taking a better tack, what are some helpful things that could be put into the Women and Men pages? Serious suggestions for a while please to avoid details. I would suggest links to mental health information. What else?
  6. I see no reason to make this a contentious and personal issue, do you? That was certainly not the intent of the OP.
  7. The obvious issue is the contents of the pages. I could see them eventually being filled with all kinds of helpful information. Right now the men’s section is somewhat Spartan.
  8. Reminds of one of my favorite tunes as a youth. Something about “fools rush in where angels fear to tread….” 🙃
  9. Thanks.I had considered that possibility. Brother Winston was the Brit’s Brother Brigham.
  10. I personally would not read that much into it, but I’m not looking to press the issue.
  11. So why bother to create a page for the brothers? For their convenience, I suppose?
  12. I’m that someone, but I don’t think it’s some big issue. Just interesting. Waiting for a possible expansion, but why the wait? Seems it would be very easy to include some real resources for brothers.
  13. I am interested in comments. No complaints. It just seemed interesting to me. If I were to make a statement it would be that I’m glad to see so many resources for the sisters, but from personal experience I would like to see some for the brethren. We need support too.
  14. A very dear friend has gone through the gamut from miraculous conversion to mission to complete rejection and apostasy and contracting AIDS to repentance and rebaptism to active participation in North Star and living an exemplary life of service despite monumental obstacles.
  15. Young men are encouraged and invited to serve missions, but they are not required. They are called only after voluntarily applying.
  16. I think it was and is part of human nature, aptly described in a popular WWI song: I have friends in Native American tribal leadership positions and have read several books by Vine DeLoria who are faced with a similar problem…many of their young people who go into higher ed never return to the reservation.
  17. Wokeness is a fatal infection. Once it enters the system it takes over.
  18. Gospel Library 👉 Adults 👉 Men Gospel Library 👉 Adults 👉 Women Comments?
  19. 🙃That odd. For me headaches, fatigue, and trouble sleeping were usually linked to school openings.🙃
  20. Yes I saw that too. I suggested COVzer or PfiVID.
  21. From the start our area news only reported numbers of cases and deaths with no additional information. They still do in our new area. IMO the purpose is to frighten people, not inform them. Your thoughts on that?
  22. I have observed this, too. Can there be any way to reform this?
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