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  1. I am at a loss to understand why often time our educators and others seem to have such a stigma for those with ADHD. Two thoughts come to mind. The first is that those with ADHD are drug seeking individuals who take central nervous system stimulants. The second is that these are people with behavoir problems who could control their behavior if they wanted to. I guess a third reason would be lack of education on the matter.

    The moment I realized that my son likely had ADHD, it was bedtime while on vacation. We had tried discipline, but after a while, I realized it was like he just could not "cut off" << That is the best way I can describe that moment. If he could have cut off, he would have. It has been very difficult in dealing with educators in school. My mother would often say to me that she didn't think my son should take "that medicine" and I would tell her that okay, I'll send him to your house without having taken his medicine, but he is going to take it when he is at home. I believe my parents thought they could discipline the the symptoms out of our son and that if he took CNS stimulants, he would automatically be a drug addict or something. Fortunately, they've chilled on that issue, but getting educators to work with me to help him succeed as a student is an ongoing disappointment. I really wish for a moment that they could experience what he does and what it is like to have ADHD. I don't wish anyone to have it, but only to somewhat understand it and recognize it as a legitimate issue and take small efforts to help students succeed. It wouldn't take much effort to do this.

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