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  1. 5 hours ago, alter idem said:

    I've seen speculation about who actually runs that releaselorivallow fb page, some have thought it was Emma's husband. I think it's because he's been very outspoken in defense and a bit obnoxious.  I think some have claimed he and Emma used a name 'shells n cheese ' in comments over the months. It was certainly someone who supported them.  I've heard he's taken down a lot of his posts recently.  I wonder if they knew the police were moving in on Chad.  Emma is the one who was smirking and sticking her tongue out back in December when the police did their first search of the house.   I bet she's not doing well now, having to face the fact that her Father is a liar and likely a murderer.

    I think they could likely be the ones who started the facebook page, but today, they probably have no desire to post, and I expect others have been running t he page as well.  Chad still has supporters in Christopher Parrett and others on AVOW.

    I personally know her husband and feel very confident it's not him, especially with the posts today and their timing. 

    And the name of the page has been changed to: Lori Vallow Daybell and Chad Daybell are possessed by Lucifer. 

  2. 35 minutes ago, Tacenda said:

    I wasn't aware of the FB page by chad's daughter Emma called, "Release Lori Vallow Daybell". I wonder what Emma thinks now. And the other children of the Daybell's. The children always lose in cases like this. 

    Over and over, I don't get why people feel the need to kill their spouses if they want to leave them for someone else. Imagine how many lives would be saved if these two just divorced their spouses and married each other, I just don't get it. Stay tuned to see yet another 20/20 or Dateline show about a murder such as this. But this one takes the cake with the zombie thing and cult, etc. 


    I'm not sure it's actually Chad's daughter.  The new post today doesn't seem to be someone as intimately involved as the daughter and it's all mostly been about Lori.  I know that her husband has been rumored to be behind it but, again, I'm  not convinced it's him for reasons I won't say here. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Calm said:

    I can’t see him going off on his own, but if he can help kill his mistress’ kids and live with his family with them buried in the backyard and then murder his wife, he may be made of sterner stuff, especially since the reason he did all this is likely not going to be around for any more butt slapping for a long, long time and by then a good chance she will go ‘ew’, so running off and starting a new life probably sounds good to him right now. 

    Wonder how his kids who supported him feel. Will they deny it all and claim frame?  Even if someone else killed them, how can he justify the quick marriage and running away to paradise?

    My daughter saw one of Chad's children today along with their spouse (this is REALLY close to me) and where they were going and how they looked indicates that this particular child is not doing well and the reality of it all is dawning. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Calm said:

    I really, really hope there aren't leaders taking short cuts.

    Do you know if there is any monitoring going on or is it fully a trust situation...as in 'here is the info, get it done, pat on the back, we are sure you will do exactly what we say or even better'....?


  5. 3 hours ago, The Nehor said:

    I know this is early but do you happen to know if any areas in the US have been given higher up approval to start meeting or is this preliminary planning. My main source of intel I would normally use to get info like this has been very busy. :( 

    The stake presidents were meeting with the area presidencies and their coordinating councils this week and then they will make the decision on whether their stake will be opening or waiting. 

    I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing meetings happen  the week after next. 

  6. 20 minutes ago, Rain said:

    Just curious if you are talking to the different SP because they happen to be your friends or family or if this comes from the calling or job you have?  If you don't feel comfortable sharing I understand.  

    I prefer not to say exactly but I'm not related to nor do I have close friends who are currently serving in this position. You'll just have to trust me.  I'm not sharing anything sacred but I don't want to feel like I'm breaching any protocols either. 

    16 minutes ago, Meadowchik said:

    This seems like a really good reason to engage professional cleaners!

    I thought that was going to happen for the initial opening but it did not come to fruition.  I think there would have been a huge financial outlay to do that properly but I don't know any exact reasons as to why.  Plus it would have only lasted for the first meeting and then it's like you never had professionals there at all.  There isn't a way to have someone professionally clean between each meeting. 
    The buildings were all to have sanitizing products provided to them but due to backorders the supplier cannot get them out anytime soon. It will be thousands of kits just for the United States.   For this reason each stake will be responsible to provide those to the members for cleaning before any meetings begin so they will have to get them locally.  There are hurdles to opening quickly. 

  7. As someone who has been speaking with numerous stake presidents about this issue  I think we will be surprised at how each stake (and maybe even each ward) handles returning.  Some that really want to go back are going to be disappointed that their stake president is moving very slowly.  Others are going to be disappointed that their stake president will move quickly.  This is going vary WIDELY across the US and the world.  Some doctors in that position expressly indicated they will not be returning any time soon.  If you are looking forward to longer home church hope that you are in their stake! 

    Stake presidents are being instructed to clean the meetinghouse between each meeting.  That is a daunting task when you consider that every surface that gets touched will need cleaning before the next group comes in.  And do you trust the ward before you to have actually cleaned good enough?  What if you find out the youth have been charged with this task?  There is just so much to consider that I think we are going to see this coming about much slower than seems after this announcement. 

    What I really hope is that someone will be monitoring if outbreaks start to happen in areas that are back at church.  That will be interesting data. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Amulek said:

    I doubt most missionaries know any medical terminology in their foreign language. That would seem like a significant - though not necessarily insurmountable - obstacle from the get-go.

    Plus, I suspect what they really want is to have translators on-site, as opposed to only available remotely via phone/ipad.

    I seriously doubt the NYC mission president would be willing to disregard the church's counsel on isolating missionaries and, instead, send them straight into the biggest COVID-19 hot-zone in America. 

    At a minimum, I'm guessing that is easily 250 angry mom calls that he would rather not be on the receiving end of. ;) 


    They specifically asked for remote.  Which is obvious since they are not letting anyone into hospitals right now. I'm not sure medical terminology is the point so much as being able to communicate AT ALL. 



    1 hour ago, Scott Lloyd said:

    The Church has a web site and app in place for coordinating community service volunteer work. It enables either volunteers or organizations/agencies needing volunteers to go on line and find each other. And you don’t have to be a member of the Church to use it. 

    Might be a place to start. Go to justserve.org



    Ha!  Thanks.  And we just had a talk about this in church a few weeks before the shut down. :D

  9. I have a friend in NYC and surrounding area asking for remote translators for hospitals.  I was thinking that missionaries could certainly help with this as they wait in quarantine.  I just have no idea how to get the contact information I have to anyone that could coordinate this.  Any ideas?  If you know of someone who can help please message me and I'll get you the contact info. Thanks!

  10. If this gal is correct I think the answer will be obvious.  Maybe, maybe if we start doing things now to limit exposure it won't be this widespread.  But at the very least this article is just super interesting (and a bit alarming).  You cannot compare this to the seasonal flu and it's disingenuous for people to keep doing so. 



    Perhaps more important is the disproportionate number of severe Covid-19 cases, many requiring hospitalization or weeks long ICU stays.


    I hope everyone has at least one free article at the NYT because the interview with this doctor is very telling.  I think the thing that stands out the most to me is this nugget:  



    What were mild, severe and critical? We think of “mild” as like a minor cold.

    No. “Mild” was a positive test, fever, cough — maybe even pneumonia, but not needing oxygen.

    Severe” was breathing rate up and oxygen saturation down, so needing oxygen or a ventilator.

    Critical” was respiratory failure or multi-organ failure.

    So saying 80 percent of all cases are mild doesn’t mean what we thought.

    I’m Canadian. This is the Wayne Gretzky of viruses — people didn’t think it was big enough or fast enough to have the impact it does.


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