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  1. Well, I guess I see myself as being responsible for my own decisions. My visiting teaching partner once spent 5 minutes berating me in a very loud voice in the hallway of the church. Needless to say it cut like a knife. My children were present and watched. I never once thought that the bishop should be consulted.

    PaPa is temporarily stinging and I'm glad he came here to get it off his chest. I've watched him post here for many years and there is NO WAY he wasn't going back to church. His heart just isn't in it. He may have thought it and still be thinking it but he wouldn't be away for long. In fact, it's obvious in statement that he feels bad that he even has to miss priesthood meeting.

    And I think Matt 15:18 truly applies here.

    But don't let me leave you with the impression that it would be wrong to speak with the bishop, that would not be wrong. If a person really feels they cannot work it out on their own and need their bishop to help them work out their own salvation then by all means make an appointment.

  2. I disagree with the idea that one goes to the bishop to have him fix it. The bishop is someone I respect and can speak to in confidence, trusting the Spirit is with him and knowing that he can for the most part just listen without judgement and help me through my feelings.

    If you are considering not returning to church, BY ALL MEANS, let the bishop know what is going on INSIDE OF YOU and give him the opportunity to help you work through it before you separate yourself silently. Nobody else needs to know what the bishop and your conversation is about.

    And... "club?!" :shok: of Saints whose common ground is to dislike one of own? This downright awful scenario only exists because people don't talk to the bishop. Ward family people! These are your loved ones. Or they should be.

    The bishop would have no free time at all if every time someone said something offensive or someone was offended had to confer with him.

    I guess your ward is different than all the ones I've known but usually each ward has a at least one person that the rest are apologizing for or explaining that "that's just them, don't worry about it we've all had it happen to us." The fact that we are tolerant of their behavior and haven't let them drive us away shows that we are "family." Nobody said anything about not liking them just that you become one of many who has been offended or a part of the club.

  3. I wasn't disagreeing with you, mfb, just clarifying. :)

    Now where is mtomm to tell us how the situation was actually handled....?

    Well, needless to say this bishop was taken aback and wasn't sure what to do. The priests come up to ask him because they thought they needed to re-bless it. He kinda hemmed and hawed and the gal was getting pretty put out and saying that she had been allowed to in other wards (being new to our ward). The bishop didn't really see the need for her to take if she missed it during the meeting. But in order to not offend and not knowing if there was anything to prohibit it he just told her to take it. It did not get a new blessing.

    I think that he'll be taking an opportunity to discuss it with this sister ahead of time and just encourage her to not worry about it if she is not there to hear the prayers. It seems that when you hear the prayer you engage yourself in covenant making. Without those prayers that part is lost. You've gone through the motions but not really partaken of the sacrament and ALL that it has to offer.

  4. Here's one for ya:

    Young adult woman misses Sacrament meeting but is there in time to tell the Priests that she wants to partake of the Sacrament now even though the meeting is over. In a perusing of the CHI it appears to be mute on the subject.

    Your thoughts? I won't say yet what the Bishop did but he was taken off-guard.

  5. The R rating is bestowed often to give a movie more more panache, to make more money for the producers.

    I believe it is unwise to allow a group of people who do not share our mores and values to decide what movies are acceptable and which are beyond the pale.

    The original counsel was in For the Strength of Youth. This counsel has been revised, and now states something along the lines of "let the Spirit be your guide", while still suggesting that an R rating is a red flag.

    When the rating system first came out, it was a fairly reliable means of measuring the morality of the content. It is no longer. Let your conscience be your guide.


    I really never thought I'd be agreeing with Lehi but by golly the day has arrived. I concur! It's a great day!

  6. The biggest tragedy in all this are the members who inadvertently go against Church policy because the Bishop never thought to illuminate an issue for them.

    It can be something as serious as the Church's "strong discouragement" of surgical sterilization (when such discouragement may be a deciding factor for a faithful couple), or something as simple as the prohibition on hay bales in meetinghouses (a policy which seems to get violated every year for Halloween in our building).

    There we go! That's my answer right there. If I don't have the handbook then I'm absolved from having to know what is in it and I can't be held responsible if I didn't know or I wasn't taught. If everyone had one they'd all be expected to know what is in it and we'd be expected to study it. Well, just like Handbook #2 is another manual to study, learn, and know.

    Actually, Calmoriah, the hay bales things is discussed in Handbook #1 as well. And you will often bring mice into a building along with the bales. AND straw and hay are murder on vacuums.

  7. General Conference, October 2011:

    Sometimes you might be tempted to think as I did from time to time in my youth: “The way things are going, the world’s going to be over with. The end of the world is going to come before I get to where I should be.” Not so! You can look forward to doing it right—getting married, having a family, seeing your children and grandchildren, maybe even great-grandchildren.-- Elder Packer

    Maybe he was talking as a prophet or maybe as a man. I guess only time will tell but this is one statement I loved from General Conference. It really poo-poos the dooms-dayers in my mind.

  8. When they changed to the Deseret News International Edition I didn't really expect the tone of Mormon Times to change so much. Now it's just another newspaper with the same cynical view with political overtones as every other newspaper. I used to forward the Mormon Times onto my missionary but I won't be doing that anymore. It's not appropriate any longer. It used to be a nice blend between the Church News and "church" news but not anymore. Blech!

    I won't resubscribe to this, I'll just look for the Church News in my meetinghouse library or read it online. No reason to waste my money.

    Anyone else notice the changes? Do you enjoy them? (You are really only allowed to have my opinion on this! LOL)

  9. Taco Time: :D

    What is Basic Living?

    I've pretty much quit going to Walmart since the remodel. They used to have everything now I can't find anything and the inventory really took a nosedive. Much fewer choices.

    Albertsons is much more coupon friendly.

  10. My oldest son listened to death metal. I complained, he didn't really care. Since he was complete straight arrow in every other way I chose not to fight that battle. He's now on a mission in Colorado. It will be interesting to see what he picks up when he comes home.

    My middle son wanted to like death metal but just couldn't. He's all over the place now. Having his brother leave on a mission has allowed him to choose the music he wants.

    My 13 year old daughter is totally crushed on the Beatles.

    My husband is country music, and not the contemporary stuff from nowadays, we are subjected to the stuff from waaay back. Twang it is.

    I've never expected my children to like the music that I do, I didn't like my parent's music.

    Maybe we just lucked out, my sons find safety in the commandments. So give your own son a chance, too. Show him you trust him besides just ruling with an iron fist. I liked Stu's post.

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