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  1. I think it would be great if people followed the police officer to our meetings and wanted to join the church, but alas, it doesn't seem to have much effect on church growth in our area.
  2. I am also worried that people like you don't really understand how law works. As an experiment, why don't you call the police in Indiana to report someone having a miscarriage? Then you can report on how interested the law actually is in monitoring miscarriages.
  3. Are you referring to gender reassignment surgery?
  4. Every once in a while, A police officer, on duty and in uniform will come to sacrament meeting to worship with us. Would this present a problem?
  5. You never cut off a chicken's head as a kid?
  6. In the 1930s the supreme court used the commerce clause to open up a hole in federalism big enough to drive a battle ship through. Part of the "switch in time saves nine".
  7. All you have to do is label someone a Nazi and you are free to punch them.
  8. There is a guy in our stake who served as a bishop, councilor in a stake presidency, then a mission president, then area authority Seventy, now a temple president. He hasn't ever been a stake president.
  9. Me and my wife (both returned proselytizing missionaries) were called as service missionaries shortly after marriage about twenty years ago when we were about to have our first child.
  10. When no evidence is presented it is generally safe to assume no evidence.
  11. Most likely it was a combination of things. Trials are always a lot of work. you never know what the witnesses will say under cross. you never know what the witnesses will say under direct. Accumulating, categorizing and presenting evidence is tedious. You never know if the judge is taking his medication. Almost all criminal cases in the US are resolved through plea bargaining. It starts by the prosecutor overcharging then they bargain it down with the sole objective of getting the defendant to plea to something lesser. One of the big ironies in US Criminal law is that those who are truly innocent are often convicted of more severe crimes and sentenced more severely because they didn't plead the the lesser crime that the prosecutor was willing to give them. These extra punishments are only due to the prosecutor being annoyed about having to take the case to trial in the first place.
  12. It was not a church activity (unless you count ministering as a church activity). You seem to imply that the bishop should be aware of everyone's sleeping arrangements. Does it matter that the children staying at my house were extended family members? According to statistics, a family member is the most likely to abuse someone. Does it matter that I am an elders quorum president? Does it matter that the mother was recovering from cancer surgery and couldn't lift her children? You seem to indicated that you would not host a sleepover if it didn't involve your children's friends, Isn't this mostly the case when it comes to child abuse? family and friends?
  13. we never know what might have happened with anyone. However, accusations should not be made, nor implied based what "Might have Happened"
  14. are you making an accusation?
  15. I had some youth over to my house overnight a while ago. Do I need to report this to my bishop?
  16. Most likely the prosecutor agreed to accept the plea argument so the prosecutor would have less work to do. Trials can be a lot of work.
  17. I remember having a sleepover for a primary class when I was growing up. As far as I know, no one was abused.
  18. Says everyone who doesn't like a Jury verdict and doesn't understand burden of proof and beyond reasonable doubt.
  19. Random thoughts I think that talking to other people who went through probate can be helpful. Ask how easy it is to communicate with the attorney in question. One of the biggest problems I see is lack of meaningful communication between client and attorney. Also, make sure the attorney is licensed in the state where the assets need to be probated. I think most states have a website where you can look up the attorney and see if there have been complaints or other disciplinary actions against an attorney I tend to do that every time that a client mentions an attorney by name. . As far as an attorney scamming you, most scammers, in my experience try to seek you out either in person or through proxies. Being a member of the church doesn't make someone competent. I worked for an attorney who was a member that was in effect disbarred. Also, remember that one can be a good person but a bad attorney, so don't be fooled into thinking that the person is a good attorney just because you like the guy. Make sure the attorney does a lot of probate work in the state (and even the county) where the probated assets are. Being familiar with the local court personnel can often be as important as knowing the law. Also you get what you pay for, so don't go for the cheapest. Also look at where the office is located. If the office has a high rent, you will probably be paying extra for it. Many small town attorneys can charge less because their rent is lower.
  20. I Would assume the Utah Area Office is located at the church headquarters building, I letter addressed to the Utah Area Office sent to the office building address should get to the leader you are looking for. Hope this helps
  21. Which leader are you looking for?
  22. That may be your experience but it hasn't been my experience. I suppose it also depends on the personality of the people you are disagreeing with. I think a lot has to do with how you approach the issue. like anything else, there is a good way and a bad way. I remember one case that the IRS chief counsels office was sitting on a stipulated agreement for a while and not responding to my calls. I approached the supervisor and started asking if "John" was doing ok. If he had been sick a lot or had an unreasonable large case load. Then the supervisor asked my why I was asking, I told her that I was waiting a while for the agreement and I was worried about "John". She thanked me for informing her and by time I arrived at my office I had two voice mails from "John" and a package with the agreement was being overnighted to me. I supposed I could have called the supervisor complaining about "John" being a lazy no good attorney and should be fired, etc. I probably wouldn't have gotten the same results. When I have had a problem with a church leader, Usually I call the bishop's executive secretary (or stake presidents) ask for an interview and discuss why I feel something should be done differently I usually try to give the person I am disagreeing with the benefit of the doubt and assumes they had good intentions. It seems to go pretty well.
  23. It may have been harder in the past, but these days with the internet, It really isn't hard. The harder part is knowing that you can contact someone's supervisor. A lot of people get a No and stop there. Not just in the church, but in all aspects of life. I can believe that someone didn't think to go higher up a lot more easily than I can believe that they couldn't find the higher up. Often when I deal with IRS agents or attorneys I will just casually ask how the supervisor is doing. Casually letting them know that I know their supervisor goes a long way toward keeping things civil. Almost everyone has a higher up. The police officer that pulls you over has a supervisor. The IRS agent has a manager, the government attorney has a manager. The Judge has an appeals court. The Church has Bishop, Stake presidency, Area Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve, First presidency, all of who have secretaries and other people who's job is to facilitate communication.
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