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  1. Frivolous lawsuits, by their very definition are not allowed to proceed. Its the non frivolous lawsuits that qualified immunity kills.
  2. In my experience, police are nether better nor worse than the population at large. They are generally good, but are also subject to temptations as well. One of the temptations that afflict police (and all of us) is to cut corners and to cover our sins and mistakes and to exercise unrighteous dominion. Unfortunately do to their position in society, they have the potential to do a lot damage if they succumb to these temptations. We will never be able to take the human out of the police officers, but we (and they) should be constantly reminded that with great power come great responsibility.
  3. One more thing that could go a long way towards helping out is to give our children in school a better legal education. There is almost 0 legal education for school children today. Even most college programs do not include any legal education in getting a degree. Having legal knowledge can go a long way toward helping people feel empowered and not threatened by the legal system. A couple of years ago a police officer pulled me over for running a red light, I thought the light was yellow, he thought it was red. If I didn't know about the system, I could have just given in to t
  4. mostly it end up being a get out of jail free card for police.
  5. The problems with law enforcement go back years and years, it isn't something that just happened last week. The protesters aren't really helping anything though. People need to understand the roots of the problems, protesters aren't fixing those (I suspect most of them aren't even aware of those) Although it won't fix everything, the following would go more after the roots of the problem 1. End qualified immunity for law enforcement 2. Take police out of squad cars and put them on the street where they can regularly interact with people in non confrontational ways. T
  6. Qualified Immunity Right now police know they can get away with almost anything without consequences until qualified immunity goes away, police will continue to be able to get away with murder (and other crimes). If we can successfully get this taken away from police, then perhaps some good will come out of this mess.
  7. If you all want to reduce racism, you need to start interacting with people you think threaten you (racially, ideologically, religious, etc.). Its probably the only practical way to do it. My wife is a pretty good example. When we first moved into town, she got pulled over for driving while Mexican. She decided to volunteer on a city committee where she worked with the police and fire chief. Now, the police pull over to talk with her when they see her, or wave. A few months ago there was an incident near our house. The police wouldn't let me near, but when my wife came over, they let
  8. How does does having light skin color make you related to people from Turkey, Italy, or Afganistan. who also have light skin color and are considered by many people to be "White"?
  9. Its possible but I have full confidence we will continue to make judgements against people who look or act different than what we think is normal. Its much easier that way. Genetic testing sounds like too much work when there are easier ways to be prejudiced.
  10. perhaps, Is one better than the other? Both seem to be made up constructs From the article you linked. Geneticist Luca Cavalli-Sforza has argued that neither ethnicity nor race have a genetic basis and cannot be scientifically defined. He notes that human populations have a great degree of genetic unity (even in their apparent diversity):
  11. I've always suspected aerosols have been the primary mode of transmission. After all, it seems to effect the lungs more than the upper respiratory tract, If it were transmitted primarily via touching, you would see it infecting the upper respiratory tract first and then progressing to bronchitis and Pneumonia like sensible viruses tend to do. (not that touching can't transmit it, just that breathing someone elses air seems to be the more likely transmission method.) Just because it is alive on a surface doesn't explain how it gets to the lower respiratory tract.
  12. "Though there is the possibility that coronavirus could be transmitted by touching a surface — and then your nose, mouth or eyes — the likelihood of that is lower than person-to-person contact, which is believed to be the primary way coronavirus is transmitted. " This is the latest from the Centers of Disease Control.
  13. Thank you for allowing me to explain my position a little better, I probably didn't do a very good job earlier. I just get rather tired of people constantly taking advantage of immigrants by having them do all the work no one wants to do during this epidemeic, then blame them for spreading the disease. I know pogi doesn't mean for this to happen but sometimes all people need is an excuse. Many of these people don't get any benifits from unemployment, they aren't elligble for the stimulus payment, yet they get in trouble for going to work and get treated either as a vector or some so
  14. Ive always suspected it is being transmitted mainly by aerosols. Why does everyone keep telling us its transmitted by droplets and touching surfaces? If it is transmitted primarily by aerosols, then most masks aren't going to stop it very well. I wonder how much healther the lungs are in people who sing vs people who don't sing. I understand poor lung health (COPD, left sided heart failure) can cause worse outcomes in covid infected people.
  15. The term "latino/hispanic" is worse than useless in identifying genetic or cultural causes. Someone from Argentina and someone from the Domican Republic can both be identified as "Latino/Hispanic". There wouldn't be any more Genetic similarities than would be a norwegian and and someone from china. The cultures are vastly different. I had a friend once who was an immigrant from Argenta whoes parents came from laos. Was she Hispanic? Or was she Asian?. I communicated with here parents in Spanish. I met another person who was from Boliva with parents who were Russian. Hispanic? or Europ
  16. I am surprised by you . This is why the country is so divided, you have decided that since I don't agree with you I must somehow be your enemy politically.
  17. One of the problems I see is that people use racism is a pejorative to the point that no one wants to talk about what it really is. I don't think racism is any worse than other human faults and perhaps the term is inflammatory, but I don't know of a non flammatory word to use. Judging people and categorizing people base on perceived differences is what racism is. Its not just doing bad things to people because of race, but seeing people as race. I have no doubt that you have relations that see themselves as "Latino", but what does a "Tex Mex" and a man from Peru rea
  18. Obviously I have very little intelligence and expertise, why else would I disagree with you. Unfortunately I am not intelligent enough to stop arguing. Your extreme intelligence obviously sees this as forcing us stegosaurus brained people into doing things for our own good, staying put and doing as we are told. If only we were as as smart as you, It is your great wisdom and intelligence that has resulted in large portions of the medical community being laid off.
  19. And when you find out their is more COVID there what are you going to do? Funny how their always seems to be more covid where you send the covid testing services. Not much covid reportedly where I am living (Even though people show symptoms, they cannot get tested because they don't meet the demographic requirements and they aren't severe) Just because you find the virus where you test for it, doesn't mean the virus isn't where you are not testing for it.
  20. The whole covid thing is driven by the idea that some people should be able to control other people based on their extra intelligence and expertise. Initially the children were supposed to stay in school because bringing them home would cause them to interact with vulnerable people because . . . Then, Schools had to close because . . . people with extra intelligence and expertise said so. Small businesses had to close down because . . . people with extra intelligence and expertise said so. Big businesses could stay open because . . . no reason really, there would always b
  21. If you were a cop you would probably pull them over more often because you know they commit crime at a higher rate. Nothing I could say would convince you that you were wrong after you had spoken to thousands of people and arrested hundreds of people of every background. You would be right, of course, You would also be racist, because you would be judging people based on an artificial category.
  22. What the heck does being part of the white race even mean from a scientific perspective. Is there an accepted shade of skin color or melanin concentration? Do you measure it before or after getting a tan? What would it mean genetically, Why is white one race but people with darker skin get to be classified in to other races because of facial structure, where white people don't have to take facial features into account. The whole thing is rather silly. It's like the plot of a star wars film. You can only enjoy it if you don't think about it too deeply.
  23. That may be the problem, you divide people into categories that you call "race". This category has individuals that have very little, in common genetically, culturally, linguistically or in any other meaningful way. You keep patting yourself on the back that the data is helpful in your efforts, just like categorizing base on "race" has been helpful in identifying criminals, poor people and other types of "Other" that people feel they need to deal with. Once you have done that you can tell them how to take care of themselves, what is best for them and how helpful you are to them.
  24. yes, I am accusing the County, State and Federal governments of being racists. You state there may be ethno-culturaly or genetically related reasons for outbreaks the problem is that the way "Latino/ Hispanic" is commonly defined, doesn't have anything at all to do with genetics or culture. Someone who is mixtec from mexico would not on average be any more closely related genetically to someone from puerto rico than anyone else in the US or Europe for that matter. Certainly their cultural would have very little in common. As far as their intelligence, perhaps I am
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