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  1. One of the really big system that needs to be dismantled is Mandatory Sentencing laws. Although we all want people to get what's coming to them, as a practical matter mandatory sentencing laws end up giving the power of a Judge to the police and prosecutor. If the Judge can't give you leniency, Who can? the prosecutor who decides what to charge, or the police, who decides what crime to investigate and arrest for. This is why plea bargaining is so common. Everyone knows that its the prosecutor that has all of the power, the judges hands are tied. The prosecutor ends up o
  2. I think everyone thinks it means something different. Ambiguity can be very dangerous, though. I think that the people leading these sorts of protests love making laws too much to give up on the idea of law enforcement entirely.
  3. Using words with their common meaning facilitates understanding. Private definitions foster misunderstandings. You carry a big risk of alienating people that otherwise might agree with you use words that don't mean what people think they mean. As an academic, surely you understand the importance of using words with agreed upon meanings when communicating ideas. You don't seem to be aware of the panic the words 'defund police ' cause among people who are not aware of your specialized meaning of those words. I When I first heard the words I thought it was some kind of joke.
  4. Really hard to say. From what i've read, I am not sure they themselves know quite what they mean. I think people are just upset and want to change something. Power abhors a vacuum, so if the police departments go away, something will replace it.
  5. But none of which involve actually defunding anything. It always annoys me when people use words and then have to have to spend pages and pages to explain that they really don't mean what they say and mean something different and really it's a private meaning someone just made up. It would be much easier (and create much less confusion) if they said reform police, since that appears to be what they really mean.
  6. While you and your experts are worrying about something you can't control, others are worrying about things they can control and changing their circumstances. I help these people out every day. My job invoves tracking financial success for some of these individuals. Down to the penny. For you this is something you read in studies. For me it is something I do every single day. I have clients that were born in these bad zip codes (some in no zip code at all). Probably a good thing they can't read your studies, otherwise they might believe them. Try spending less time complainin
  7. Even this article seems to be quite vague on specifics. Defund police, replace it with . . .? I think these people are going to find out that police do more than just enforce racism. It might even shock you to discover there are police departments in places with racially homogeneous populations. You would think these police departments would have nothing to do without having to enforce systematic racism, but they actually seem to still be quite busy. If you defund the police all you are going to end up with is police officers recruited from the bottom of the barrel that are ove
  8. Typical academic response, interesting, possibly even true and completely useless. While I have seen people's wealth and socioeconomic conditions increased by education, I really have never heard of anyone's wealth being positively affected by changing the zip code where they were born.
  9. Personally, I would start with the public school system. Today, knowledge is one of the biggest sources of wealth. Public schools have a horrible record of teaching minorities. I know my wife was told by a high school counselor that she didn't need to enroll in any serious subject since all she would probably just end up doing is cleaning houses.
  10. Did you read my post above? I believe you mischaracterize my position. I don't think racism is an illusion. Its effects are real. Its not some hypothetical research paper for me and my family. Its real. My point is that it doesn't have to be.
  11. Our entire country was built on many things some of which were those labels and some things that were not about those labels. People tend to see what they look for. When one only looks for racism that is all they tend to see.
  12. It can be hard for someone who believes in a concept to ever see that a concept can be badly implemented. I only assume you are in favor of the ACA as written because you do not have experience implementing it as it was written. It is a very messy and poorly written law. As written. With contradictions and consequences that I can only assume were unintended. From very poor people who were heavily fined, to ridiculous scenarios where 1 dollar difference in income can change tax owed by over 15,000.00. There is a section of the ACA that I know about that the IRS (under the previous president
  13. You seem to be making the mistake that somehow changing perceptions on race is the same thing as ignoring racism. Racism is real. Racism is a problem. Racism has been a problem in the past. But it doesn't have to be real. Changing ones paradigm on race takes effort. It has taken effort for me to do it. But I have seen it happen. I have lived it happening. Every day, for the last 20 years I have lived, in loved and associated with people of a different "race." Guess what? The concept of race actually does disappear to the point where no one notices. Every once in a while so
  14. labeling is the genesis of any actual decisions based on thinking some races are inferior (or superior, or weird, or whatever) Without the labeling there can't be racism. I think the only long term solutions is to not have any Nephites, Lamanites, whites or any maner of "Ites"
  15. On of the problems of this argument is by its very nature it defines and interprets benefit based "race". The concept of "race" springs from the imagination of people based on the concept of "You look different from me". Your very statement that "white folks" disproportional benefit from the system requires that "white folks" be seen as different from "people of Color". Its these perceptions and paradigms that are the true root of racism. If your goal is to benefit someone based on perceived "race" you run the risk of taking away from someone of a different "race". People who feel di
  16. I was only able to listen to the first few minutes of the presentation, but I think you might need to be very careful with presentations like this. Instead of reducing racism, It may have the opposite effect. He is basically saying that race inform all policy decisions. No one can honestly disagree with his political ideas without being racist. When you make race the thing that matters when it come to policy-making, you end up making racists out of everyone.
  17. Church has money, Church is going to be sued. Many churches do much worse than was alleged and won't get sued because they don't have any money. Back in the day, the idea was that a person who committed a tort needed to pay. Now the idea is: a tort was committed someone has to pay (doesn't really matter what the connection was, as long as they have money) Sometimes I wonder if the church in the future is going to reorganize themselves legally so that each stake is its own entity (similar to the catholic Dioceses) that way there wouldn't be as much money in each unit.
  18. you want to know what is even more fun than the history of the Civil War? Its a reading history books that have been written over the last 170 years about the civil war. You can often tell more about the era during which the history book was written than about the history that was written about.
  19. The problem comes when we try to reduce history to some overriding narrative. The Civil war involved multiple people with multiple different views. History is messy. Some people fought for slavery, some for taxes, some against slavery, some just didn't like slave owners bringing blacks into the territories and new states (free soilers) some people fought because they were drafted some people because they were paid by draft dodgers, some people fought to defend their homeland, other people fought because they wanted to kill people. Some joined the army because they were bored. Some wanted to
  20. One thing you might be careful with is in assuming that people who don't agree with you believe or participate in wacky theories. For the record I believe that police are given too much power and police laws need to change. I believe that what happened in Minnesota was evidence of much of what is wrong with police departments in american and that the criminal justice system is in bad need of reform. However, I think the protests are stupid and probably counter productive. There are much better and effective ways to address the problem.
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