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  1. I want to find the current BYU episodes of the good word on podcast somewhere (like todays/this month) 

    My searching of the internet to find the past episodes of the good word is frustrating and I need help.


    The last episode is on on Google podcasts for December of 2022.


    I'm just hoping there is a place where I can view these past episodes that would bring me up to date to match the stuff that I'm listening to on BYU Radio


  2. i cant find a definite answer. some scriptures say that it'll be a Christian temple other scriptures say it'll be used to sacrifice animals. so it's hard to decide what kind of temple it's going to be. the Book of Mormon seems to say it will be a Christian temple because Jews will accept the gospel. I have heard someone say it will be an Old Testament temple and then convert over to a Christian temple. whatever answers there are I've just need  scripture support.

  3. It has been said that joseph smith told of a sign that two stars will appear In heavens and it will be thought it to be a planet or star. One will move under the top star but that will be christ. I can't find the exact explaination...so I'm sorry


    I'm hoping someone will know what idea I'm trying to remember 

  4. 22 hours ago, mfbukowski said:

    This was mentioned in a different thread- I think this is what he is after.

    This is an image of a horse in caligraphy that is actually a verse of the Quaran  http://mormanity.blogspot.com/2018/03/where-horses-can-take-you-and-my-quest.html



    yes...there has to be some image or letter that looks like the angel moroni...want it so bad

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