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Question about Temple Presidency Requirements

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13 hours ago, Stargazer said:

I would think that in a new temple district that would be more necessary. But in an area with thousands of long-time, mature, experienced leaders?  I say this in some perplexity, as Seattle had plenty of such, yet still they sent someone from Utah.  

It simply goes to show that the Lord knows who He wants where.  Consider this blog post, about a young man from Spain who was called on a mission from Spain to Arizona.  Are there plenty of worthy young men and women stateside who could be called to serve in Arizona?  Yes.  The item I reference in the post notes that his call was unusual for that very reason, as most Spanish young men and women were being called to serve in their home country at the time. In a further ironic twist, when I wrote this, I didn't know him.  Now he's my bishop.  He's one of the most Christlike, loving men I have ever known (which is a good thing, considering what an idiot he has for a ward bulletin coordinator :rolleyes:;)).  https://greatgourdini.wordpress.com/2014/12/21/the-power-of-the-one/

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9 hours ago, The Nehor said:

I write ad for a living. I am the grammar police. I can bore anyone about how the Oxford comma is important. I was not being dismissive though I am much less careful here compared to my professional work.

And that first sentence should indicate that I am not exceptionally skilled. ;) 

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